A Tutorial on the Other Blog

I got a post up on the Fairy Creative site. It's a tutorial on my Thread and O-ring necklace. Enjoy!

Not the Kinda Thin I Wanna Be

You know that phrase 'being spread out too thin'? That's EXACTLY what I'm feeling right now. I made it through the long Mardi Gras society weekend: Sat- a bowling thing and Sun- a summer party at my mom's house (what all the gumbo was made for.) Fri night was spent with two of my best friends.

Tonight, LOML and I are having dinner with friends. Tomorrow, he has plans to meet with a friend. Thurs, I have plans for dinner and painting. Friday, the nieces are spending the night. Saturday, I'm celebrating a friend's birthday. GAH- too thin!!! My house needs some attention (the craft room especially), my husband needs some attention, the CAT needs some attention, and I (ME) need some attention.

I can't seem to get up in the mornings because I spend half the night thinking about all the other things I need to do. But, I really LOVE seeing my friends. I get really down in the dumps when I don't hear from them for a while. I feel ignored, unloved, and forgotten at those times. But, as well, times like these just wear me out.

I know I'm acting like a big baby and there could be worse things than having too many plans. I just want it ALL: a clean house, time to myself, time with friends, time with the hubby, time and energy to do it. I'm just spread too thin!!

I wish I knew how to say no sometimes, and also that I didn't have a tremendous guilt complex when I do say it. My biggest worry is the craft room. I would really like to have it clean when the girls come over on Friday. I wish there was some way I could trust that they could help me clean it. But, I know that won't happen. So, while hubby meets with his friend on Wednesday. I'm going to go into manic warp-speed to try and find the floor and surfaces of the craft room.

Since I missed out on yesterday, lemmie spread some smiles today:
  • Tug o war
  • bananas for sale
  • free photo booth

So, that's where I'm leaving it: wishing for some more time to accomplish everything, being totally exhausted, and looking for an answer. Anybody got some suggestions?

New Recipes To Try (ThTh)

While I've still been hesitant to go into the craft room (it seriously needs some cleaning and organizing before I can really feel comfortable being creative in there), I've let my creativity spread to the kitchen.

The last few days I've done some serious recipe experimenting. And I'm proud to report that we've survived. I am a pretty strict recipe-follower, but there are those recipes that just plain fail for me. These have NOT!

First, on Tuesday I knew I wanted to make something different and new. I remember that I had received an intriguing daily recipe from My Recipes. I brought it up to LOML and he agreed. Looking over the recipe, I realized had everything but the pork chops for the Honey and Spice Glazed Pork Chops. That was easily and inexpensively remedied. And the results were out of this world good. I paired the sweet and savory chops with some broccoli, a sweet potato, and some fresh bread. SO GOOD!!This afternoon I got a craving for some granola so I pulled out my trusty granola recipe and set to work. LOML and I could barely let it cool before we were trying to devour the whole sheet. I was able to save a bit and am looking forward to having some for a snack tomorrow too!!

Several weeks ago, LOML pointed out a recipe he thought looked good and I bought most of the ingredients. But, with all the other stuff that's had my attention, it's not been a priority. Today he mentioned it again. So I made him some Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad for dinner. It was not near as nummy as the pork chops, but still very delectible and worth the time it takes to chop some of the ingredients. I did have a hard time finding the greek seasonings specified, but found a recipe to make that too. I don't think it was completely necessary as I misread the recipe and only put 1tsp instead of the 1Tbs. I did made some, and the extra spices I had to buy made it a bit more costly. I do recommend it though!

Let's get a few "Thrifty Thursday" links out here. And hey, there are all 'food' related too!!
Now, I'm gonna sit back and enjoy my 'dessert' of Rogue Mocha Porter before calling it a night.

Whew! Catching Up (TRT)

That was TOTALLY unintentional!! I had planned to blog but a whole host of other activities got in the way. I've been a busy girl:

First there was all the planning, shopping, packing, and driving to Grand Assembly in Birmingham. (Sorry Ben, I had NO free time to visit but would have loved to have seen y'all, trust me!!) Then there was the full weekend of Grand Assembly activities before heading home.

On the way home, I picked up half brother #2 (out of 3.) He and I got to pal around for two days (and go to the Harry Potter midnight showing) before the other two came for a visit. I also had the nieces that day. We had a blast and everyone got along so very well (see picture at top). Then brother #1 took #2 home while #3 got to stay for a few more days. Then, it was back to Verbena to take him home and a frantic drive back to Fairhope so I could have Margarita Friday with LOML.

The weekend was spent making gumbo with my mom and then a pool party at Wigenout's house for a Mobile Al Tweetup. Yes, it was a bunch of people who twitter relaxing in the pool and grilling out (that was before we started playing Rock Band.) Sunday was a complete day with LOML at last: brunch, the beach, dinner and beers, then another showing of Harry Potter (he hadn't seen it yet.)

It was back to the grind yesterday. And, I'm trying to get back in a routine today.Through all of that, I was as crafty as I could be: I made some handmade gifts for Grand Assembly and crafted at the beach the other day. Hopefully, I'll get back in the swing of that as soon as I can get the craft room in order. I'm a little scared of it right now. REALLY!
It's "Totally Random Tuesday" so here's some of the internet I found interesting:
Okay, so that's long enough. I just NEED to get this posted. I'll be back ASAP.

Three Days for the Fourth (MMSM)

What a lovely little three-day weekend we had. Summary:

☼A full day of shopping to find a beautiful dress
☼Only a coupla margaritas (reduces the chance of suffering the next day, if you keep the number low)
☼Mama's Ribs, MawMaw's potato salad, and Ree's death by chocolate
☼Watermelon Jello shots
☼Two little girls who only seem to get along while they are in the water
☼Eight(at least) fireworks displays from a single spot on the beach
☼Pancakes the size of dinner plates (Mac & Jerry's in Robertsdale)
☼Breezy Fairhope Beach (me: crafting, LOML: windsurfing)
☼Italian food at the G place
☼The entertaining awkwardness that was the G-place's attempts to close
☼Retaining my 'cheap date' status with a trip to the bookstore
☼Losing that status with the purchase of 2 tickets for Transformers 2 (a TOTAL waste of money!!)
☼Starting the week off right by working out first thing!
☼A/C in the office!!

And now for some "Made Me Smile Monday":
I hope your 4th was enjoyed as well; and hope that you and I have as smooth and fun a week!!

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