Mmm Huuuuh Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum (FGF)

Oh, the title - that's what I apparently (according to LOML) said in my sleep sometime this morning, "mmm huh vacuum vacuum vacuum." Whatever that means. . .
I know I was having some crazy dreams, and that's how the subject came about in fact. I was dreaming about vampires and werewolves and other fun, fantastic things when I suddenly awoke very early in the morning with the urge to write down my dreams (I remembered at least 2 separate ones) so I could write books about them. I didn't get them written down and don't remember any dreams after that, especially not ones about vacuums.

It was a rough day yesterday. Little Miss Pirate (LMP) graduated from kindergarten, I stayed to get Her Royal Highness (HRH) from school, and attend the used book and uniform sale for my mom. On the way home and then continuing after arrival, LMP had a major breakdown over GUM!!!!!

When we finally calmed down (following a nice long time out) and were engaged in preferred activities - my mama and mawmaw got home to tell me that mawmaw has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She's 82. How much more can she handle? It's a bit of a shock. I don't think it's really sunk in yet. I haven't had my own breakdown yet, just ruminating over it. And over it. And over it. We really don't know much - how far it's advanced, how big it is, etc. She's set to see a specialist today so maybe we can learn some more. I'm in total disbelief. For now, I'm just asking for prayers and positive thoughts to be sent to her.
And, through all this - I'm being pleasured by vacuums, or eating some really delicious vacuums, or calling up some weird BeetleJuice-vacuum hybrid in my sleep. What next??

While I'm not exactly feeling it - it's still "Feel Good Friday" and I gotta give the people what they want:
I've got lots of plans for the weekend. Hopefully, I'll start feeling up to them soon. Enjoy yours, and I'll be back!! Now to figure out my unconscious obsession with the vacuum.

Kindergarten Graduation (ThTh)

I want to be on the ball today since I know I won't have much time this evening. Little Miss Pirate (the younger niece) is graduating kindergarten today, and I have to leave early for the event. As well, my grandmother is getting the results of a biopsy today, and I need to be in town this evening just in case. We're hopeful that everything will be fine, but I come from a long line of neuroses - so every other scenario is playing in our heads. Ahhh, Let's talk about the graduation instead.

The older niece also graduated from kindergarten several years ago, so I've had time to think about this. WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? It's KINDERGARTEN - the easiest level of school you are required to attend. I had this discussion with LOML last night. I didn't have a graduation from kindergarten myself. Apparently, LOML did. (As I assured him, I did in fact PASS kindergarten, we just didn't have a celebration over learning our colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and napping.) In fact, I've heard of schools even holding graduations for 5th grade and 8th grade. Again, I had no celebration of the sort. What's the point? I graduated high school and college. That's all that matters. Job applications don't have a section dedicated to whether you graduated the 5th grade. Who puts their 8th grade graduation on their resume (even if they were validictorian)? Come on, is this necessary? And why, in fact, is kindergarten so important? I kinda get the 5th and 8th grade. Moving on to another school, making a big change, completing those whole levels. But kindergarten? What's the change. I can pretend to think it's because they've completed their first real year of school. But, all these kids were in K-4 last year doing the same kinds stuff. GAH!! I could go on, but I'll stop here. Of course I'm still going to be there for my niece. It would devistate her to know how unimportant I think this is, especially since we have video footage of me at her sister's. Oh, the pressure.

Now, I've finished that little rant. With the work week shortened like it is, I'm having a hard time believing that it's really "Thrifty Thursday." Hurray for that!!
  • Turn an old wine bottle into a fancy pouring bottle (for oils etc). I have friends who have a bottle they keep their dish soap in next to the sink. I keep planning on doing something like that myself. I've got tons of wine bottles saved for just stuff like this.
  • We've all got those piles of plastic bags from the grocery store. I'm trying to get rid of them and only use the re-uable ones, but here's a way to re-use plastic bags - fuse them into a fabric. Check out some of the projects you can use it with.
  • estate sale song
I need to get my coffee now (YES, I did just write all that without coffee - miracles do happen) and try to get some work done before heading out of here. Toodles!!

My Internet Problem (WWWW)

After getting the post done last night, I realized that I've got a serious internet addiction. I couldn't think of anything else to do online, so I was "bored." I haven't been bored since, like the third grade. I eventually decided to play on the Wii for a bit. But it got me thinking . . .

