Feel Good Friday

Hello, hello everyone out there in the blogosphere. I am about to head out on a road trip, but I couldn't leave you hanging. No, not on "Feel Good Friday". I've got some other items that have been on hold for FGF, but yesterday I found a few things I couldn't wait to share.
  • It turns out that beer IS good for you. And all this time, I was drinking it just because it got me drunk!
  • And heck, if you're gonna drinks some beers, you might as well go on out to eat. Here are some tips on eating smart when dining out.
  • Lastly, if you just want a laid-back, easy-going kind of weekend. Get started with some calming, meditation sounds of the forest. There you go, breathe deeply.
Alright, I need to hit the road to go see my good friend Graystar in Oxford. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with good friends and fun too!

Thrifty Thursday

It's another “Thrifty Thursday.” Yet, I haven’t been able to get back to the thrift store since last week, so no new purchases to show today. On a happier note, I have been in the craft room quite a bit more since I got the new table last week. While I really like the stools that came with the table, LOML* says that he wants to buy me an actual drafting chair that will be better for my back while working at the computer or crafting for long periods of time at that high of a table. That would be fantastic; he’s so sweet. I think he also wants to use the new stools at the bar in our kitchen, because the ones that came with the house are comfortable, but awful ugly, white metal stools that look straight out of an early 80s sitcom. Lovely!

Alright, for some thrifty goodness, since it is (after all) Thrifty Thursday. While I am apparently stuck on the subject of furniture, I’ll share this link to some very cool recycled urban furniture. This chair made from a grocery store buggy is my favorite in the set. What’s yours?
Oh drool! Anyway, that's about all the thrifty goodness I'm up for today. Later!

Crafty Obsessions - Watercolors

Have I ever mentioned how eclectic of a crafter I am? If I haven't, here's fair warning. I tend to jump from one medium to another fairly rapidly. The majority of the time, my pursuits come back 'round to jewelry-making. However, there are those few-odd crafts that I just can't seem to tie-in to jewelry. I become almost obsessed with that medium. I now plan on alerting you all when these interests shift (which could be on a daily basis, you never know.) In any case, I have been doodling on shrink plastic for a few weeks (jewelry -related) and suddenly, last night I switched to watercolors. As a kid, I actually took a watercolor class. I remember nothing from it (other than it was at my eventual High School, in the biology building.) I bought a set of travel watercolors a few weeks ago and haven't really done anything with them. Last night, I got the fever. And today, during "thinking breaks", I've doodled and colored-in my doodles with watercolors. The flow of the paint has somehow ignited my flow of thoughts and I've been able to get some of the copy written that has had me stuck for a few days. CRAFTING sets my spirit free - or some such proclamation. Ah well, back to work.

Wild Wild Web Wednesday

I've still got a lot on my plate right now but do NOT want to neglect my blog obligations. As such, today's "Wild Wild Web Wednesday" is not completely thought out, but rather a simple list of the first several items I have saved for this topic. They are still completely awesome, and I hope you enjoy!
  • Gentlemen, did you know that more than being the 'freshmaker', mentos can boost your confidence with the ladies. Excellent!
  • Just so you know, this is how NOT to pull down a palm tree.
    You could totally see that coming, right?
  • Check out this neat online jigsaw puzzle. It's not what you expect. I haven't had time to really try to solve it, but had fun messing around with it the other day.
  • I've never been into long distance relationships, but the kiss phone might make one a little more bearable. Can you imagine?
  • Lastly, check out these memorable movie scenes in legos. Wow!
Alrighty - that's all for now. Enjoy your 'hump day'!!

Lunch in Foley

I know, I know. . . I missed Made Me Smile Monday - I was reeeaaaalllly busy. Promise! I wouldn't let all my devoted fans down like that without a good reason. I still have my list of fun for you and may post it this evening if I have time. We'll see. I'm trying t get my house in order - it's a verifiable disaster.
I just want to (real quick like) share with you a picture from the Stacey Rexall Drugs in Foley, AL where I had lunch today. It's a cute little pharmacy and old time soda fountain. I had a chicken salad sandwich and a chocolate milkshake, AT the counter. How nostalgic. This is the sign above the milkshake machine (in front of the toy train that runs the circumference of the store's ceiling). If you can't see it, it says FIZZSICIAN. Ha!

Happy Easter

Here are a few funnies for your Easter day!

Thrifty Thursday - Thrift Store E.S.P.

