Friday Surprises (FGF)

If you read my post yesterday, I'll just say that the alternative reared it's very ugly head this morning. I know that last month I bought a box of supplies and for the life of me I CANNOT find them. [If you saw 'My Name is Earl" last night you'll understand this part.] LOML says that Randy stole them. Yeah, that helps.

What does help is knowing that he still has some spontaneity in him. Just yesterday he decided to buy us some tickets to go see 311 tonight. I've seen them once, YEARS ago; but he never has. I can bet he's a bigger fan than I am too. In any case, it looks as though Margarita Friday is off for tonight in place of bigger plans. Unless, the Amphitheater at The Wharf has margarita concessions. I doubt it!

Eh, in any case it's still "Feel Good Friday"
  • kids choir singing eye of the tiger
  • 27 healthy breakfast ideas
  • The police in Denmark were giving out hugs and helmets. So nice! Yet, why were they only stopping men, not women w/o helmets? My only answer is maybe the helmets they had were only men sizes or something. Let's hope.

I think I just remembered where my 'supplies' are - in the kitchen. He he. . .come on over to my house for dinner. When I offer you tuna surprise, don't be surprised. J/K

Anyways - I'm in a weird mood. I apologize.
Go on and finish up your Friday then have a great weekend.

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