Mmm Huuuuh Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum (FGF)

Oh, the title - that's what I apparently (according to LOML) said in my sleep sometime this morning, "mmm huh vacuum vacuum vacuum." Whatever that means. . .
I know I was having some crazy dreams, and that's how the subject came about in fact. I was dreaming about vampires and werewolves and other fun, fantastic things when I suddenly awoke very early in the morning with the urge to write down my dreams (I remembered at least 2 separate ones) so I could write books about them. I didn't get them written down and don't remember any dreams after that, especially not ones about vacuums.

It was a rough day yesterday. Little Miss Pirate (LMP) graduated from kindergarten, I stayed to get Her Royal Highness (HRH) from school, and attend the used book and uniform sale for my mom. On the way home and then continuing after arrival, LMP had a major breakdown over GUM!!!!!

When we finally calmed down (following a nice long time out) and were engaged in preferred activities - my mama and mawmaw got home to tell me that mawmaw has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She's 82. How much more can she handle? It's a bit of a shock. I don't think it's really sunk in yet. I haven't had my own breakdown yet, just ruminating over it. And over it. And over it. We really don't know much - how far it's advanced, how big it is, etc. She's set to see a specialist today so maybe we can learn some more. I'm in total disbelief. For now, I'm just asking for prayers and positive thoughts to be sent to her.
And, through all this - I'm being pleasured by vacuums, or eating some really delicious vacuums, or calling up some weird BeetleJuice-vacuum hybrid in my sleep. What next??

While I'm not exactly feeling it - it's still "Feel Good Friday" and I gotta give the people what they want:
I've got lots of plans for the weekend. Hopefully, I'll start feeling up to them soon. Enjoy yours, and I'll be back!! Now to figure out my unconscious obsession with the vacuum.

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