I know this is a late post for "Thrifty Thursday", but I've been busy.See... Yesterday, I was directed to (and darnit if I can't remember from where) to the Art Studio Makeover group in Flickr. Looking at those amazing craft rooms and art studios reminded me of what bad shape my craft room is in. I've been crafting on a card table from a plushy armchair. The chair is about two - three feet lower than the table, making working there difficult. After looking through that Flickr group, I began to envision some of the changes I want to make and was compelled to check and see if Goodwill had any tables and chairs that would be useful. I've been really wanting a high table with a stool. So, as soon as I got off work, I headed to Goodwill. There, in all it's glory was the EXACT set I've been wanting. I will not mention the price (it was a bit steep for Goodwill), but the set is brand new and just what I've been picturing for my creative space. This is a picture of it in my living room. I wasn't able to pick it up until this morning, so I've been antsy all day to get home and get it set up. That's why this post is late, I had to set it up first and foremost before my head exploded. Now, it (and I) are in my craft room, just soaking up the loveliness that is a table and chair that are the right height for each other. Whoopee for thrift store ESP!!

Now if I could only decide what I want my first project to be on it....sigh, decisions, decisions. Oh well, I hope all your thrifty visions came true too!!

Wild Wild Web Wednesday

I was slammed at work yesterday then had to help with my nieces in the evening, so I ran out of time to post. However, today is different - I just can't miss posting on a "Wild Wild Web Wednesday"I've got another collection of randomness for you this Wednesday:
  • I'm hoping that when I eventually have kids, they are as amazing as this one-year-old reader.
  • Allow this 'online-looking store' page to load and you will be entertained. Of course, I am easily amused. I hope you like it too.
  • I've always thought candle scents were a little biased towards women. One company apparently thought the same thing when they came out with Manterns, the candles for men with scents like Hot Wings, Beer, and Sawdust. ~AWESOME!~
  • If that wasn't weird, check out these oddities that can be found only in Russia.
  • Lastly, can you recognize major cities just by their skyline? Take this quiz and guess the city to find out. I actually did better than I thought. You'll probably do better.
That's all for now. Let me know if you ever find any wild web pages that I can share. Now, go BE WILD!!

Made Me Smile Monday

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!This is the four leaf clover pin I quickly made this morning
so I would have something green to wear.

I have SO MUCH for this "Made Me Smile Monday" post, I hope it's not overwhelming. I've collected quite a few humorous pictures and since it's a holiday - I'm going to share them (for easy reading, you know!)
  • I was e-mailed a collection of funny bum signs, here are my favorites
  • Just a step above is this redneck mansion
  • This warning sign is pretty funny, but you'll have to go to the original post to fully understand of what you are being warned.
  • I just bought some girl scout cookies, but I would also buy from this seller
  • If I saw this sign, I would NOT know what to do.
Lastly, I smiled when I saw this post entitled Rainbows for Hope. It is St Patrick's Day and those rainbows can totally lead me to some leprechaun gold!!

Have fun, be safe!

100th Post

100th Post
Originally uploaded by CraftyHope
For my hundredth post (yes really 100-I can't believe it), I decided it was time you got to put a face to these random posts. So, here I am! Blah!

A Rundown of our Camping Adventure

Yes, that is the infamous LOML* on a little bridge
in the park where we camped.

I really wanted to post yesterday about my camping trip, but my cable was down and thus the internet at my house. By the time it was probably back up, I was in the middle of other things and couldn't get to it. As such, I am posting today. We had a really nice time with the RV and enjoyed it immensely. It was my first night EVER spent in a camper-trailer. The campsite was not that great but there were some great areas in the park. We tried to hike, but the hiking trails were not clearly marked so we ended up traversing through a swamp. Later, we went canoing. I love to be on the water. Then, we just sat around talking, eating, and drinking some beers. LOML* and I ended up getting much more sun than we expected. Yet, I love to have a little tan on my face. It was a nice way to spend a weekend.

LOML*=Love of My Life

Ready for Camping?

Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of days, but LOML* and I got our RV trailer from his parents and we have been frantically getting ready to take it on the road. We're actually on the road now to meet up with some friends who are already at the campsite. I'll try to post some pictures of the trip soon.

Lovely Lunch

Lovely Lunch
Originally uploaded by CraftyHope
Since I'm working from home today, LOML* suggested that we have lunch
outside down by the water. We picked up some food and ate by the duck
pond. It is a beautiful day for it, don't you think?

Wild Wild Web Wednesday

Hey there everybody - we've made it to the middle of another week. That means it's another "Wild Wild Web Wednesday"

Boy, do I have a mixed bag of internet goodies for you; a quiz, an odd picture, a video, some recipes, and a game. Here we go!
  • Test your sugar tooth with a candy bar identification quiz. It's way harder than it sounds.
  • This is for those Battlestar Gallactica geeks out there (like me) It's the Battlestar Last Supper
  • Wanna make some of the worst shots ever created? Check out that list of recipes to keep on hand for those partiers who just won't leave . One that's not listed is the Jager Salsa - Basically Jager with some salsa in it. MMMMM, yummy!
  • How unfortunate is this guy? Wow! That was painful to watch.
  • Now for some fun. How good is your music ability? Check out this game where you try to play the cello. I played the violin for 5 years and found this a little difficult. However, it's so cool!
Now go on and be wild!