I seem to be stuck in an online rut lately - only visiting the same few sites over and over. Oh, sure I pop over to other sites when there’s a link from one of these 'favorites'. And, of course my feed reader is a loophole in this idea. But, I see little reason to frequent other sites much of the time. Sure I use other sites as I work, but as far as the ones that really draw my interest, the ones I have open even at work, the ones I keep open at home - there are these few. When I’ve covered as much as I can in each of those, then what do I do? I stare, blankly, at the computer waiting for something to be updated.

What are these sites that garner so much of my attention?I thought I'd share.

1. *My feed reader of choice - Google Reader: This is the site that gets the bulk of my concentration. Sure, I simply skim through some of the blog posts. But, I subscribe to at least 238 blogs. If you check out the sidebar on the right, you can see a sampling of just a few of the ones I follow. I do try to go through them from time to time and weed out the ones that don’t interest me as much as they initially did, but then I just find more and more each week to follow. It's a never-ending cycle.

2. *Yahoo Mail: this is where my main e-mail address exists. I LOVE to get mail (snail OR electronic) and I wait for it, constantly. I keep this tab open all the time, just so an e-mail won't arrive unnoticed. It's sad, I know.

3. *Some version or other of Twitter: This is my main addiction right now. I started out by trying not to follow too many people, realizing that I wouldn't be able to keep up with so many. But, there are so many interesting individuals and so many groups that spark my interest that it's hard to resist not clicking that 'follow' button sometimes. And, if I didn't follow so many people, I might just end up out of the loop.

4. *Pandora: This is usually just for work. It's how I get my music to block out all the other distractions in the office. I love that I can create a variety of stations that play ONLY what I like and want to hear. SO much better than the radio.

5. *Blogger: Well, I need it to write these posts of course.

6. *Facebook: For a while I was not the typical Facebook user. I would just pop in, check on what others were doing and forget about it. However, lately, it's been like a drug. I HAVE to know what's going on, take that stupid quiz, comment on a friend's status, whatever. What do you mean there are no new updates???? I can't believe I've gotten to this point.

7. *Flickr: Now, this isn't one I use a bunch, but definitely one of the top ten. I haven't updated my pictures in a while, but I love the search function. I find so much inspiration in what other crafters are doing (my feed reader does this as well) and can easily find sources of inspiration in their pictures. As such, you'll find that most of my Flickr pictures are of my crafts too.

8. Etsy: This is another source for inspiration for me. Hopefully, it will also be my source to sell my jewelry at some point. If you haven't checked out or heard about Etsy, you totally should. It's an online store for all things handmade and supplies. I love it. Go now, see it, buy it, love it like I do. It also some really cool search options. This color choice one is my favorite, it's fun to play with!!

9. Amazon: If I'm looking for something to buy, this is usually the first place I look. If they don't have it, they'll suggest who might. It's just easier.

10. *Google: Come on? Who doesn't use Google at least once a day? You're on the internet now, so I know you do.
So that's it - there's the list of my drugs of choice. I don't deal well without them. Oh, and the astericks (*) those indicate the ones I use on my iPhone too. I either have an app or some other form of easy access for those. The ones without, I can figure it out. In any case, I have a problem.

What’s worse is I still get bored. I belong to countless forums, communities, message boards, etc. for crafting as well as have tons of interests in other subjects. But, I hardly ever delve into these sites because I’m often so far behind. When I do catch up, like I did last night, I just can't fathom being online any longer and on a DIFFERENT SITE? No way! Oh please, I need help!

That being said, let's check out some of the other crazy, useless things I've found online with "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday."
Hopefully, I haven't added to your internet addiction as well. If so, well, join the club. Come on in, take a seat, and fire up that computer. We're heeeeeeeerrrrreeeee for you!!!

Memorial Day Weekend was Memorable (TRT)

I promise I started this post earlier; but with work, throwing together a salad to go with my crockpot soup, and then making a quiz about myself on Facebook, I lost track of time. Anyways- here ya go:

You do know that yesterday was a holiday and I wasn't slacking off or anything. I was perfectly justified in not blogging, I was too!!

So. . . How was your Memorial Day weekend?
Mine? Alright.
Highlights? Saturday was the nieces' dance/vocal/drama recital (showcase). They both did really well.

