Techie Tuesday

It's time for more geeky goodness with another edition of "Techie Tuesday."
  • First, an article that is a few weeks to a month old, but really excited me. I've been waiting for the release of 'Spore', a game that is being made by the same company/maker that does the SIMS. I don't know if I can explain it eloquently enough - but - you get to design your own 'creature' and place it in the online environment where it interacts with others' creatures. It becomes a game of evolution and survival of the fittest. It sound really cool. In any case, the Spore release date was finally announced at long last.
  • Check out these geeks at a war protest (from Neatorama)
  • How awesome is it that one guy was able to make a piece of music just from the sounds included on Windows 98 and XP
    (from Geekologie)
I hope y'all enjoyed this little bit of geekiness!!

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