Honey Do List Reveal & Resin Shadowbox Pendant Tutorial

I didn't mean to do another UV resin pendant for the Honey Do List from SJ Designs Jewelry. I really didn't. But, it just happened that way. 

When I first saw the inspiration photo from Eric on Sarajo's blog, it was the star shape and the mix of gold and silver that struck me. But, I wasn't quite sure what direction to take with it. 

I'm positive that "star" is really a snowflake, but this South Alabama girl just doesn't do snow. So, it's a STAR!!

After I picked up a new resin mold at the beginning of the month, I decided that this challenge might be the perfect opportunity to use it. In fact, I combined making it with Day 1 of #the100DayProject and my project of #Assemblage100.

To begin with, I created the little resin box with some clear UV resin and fine black glitter. A silver star bead was "glued" inside the box with more resin. Then, I added tiny gold-colored balls into the box. The sentiment "glorious" was stuck to the inside cover of the resin box before the whole thing was sealed. 

You can watch the entire process in my Resin Shadowbox Pendant video on YouTube.

From there, I created a simple beaded chain with silver beads and gold wire.

I know I still have a little work to do on this technique but am loving the possibilities.

As always, my thanks go to Eric and Sarajo for the inspiration and opportunity to play along. I encourage you to head over to Sarajo's reveal for the February Honey Do List to see what she made as well as the reveals of any other artists who also took the challenge.

What would you add inside one of these little boxes?

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  1. That shadow box is a real treasure, Hope! Love it! What inspirational interpretation of the challenge!


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