Just a quick, random observation:
Do you think it's true that people and their pets take on similar traits?
Lately, I've found myself distracted by (and compelled to watch) bits of fuzz and hair that are floating near or above my head.
On some occasions, I swat at it. At other times, I just watch it. Seriously!
I make fun of my cat for doing this exact. same. thing.

Techie Tuesday

It's time for more geeky goodness with another edition of "Techie Tuesday."
  • First, an article that is a few weeks to a month old, but really excited me. I've been waiting for the release of 'Spore', a game that is being made by the same company/maker that does the SIMS. I don't know if I can explain it eloquently enough - but - you get to design your own 'creature' and place it in the online environment where it interacts with others' creatures. It becomes a game of evolution and survival of the fittest. It sound really cool. In any case, the Spore release date was finally announced at long last.
  • Check out these geeks at a war protest (from Neatorama)
  • How awesome is it that one guy was able to make a piece of music just from the sounds included on Windows 98 and XP
    (from Geekologie)
I hope y'all enjoyed this little bit of geekiness!!


Originally uploaded by CraftyHope
It's a gray and cloudy day here! Good thing there are no windows in my
office to see it and bring me down. Now, if I just didn't have to be
at the office. Sigh.

Made Me Smile Monday

It's "Made Me Smile Monday"Besides my new iPhone, here are some of the things that made me smile this week:
  • Check out this three-year old's synopsis of Star wars.
Pretty good huh?
  • Here are a few humorous pictures for you. The first made me grin and the second one had me using my 'big girl laugh'
Yes, that does say prostituted
  • Bits & Pieces posted some quotes by comedian Dimitri Martin. Here are my favorites:
    -I like clothes, you know. I dig fabrics. One of my favorite clothing patterns is camouflage. Because when you’re in the woods it makes you blend in. But when you’re not it does just the opposite. It’s like, ‘Hey, there’s an asshole.’ But when you’re in the woods you’re like, ‘Is there an asshole out here?’ They look like trees.
    - ‘Sort of’ is such a harmless thing to say. Sort of. It’s just a filler. Sort of - it doesn’t really mean anything. But after certain things, sort of means everything. Like after ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re going to live’ or ‘It’s a boy.’
  • Here is another video with a WARNING. This one is rather gory. If you can't handle blood - don't watch. If you're cool with it, check out what happens when several urban legends happen all in one day.
  • Daylight Savings means I have more sunlight in the afternoon!
That's all for this Made Me Smile Monday.

Here's the picture for Sunday Funday

I think I may have found a solution for now. We'll see!
Isn't the view beautiful?

Testing again

Testing again
Originally uploaded by ahopepgwa
Here is yet another test of posting from the phone.

Sunday Funday

This afternoon, I actually got away from the phone and LOML* & I went bike riding for several hours. This is probably my favorite form of exercise ever. Here where I live, there are quite a few very nice places to ride. We stopped on the way back to the car to rest and I took this picture to further test the phone and to show you what lovely views we have here. I hope this works!

LOML=love of my life

I Got It

I just want to make a quick post to say that I'm writing from the comfort of my NEW iPhone!! I've still got some things to figure out as far as blog posts from it go. I'm sure I'll get it. Anyway, before I procrastinate any more, I need to feed the wonderful man who paid for the iCrack. Later.

Feel Good Friday - Too Cute

I'm still not feeling well. So, it's hard to be excited for "Feel Good Friday"I'm gonna cheat a little with this post and go for the Awwww-factor.
Seeeeee....a cute bunny( from Bits and Pieces)

Also, here's a funny little cartoon that helps sum up our furry, feline companions.

For more Awwwwws (and to see where I found the video), check out Cute Overload. It's waaaaay cute.

TGIF (for real!!)

Sharing Food

So I've really cut back on my portion sizes at meals over the past several weeks. As a result, it does not take much to make me full. Yet, as soon as that digests, I'm hungry again. I tend to like a small snack around 3pm. At work, I've got a jar of unsalted peanuts and some banana chips in a drawer for these occasions. This snack craving came over me just now and I remembered that I've got a can of boiled peanuts (yes a CAN) in my pantry that I've been saving for just such an occasion. As I swing open the pantry door, I notice that the can is gone! GONE! Glancing in the trash, I see the empty, discarded can of salty, savory boiled peanuts. I hurry back to LOML's* office and ask if he indeed ate 'my' peanuts. He confesses and apologizes. Now, I'm stuck with this craving and a sense of resentment toward my wonderful husband.

