Organizing the Craft Room- Closet Completion (FGF)

I just wanted to share this view from my window this morning. (it's my big, old, oak tree in the fog if you can't tell) I LOVE the wispy, fuzzy, quiet feeling that fog brings. Though, it's not the best way to start the day, as it seems to slow things down (especially traffic.) As such, I wasn't as active as I have been in the mornings lately. So, I took my time to take my shower and get dressed (then rushed outside to snap some pictures) before heading to work. As the fog begins to clear, my head does as well.

On the craft room front, I was able to accomplish QUITE a bit last night. I got the closet done!! (with the exception of the top shelf.) If you didn't see the craft room closet pictures yesterday you should do so now. . .I'll wait. . . Because, here are the pictures of how it looks now.

While many of you may not think it's a big difference or even that it's not really THAT tidy. I disagree. It's a HUGE IMPROVEMENT. It no longer scares me. That's a good thing!!

What's left is just some miscellaneous stuff scattered on the floor that needs to find a home. It really shouldn't take too long, hopefully. I would love to have the room done by the end of the weekend, but with Easter being Sunday and that being a day of visiting family- I've been skeptical that it would be possible [since Pat and I tend to take at least one day each weekend to spend TOGETHER (me cleaning the craft room does not fall into this category.)] Yet, this morning I realized that we'll be waiting around the house tomorrow for our iPad delivery. . .so I might actually be able to knock it out!! Wouldn't that be WONDERFUL?! A clean, organized, functional CRAFT ROOM!? I can't wait!!

That's my feel-good thought for today (other than the iPad)
Here's some "Feel Good Friday" loveliness for you:
So that's all for today. Have a fantastic weekend!!

Craft Urges and the Craft Room Closet (ThTh)

I'm starting to go a little bonkers waiting for my craft room cleaning stint to be over. (Yes, I recognize that's up to me - but there's only so much I can get through at a time.) I'm not allowing myself to 'craft' ANYTHING until I'm done. Why make a mess until I get it all cleaned up first? That makes perfect sense, doesn't it.

In the meantime, I'm still daily reading and looking through craft blogs, going through jewelry and craft books and magazines at the bookstore, and listening to craft podcasts. Do you have any idea how much those tasks get my creative fires burning? It's torture. . .that's what it is. Painful, creative, crafty TORTURE! On a related note, in case you haven't noticed - I added a new list of blogs on my sidebar - these all have to do with BEADING. They are GREAT! But, at the same time, they are some of the main sources of torture for me.

Fortunately, LOML (whose name is Pat - which I will be using from now on) has band practice/recording/something-or-other tonight so I can slip into the Craft Room and knock out some more of the mess. Of course, the living room floor is rapidly DIS-appearing under all the stuff I'm ready to get out of my life. Eh, that's the price I'll pay (for now) for the relief of finally getting back in there and letting the creative juices flow once again.

While there are still some bits and pieces still laying around the actual craft room, it's the closet that will be my major task, as I mentioned yesterday. Wanna see what I'm dealing with? Don't be shocked ...
WARNING: if you can't handle the sight of huge messes, just scroll on past these pictures.

Now you see why I'm so afraid.
Wish me luck!

Before I go back to daydreaming about crafty projects I've got some thing for you, for now . . some "Thrifty Thursday" links:

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