That night, LOML and I went to Pensacola for dinner and beers at McGuire's (caution- music on site). We got there late (about 8pm) and the place was PACKED OUT!! There's usually a pretty good crowd there, but I've never seen it like this. Weirder so was that the majority of the clientele on that particular night was gay guys. No big deal, but odd to say the least. While waiting, I started with their Raspberry Wheat beer before switching to their seasonal beer - a hefeweizen. I HIGHLY recommend the hefeweizen. We were seated in the Irish Whiskey Room (a comfortable 4-booth room covered with old Irish Whiskey Ad Posters). As far as food - for an appetizer, go with the Boxty's (fried mashed potato balls with dipping sauces) Mmmm!! While they do serve traditional Irish fare (of which I have partaken of in the past and do recommend), I also recommend their steak burgers. LOML and I each ordered one and were completely and utterly satisfied with our selection. OMFG- they were awesome!!! In all, we had a really nice time and left there about 45 pounds heavier, but happy!!

Afterward, we got a hotel room near there for the night and headed back toward home in the morning. Of course, it was not a straight shot, we meandered through southern Baldwin County looking at property before lunching at the Tin Top Restaurant in Bon Secour. It just happened to be Sunday brunch with a good band and a great spot on the patio. Since we got there during brunch, we only got to order from that particular menu. However, the tuna po-boy I had was excellent.We spent the rest of the weekend winding our way up, down, and all over the county looking at property. Funny enough, the ones we liked the best were the ones closest to our house. We had a nice time together though- getting lost, laughing at the GPS as she got mad at us (RECALCULATING!!!), and discovering some areas we never knew existed. It was an adventure.
That was pretty much my weekend.

Now, for you. . . I've got some "Totally Random Tuesday" tidbits:
Oh, and I have fit in some crafting of my own, check it out!!That's it for now.

It Really is Feeling Good (FGF)

Ah, I think posting yesterday really helped me feel a little better. The weight of NOT posting must have been heavy on my head.
As well, there have been some other issues that have brightened my spirits.
First, it's ALMOST a three-day weekend
Secondly, HB373 was signed by the governor this morning. THE HOPS ARE FREE!!! Basically, it is now a law that Alabama stores can now sell beer that is more than 6% alcohol (but less than 13%). It's been a battle. I think we even beat Mississippi to the punch on this one (making sure we are not the LAST state to allow this.)
Next, LOML told me we've got some tomatoes in our little garden. I knew keeping my hands off them would help.
And, of course, it's Margarita Friday. Tomorrow I get to see my nieces in their recital (they call it 'showcase') and then my weekend is off and running from there. Hurrah!!!

So, let me spread the joy and share the awesomeness that is "Feel Good Friday"
Now go out and enjoy yourself. I'm sure as heck gonna try to do the same.

Some Good, Some So-So, Still Here (ThTh)

I'm still here just been uninspired and uninspiring.
I've had a coupla really good days and a few days that have been just frustrating.
Saturday, was the greatest.
LOML and I went kayaking and swimming in the river. It was so refreshing. After cleaning ourselves up, we had a filling dinner and then some beers with a friend. I went to bed happy and with a bit of a contented high.

Last night, I got to play in the craft room for a bit. It was good, I needed it.

This week has been, just, well, frustrating. I can't really get into it. But, after my craft room time last night and looking forward to the weekend, I've got a better outlook. Plus, it's a three day weekend.

Let me go ahead and share some "Thrifty Thursday" and see if I can come up with some better material for tomorrow.
So that's it for now, thanks for sticking with me.

A Wok on the Not-So-Wild Side (TT)

I've just got a real quick post here. I've got to get ready to head to my Mardi Gras Meeting.

So, here goes.
I winged it with the Wok last night. I grabbed some mushrooms, chicken, onion, snow peas, and water chestnuts at the grocery store. I sliced everything and added some carrots, garlic, and soy sauce. I cooked the chicken first, added the onions and mushrooms, then everything else - splashing some soy sauce in every once in a while. This is what I got.We put it on rice.
I was really good - a success in my book.

Now, for some "Totally Random Tuesday"
That's it now - gotta go try to look pretty. It takes a while.

Weekend Run-Down & Mother's Day (MMSM)

The weekend started with a BANG. Dinner at our favorite restaurant with our favorite beer. And, then a great show by 311.

Saturday, we played mini golf with my Mardi Gras society. One of my best friends and her family (husband and daughter) teamed up with LOML and I. We had a really nice time, except for the heat. Then, I took the nieces out shopping for Mother's Day gifts. That was an adventure! I didn't get all my shopping done though. I headed home, for some time at the bookstore and then to see Wolverine.

