Pirate Pretties March Challenge Reveal

Within the last several months, I discovered the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge from Angela, who manages a Pirate Pretties Facebook group and YouTube Channel of the same name. I'm not sure how long she's had the challenge going on but believe that she facilitated one last year and has it going again this year. I mentioned it in my March Challenges and Inspirations post, but let me refresh you. 

The challenge she has set out is a birthstone challenge. Each month's birthstone is the color for the month. In addition, she offers up a choice of metal type and a project type (necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.). There is also the option to include a fun element/theme each month. The reveal date is the 15th of each month. You can watch her 2022 Challenge Announcement video to get the full details. 

This month, the color was Aquamarine, the metal either silver or copper, the project type a necklace, and the fun elements either shells or fish. I chose not to work with the fun elements and substituted aquamarine gemstones for glass beads in a similar color. I do love what I created!

Since I discovered this challenge from other jewelry makers on YouTube, I made sure to create a video of my process with this necklace. 

Let me go ahead and tell you, it was more of a struggle than I anticipated. I decided to string the beads onto waxed cord and knot between them. While I did test the size of the holes first, I found (during my recording process) that the hole sizes were inconsistent and some were too small for the cord. GAH!! I adjusted my design a little then and continued on to adding the metal chain with knots and some glue. 

The knots did not hold. 😩😩

Once again, I adjusted my design. And, I ended up creating a necklace that's even more secure than the original design. All of this I recorded in the video. 

I felt it was important to show watchers that sometimes you have to adjust your process and work with the little accidents that happen - that those little accidents can often become design and learning opportunities. And, in the end, I wound up with a beautiful necklace.

In fact, I've already listed this Copper and Aquamarine Necklace on Etsy. 

Thanks go out to Angela for the creative opportunity.
So, how would you have dealt with the hiccups I encountered in this design?
Do you see them as opportunities or disastrous?

CraftyHope Booth at Southern Antiques and Accents

 The other day, I took a quick trip into Southern Antiques and Accents to add a few "new" items to the CraftyHope booth. 

This Saturday, March 12th, is the monthly Super Second Saturday event that goes on all day long. There are sales and demos and even a happy hour with live music from 4-6pm. And, since there's a cold snap coming Saturday, it might be the perfect event for you to get out without getting out in the cold!

Like I said, I added a few items to my display. Here's a teaser look at several of them.

Of course, there are loads more pieces to take in at my booth as well as in the many, many others booths you'll find at Southern Antiques and Accents in Fairhope. Enjoy!

Art Journal Videos from February

February was a busy art journaling month for me. I worked with three specific challenges that kept my YouTube feed full over the month. If you missed any of those videos, here are quick peeks at the finished products along with links to the videos themselves. 

March Art Challenges and Inspiration

Whew, February just flew by, didn't it? I can't believe it's already time to gather up and share a new month's list of inspiration. Last month's challenge list was really long. I don't think this one will be as long, but let's see. 

  • Let's begin with the one already in progress and consuming most of my thoughts: #The100DayProject is in full swing as today is day 19 from the official kickoff. Of course, you can join in any time with your project. 
  • Sarajo has revealed the inspiration photo from her husband, Eric, for the March Honey Do List. You have plenty of time to get inspired by this one and make some jewelry as the reveal date isn't until March 30th. 
  • The Machu Picchu palette from Halcraft Collection for this month's Pretty Palettes challenge has me dreaming of the beach. You have the whole month to create something inspired by it and share your jewelry design on their Facebook page. 
  • As far as I know, Nicole Watson is still doing her #30MinuteThursdayArt challenge on her YouTube channel. I've been a little lax in my participation the last week or so, but that might change. 
  • Also on YouTube is the #JoyofBlue collaboration from Sarah of Crafting and Relaxing. The reveal for this challenge simply involves creating with the color blue and posting at noon eastern on the 12th of the month. Make sure you use the hashtag so others can find you. 
  • On the 13th of the month, Tammy of The Tapping Flamingo on YouTube is hosting a Be Creative challenge for any medium. She will offer a creative word each month for you to use. For March, the word is Irish Spring. Her hashtag will change each month. The one for March is #BeCreativeMarch2022.
  • Angela of Pirate Pretties Jewelry on YouTube has a monthly challenge. It's a birthstone theme each month with a color, metal, project type, and (optional) fun element. For March, the challenge color is aquamarine, the metal is silver or copper, the project type is a necklace, and the fun elements are shells or fish. The reveal is set for the 15th of each month on YouTube with the hashtag #PiratePrettiesJewelryChallenge and/or you can join her Facebook Group and add your reveal picture in the comments of her reveal photo. 

I know there are more out there, but the ones I've tried to get more information about haven't responded to me. However, if you have some to add to this list, I'd love to hear about them! Comment below!

Honey Do List Reveal & Resin Shadowbox Pendant Tutorial

I didn't mean to do another UV resin pendant for the Honey Do List from SJ Designs Jewelry. I really didn't. But, it just happened that way. 

When I first saw the inspiration photo from Eric on Sarajo's blog, it was the star shape and the mix of gold and silver that struck me. But, I wasn't quite sure what direction to take with it. 

I'm positive that "star" is really a snowflake, but this South Alabama girl just doesn't do snow. So, it's a STAR!!

After I picked up a new resin mold at the beginning of the month, I decided that this challenge might be the perfect opportunity to use it. In fact, I combined making it with Day 1 of #the100DayProject and my project of #Assemblage100.

To begin with, I created the little resin box with some clear UV resin and fine black glitter. A silver star bead was "glued" inside the box with more resin. Then, I added tiny gold-colored balls into the box. The sentiment "glorious" was stuck to the inside cover of the resin box before the whole thing was sealed. 

You can watch the entire process in my Resin Shadowbox Pendant video on YouTube.

From there, I created a simple beaded chain with silver beads and gold wire.

I know I still have a little work to do on this technique but am loving the possibilities.

As always, my thanks go to Eric and Sarajo for the inspiration and opportunity to play along. I encourage you to head over to Sarajo's reveal for the February Honey Do List to see what she made as well as the reveals of any other artists who also took the challenge.

What would you add inside one of these little boxes?

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