Titles are Hard, Here's a Post Instead

Today's the day people. I WILL have some items in my shop by the end of today. I'm fairly sure I've done just about everything on my list and all that's left is to price the pieces and list them. I got some good advice yesterday on pricing and I'll see how it goes!!

Highlight of yesterday? Helping a friend out, who ended up helping me out.
See, this friend of mine runs Just Another Geek Site and reviews tech products. She was sent several iPad cases by Proporta, and she asked me to come over and help her with the review. I've been looking for an iPad case ever since I won mine from Southern Fried Snark. However, I just couldn't find anything that suited me well or had all the bells and whistles that I demand. It seems that Proporta often sends her products for review (that's how I got my iPhone case!) The cases that were sent to her ROCKED! I won't say which one I liked the most and ended up staying on my iPad, but I was a happy girl when I left her house. What can I say, free stuff and a couple hours with a friend make for a VERY HAPPY HOPE!!

Time to make the doughnuts now (AKA - time to get to work!)

This is Harder than it Looks

I spent the day yesterday trudging through a lack of motivation. It's a good thing I have this deadline, or I may have just napped ALL DAY LONG!

Instead, I hauled my butt off the couch (where I drink coffee, check e-mails, and write these posts each morning) and headed for the craft room. I worked my way through writing up the descriptions for several of the items and sent out an e-mail to friends pleading for their advice on pricing.

UGH, pricing. I know the METHOD for pricing items: the time I spent on it, the cost of the materials in it, the skill used to make it, and so on; but to actually expect someone to PAY for something I made, to put a price on one of my babies? That's harder than you think.

I do enjoy writing, but trying to eke out those product descriptions yesterday was like PULLING MY OWN TEETH! I couldn't find the words (or I was too wordy), I couldn't seem to find my voice, the descriptions seemed inconsistent, I felt like I was just flailing around. . . wasting time. But, in the end, I got something accomplished.
 Today, I will complete the rest of the product descriptions as well as review the ones from yesterday. I have my fingers crossed that they're actually better than I remember. I also need to take and edit a few more pictures.

(the pictures are samples of what I'll be listing)

Day by Day, I'm Getting There. I'm Really Getting There!

I've got to say it, I'm a little proud of myself. At least, I'm proud of what all I got accomplished yesterday.
First, let me share the beauty that is bead organization by color (a.k.a. my procrastination tactic)

That's not even all of it. OH NO, there's plenty more: the clears, the black and grays, the multi-hued, the metallics, etc, etc. I just wanted to share some of the glory. Especially, since I can't play with any of it until I get something on the site. Motivation!!

Yesterday though. . . I finished going through the completed pieces and made a final decision on what gets listed. Then, I worked on writing my shop announcements, policies, and profile. After that, I started taking pictures and then editing them. I worked until after 8pm! Of course, there were breaks for lunch, shopping for dinner, and cooking dinner (of course, I worked even as I ate dinner.)

Today is a new day though, and there's much more to do. I'm not completely happy with what I have written on my Etsy page (especially the Bio.) If you have any time, could you take a look at what I've got and let me know what you think? I'd really appreciate it!!

Back to the grind  :)

When It Comes to Procrastination, I'm a Winner!

Yesterday I mentioned the deadline for my shop and the work I needed to get done. After posting, I bust into the craft room, cleaned off my work table, and began sorting all my beads by color*. Wait. What?

Yes, I delayed the process once more by doing something I've been toying with doing for AGES. It took me a lot less time than I had imagined it would. Yet, by the end of it, I felt guilty for not getting anything accomplished toward the ultimate goal of getting some product IN THE SHOP!

I still had a few hours before I had to head out, so I pulled the necklaces and bracelets that I do have completed to check their quality and durability. As well, I took a close look at all of them to decide if they really are something I want to put in the shop. Two necklaces (ancient ones made YEARS ago) were taken off that list.

The plan for today is to take the same approach to the handful of earrings I have completed and then start taking pictures of everything. I'll probably also work on writing the shop policies etc. Of course, there's a voice in the back of my head that wants me to work on creating backgrounds for the pictures. Gah! I'm the best procrastinator I know! It will all come together in the end, I just like to push the boundaries of my deadlines sometimes. (Ah, fond memories of all-nighters in college!)

Here I go!!

*I was hoping to post some pics of the beautiful color organization of my beads, but my camera battery is still charging (recovering) and I really should get to work. Maybe later!!

Getting Back into the Swing of that Jewelry Thing

By the end of this week, I should have the Etsy shop open and ready for business with some items listed and everything.

I know it seems to have taken forever, but I've been on two separate "vacations." That's in quotes because the first one was more of an obligation/service than a vacation. Of course, I enjoyed myself. But, the second one was the real vacation. You see, Pat and I went to ARUBA for a week!!! He got to do his windsurfing (and some kiteboarding) thing and I got to sit on a lounge chair under a palappo (dang, I know that spelling is wrong but it means tiki hut) and flip through bead magazines, doodle, and listen to music. Of course, I also took breaks from that to get in the crystal clear and perfect temperature water!! It was wonderful.

Even though we were getting our chill on, Pat and I discussed this new venture of mine and how he'd like to see me speed some things up. As such, I have a deadline of having at least one item listed by Friday. So, instead of playing the week away in the craft room with some of the ideas and notes I have from the week of vacation, I will be working more on the business side of things. We'll see how it goes. For now, I'll leave you with some of my favorite images from Aruba!
That's about it for now. I suppose I should get to work and all that jazz. Of course, these images of Aruba will be floating through my mind all day! Inspiration to say the least!

Getting Things Done (and Feel Good Friday)

This week has SPED by. How does that happen? I guess that it's true that time flies when you're having fun.
I've gotten to craft almost every day this week!!
Seee. . . .
That's my craft desk and the side table. They're so messy because they've gotten a lot of use of course!!

While I have been busy craftilating, I did get a new PayPal account and link it to Etsy as well as develop a banner for my shop. I know there's still no items in the shop, but that's coming soon. Baby steps, people!! I think I may have figure out the sales tax dilemma as well. Next comes actually writing up the information for the shop (profile/bio, policies, etc.)

I know it's been a little while since I've shared some links and it's Feel Good Friday and all, so here goes:
And for one final feel good. . .it's Margarita  Friday!!!
Y'all have a great weekend and a wonderful Independence Day!!

P.S. Please let me know what you think of my banner!!

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