Of course, Sunday was Mother's Day. I got to visit both with LOML's family and mine. I was not too crafty with the gifts this year. Being ill all week kept me down. So, I made a couple of cards for my mom and grandmother and gave them store-bought gifts. What's funnier is LOML's gift to his mom was craftier than mine. He framed a picture he took in the area for her. I think she really liked it. I, on the other hand, was a crafty FAIL.

How was Mother's Day for you? I've already seen two other friends' blog who lamented the fact they they, as well, do not have children at an age that they feel they should. It comforts me some to know that there are others going through some of the same emotions I am about the day.

And then, I didn't want to wake up this morning because I was dreaming I was pregnant. I'm sad, I know!!

In other news, LOML and I bought a wok yesterday. I'm itching to cook something in it and can't seem to find a decent, easy, and concise recipe. Anybody got something I can try? I'm tempted to just do it my own way. That could be disastrous. Let me know if you've got any great Wok recipes.

Now for some Monday fun - "Made Me Smile Monday"
No pictures again today, I apologize. I hope your Monday is treating you nicely!!

Fo Yo Mama (for your mama)

Before I forget AGAIN (I meant to do this yesterday), here are a few Mother's Day gift ideas and projects. Just in case you are a bad offspring (like me) and have yet to get this done.
I'm not that bad - I'm waiting to shop until tomorrow when I'll take the nieces to do theirs also. Maybe not the best plan, but it is a plan. I just hope I get done in time to go see Wolverine with friends.
Here ya go - a short and sweet list (fo' yo' Mama)
Alright, now get to it!!

Friday Surprises (FGF)

If you read my post yesterday, I'll just say that the alternative reared it's very ugly head this morning. I know that last month I bought a box of supplies and for the life of me I CANNOT find them. [If you saw 'My Name is Earl" last night you'll understand this part.] LOML says that Randy stole them. Yeah, that helps.

What does help is knowing that he still has some spontaneity in him. Just yesterday he decided to buy us some tickets to go see 311 tonight. I've seen them once, YEARS ago; but he never has. I can bet he's a bigger fan than I am too. In any case, it looks as though Margarita Friday is off for tonight in place of bigger plans. Unless, the Amphitheater at The Wharf has margarita concessions. I doubt it!

Eh, in any case it's still "Feel Good Friday"
  • kids choir singing eye of the tiger
  • 27 healthy breakfast ideas
  • The police in Denmark were giving out hugs and helmets. So nice! Yet, why were they only stopping men, not women w/o helmets? My only answer is maybe the helmets they had were only men sizes or something. Let's hope.

I think I just remembered where my 'supplies' are - in the kitchen. He he. . .come on over to my house for dinner. When I offer you tuna surprise, don't be surprised. J/K

Anyways - I'm in a weird mood. I apologize.
Go on and finish up your Friday then have a great weekend.

Personal and Printer Illness (ThTh)

Prepare yourself - this will be a long one since I've been absent a few days.
It's been a rough week for me. I've felt crappy. I've been moody. As such, I thought that maybe I was pregnant. Initial tests have produced a negative result. But the alternative has yet to show its face. Instead, I just feel awful and am moody. In other words, I'm probably just sick. Oh well! The attempts to become pregnant right now are not whole-hearted. If I become 'in the family way' within the next five months or so, it produces problems for me at my Mardi Gras Ball. It's just one of those things. I won't be disappointed either way right now. After the ball - I'll be back to daily crying fits. FUN!!

Moving on, I'm having printer issues. We're out of yellow [or banana or whatever that C-word is the printer companies use for it (not cLEMON), WAIT that's the blue one - yellow is just yellow - I apologize] toner at work. So, I decided to print some stuff I needed for work at home. Of course, the printer here hates me too. It will start to print a document, then it stops, yawns, turns in a circle a few times, and proceeds to nap. When it eventually wakes, it spews out whatever was there when it went to sleep (i.e. NOT the full document.) LOML says he can help me when he gets done working today, but he's not even exactly sure why it's acting that way either. I tried getting closer to it (it's wireless), but that didn't help ANY. It's really upsetting, because it's a new printer that LOML JUST got because I wanted a wireless one with a scanner. This SUX!!