How do other couples handle sharing food? I have NO problem sharing most foods with my husband. Yet, the problem is: I get so upset when he eats the last or all of certain foods before I even get any. This is only true of foods that I buy or have in the house because they are my 'favorites'. Other foods that are his favorites do not cause me this grief. However, when we both like them (and he tends to like many of my favorites), they are often gone before I get any. Many times I am saving an item or have been looking forward to it. I feel like a big baby being upset because he ate something he likes too. Do other couples have this same problem? Does anyone else feel this way? Am I really this selfish? I need feedback!

*LOML=Love of My Life

Thrifty Thursday

I'm working from home today, which means that I'm working extra hard to prove that I'm not goofing off. However it is "Thrifty Thursday"This list of links is fairly long, but because I'm working extra hard - this will just be a short post.

Since I have my BS in Psychology, this article on the Psychology of Thrifting really appealed to me. I hope you enjoy it too!!

One more day to the weekend!!
Oh, don't forget daylight savings is this weekend. I can't wait. We 'spring forward' and get more sunlight in the afternoon for outdoor activities. Hurray!

Wild Wild Web Wednesday - Music

Is it really only Wednesday? It feels like at least Thursday at least.
Look on the bright side: it IS "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"I've got another 'theme' post for y'all. Today's general theme is MUSIC!!
  • First - check out these cool synchronized dancers. The dance is called the Thousand-Hand Guan Yin and these dancers are all DEAF. Okay, so this is not specifically music. But, how silly is it to dance without music? Alright, I do it all the time. Just watch the video, it's very trippy.
  • These kittens are totally singing my name. You can have kittens sing your name too. It's apparently some bank's ploy to make people happy or something. I think it's funny!
  • I was always told not to sing at the table or my babies would be born naked (this was frightening as a 4-year-old.) However, now that I WANT naked babies; these salt and pepper maracas can definitely make singing at the table even more fun. (And NO that's not code for something else.)
  • Lastly, if you love TV shows and their theme songs like I do, you need to try the Television Theme Song Game. It's harder than I thought.
And remember, at some point, the 'Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya!'

Techie Tuesday is Back

Wow! It sure has been a while since I've posted for "Techie Tuesday" The original intention of this "theme" was to give out some information about technical/geeky items of interest. However, if you've found my blog, you probably know more than I do. As such, I want to gear Techie Tuesday to a simpler idea of just posting some of the geeky-coolness I find.Last week, I mention going to dinner with some of the ladies from my Mardi Gras Room. While discussing Wii games, one lady mentioned the Five Minute Marios Bros. I found a video of it on YouTube and find it simply amazing. I personally never finished the dang game in the first place. Shows how much of a geek I am I guess (NOT!) Now I finally know how to rescue the princess.

Made Me Smile Monday

I believe that Guinness Beer must be a miracle substance. I had a few last night. I woke up this morning expecting to feel absolutely awful and not go to work. Yet, my sore throat is gone and I actually felt well enough to come on in to the office.
I guess it really must be "Made Me Smile Monday"
Here are a few more items of interest that I have been holding on to for a while:
  • Even though most of the many, original Presidential candidates have dropped out of the race, this Muppets for President video still makes me grin. It may be the song more than anything else.
  • As Snowbird season winds down here along the gulf coast, this quote really strikes home: "If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?"
  • Check out this awesome photo of a dew-covered dragonfly. Too gorgeous!! You have to smile at the simply beautiful.
  • Do you ever wonder if businesses consider their names long and hard before they post the signs. Here are a few ill-advised business names that really should have put in a bit more thought.
  • This last one is a bit risque' and will definitely offend some people. If you are easily offended - DO NOT WATCH . However, if you are curious, don't blame me if you get offended. I laughed my butt off at this video about talking to your kids about sex.
That's all for now. If non of this made you smile, just remember - Monday's almost over!!

Yard Sale Success, Now Not So Good

Unfortunately, this weekend is not going as un-planned as I had hoped. I awoke yesterday a little hung over before deciding to just get over it and go to some yard sales. I scored big with a jar of buttons, some button cards, and some wooden jewelry. Oh, I bought some other items but these were my favorites.

After shopping, I started to go through the jar of buttons and discovered that it was filled with other little treasures of ephemera - broken marbles, shells, rusted safety pins, sequins, charms, and more - Oh My!

However, the hangover headache was getting worse. LOML* and I decided to go on to lunch. By the time lunch was over both my head and my throat were irritated. I went home for a nap while he ran some errands. When I woke up, the headache was GONE! But my throat was killing me. We went on to a fiend's house for the rest of the afternoon/evening, but my throat continued to THROB. I collapsed into bed when we got home. I'm now awake, will a full fledged sore throat and need to head out in a few minutes to see my niece. Good thing she's already sick. My un-planned weekend has taken a turn to the dark side, dangit. I'm still going to eke out what enjoyment I can. I'll let you know how that goes.

Winding down the 100DayProject

I awoke the other day with many thoughts about the 100 Day project and decided to jot them down here to share with you. Some of the bits I g...