It Really is Feeling Good (FGF)

Ah, I think posting yesterday really helped me feel a little better. The weight of NOT posting must have been heavy on my head.
As well, there have been some other issues that have brightened my spirits.
First, it's ALMOST a three-day weekend
Secondly, HB373 was signed by the governor this morning. THE HOPS ARE FREE!!! Basically, it is now a law that Alabama stores can now sell beer that is more than 6% alcohol (but less than 13%). It's been a battle. I think we even beat Mississippi to the punch on this one (making sure we are not the LAST state to allow this.)
Next, LOML told me we've got some tomatoes in our little garden. I knew keeping my hands off them would help.
And, of course, it's Margarita Friday. Tomorrow I get to see my nieces in their recital (they call it 'showcase') and then my weekend is off and running from there. Hurrah!!!

So, let me spread the joy and share the awesomeness that is "Feel Good Friday"
Now go out and enjoy yourself. I'm sure as heck gonna try to do the same.


  1. LOL! So much fun to see the Sock Monkey footage again! =)

  2. I don't think I've ever seen it,, but it's so funny and it's a sock monkey- too much fun!!


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