Before I share some Thrifty Thursday links, I want to share my thrifting finds from Saturday's yard sale venture.

Now for the "Thrifty Thursday" links you've been waiting for:
  • Check out this repourposed trophy birthday cake topper. I've never thought of re-painting a trophy, but this really seems to work and be just cool/cheesy enough.
  • I'm always saving glass jars. Here's one way to re-use them: turn glass jars into photo frames. It really does make a neat display.
  • Here are two really cool organization/storage ideas that incorporate recycling - LOVE it. From Better homes and Gardens no less. - (1) - use old tins - (2) use paint or soup cans. Cool huh?
  • This yard sale treasure map (awesome!!) is now a part of my weekly online activity. It incorporates yard sale listings from Craigslist with GoogleMaps to map out your yard sale route. I've found a few quirks in it, but overall it's pretty cool.
  • As well, I even found this other garage sale lister today.
So, that's if for now. Tune in tomorrow to hear me complain some more. OR, I might surprise you with something positive. You never know!!

Fun Weekend With Some Craftiness (MMSM)

As I stated on Friday, we had a fun weekend planned. And fun it was!
Margaritas on Friday
Yard Sales on Saturday morning
Our attempt to go to the beach was thwarted, so I camped out in the craft room while LOML played with some of his recording-studio software.
Sunday was a blast at a pool party with friends followed by more crafting.
It truly was a fun-filled weekend in every possible way. Some time with friends, some time with each other, some time doing our favorite activities. I even got the fridge cleaned out!!
Here's a sampling of what I accomplished in the craft room:
Pretty crafty huh?

I hope to get a post up either here or on the Fairly Creative site with some more info and pictures of these projects. I'll let ya' know!!

Besides the torrential rain we're having right now, Monday's going pretty well for me. I was actually able to get out of bed this morning with enough time to do some yoga before heading to work. Now, if only I can keep that up. Anyway, it's time for some "Made Me Smile Monday":
So that's about it for now. I've got all kinds of plans for what to do tonight (especially since my Monday shows ended their season last week) and hopefully some of it gets accomplished.

Drunken Meditation

So, now that I’ve had a few margaritas and am now working on a glass of wine, I feel inspired to talk about my favorite subject – ME! LOML and I go through this on margarita Fridays quite often (I’m sure he tires of it).
I begin to worry about what to do with my life, my artwork, my passion for crafting. He says I should just JUMP and start listing items. However, I have a serious case of self-doubt and fear of failure. I’m so afraid of making that jump and failing miserably. At the same time, I realize that if I never make that jump, I’ll never know what could have been. It’s such a catch 22 and totally not my style (to not try something). I think I just like to get compliments on my jewelry and hear how I should start selling it. It’s such a great confidence boost. To actually answer, “Yes, I TRY to sell it,” and know it’s not selling seems so scary, so sketchy, so. . . . I don’t know

But, I don’t know. I keep putting it off. I just go with the flow, and I despise the FLOW. I want to stick out, make a statement, and be the person I know I am. I want to be the person I see reflected in the eyes of those who know me best.

I’m almost there. I think! Keep believing in me and giving me the boost of confidence and I’ll make it someday. I just had to get that out. THANKS!!

Crafty Pictures (FGF)

I've got several ideas for blog posts I'm tinkering around with but am not quite ready to post yet.

As such, I don't really have much to say (especially since I posted so late last night). I had a feeling that would happen, so I snapped some pictures in the craft room before I ran out the door this morning. You better appreciate these, I was late to work after getting them. This is a continuation of the little bit I revealed the other day.Here are the backs again with the words highlighted and the copper foil on (I'm still not really good with the foil yet) Here's a little view of all the fronts I'm working on right now. If you can't tell, they're letters that correspond with the words on the backs. Here's an even closer view of them.
And, although a bit fuzzy, this is the closest view I could get in the light I had this morning.

I know they're a little wacky, but I started them forever ago and am determined to get them done. Almost there!! After that, I've got no idea what to do with them. Suggestions?

And now, if that wasn't nice enough - it's also "Feel Good Friday." These are more craft-related

Tomorrow is LOML's birthday, tonight is Margarita Friday, and Sunday is fun at a friend's pool. We've got a busy (but fun) weekend ahead. Looking forward to it!!

Winding down the 100DayProject

I awoke the other day with many thoughts about the 100 Day project and decided to jot them down here to share with you. Some of the bits I g...