Oh, the excuses just keep rolling in. . .

I've been a very bad blogger lately. And, it's not that I don't have anything to say or share - it's just that there's SO MUCH going on right now!

  • Pat and I put our house on the market
  • We've been in a mad rush to get the house and yard looking. . .show-worthy
  • We're looking around for our own next home
  • I've had a sinus infection for weeks
  • We're having a yard sale this weekend
  • I'm going out of town most of next week
  • I'm gearing up for the next issue of ZnetShows' Creative Spark e-magazine
  • I'm supposed to be planning a baby shower for one of my best friends

Everything is just so insane right now that I can't even focus long enough to read blog posts, never mind writing my own. I have not forgotten about my blog, but I just can't make it a priority right now. I hope you understand.
A lesson I desperately need to learn right now!

Oh, and if you've got any tips on selling a house or moving, please share!

A Peek into my Craft Room

I got in one of those cleaning grooves and spent a few days cleaning, organizing, and purging the craft room. I'm pretty happy with the results and now have all kinds of craft grab bags for our upcoming yard sale. Here's a few peeks at what the room looks like now.
Straight inside the room is this bookcase and my bead cabinet
Off in the right corner is this hutch that holds most of my button collection
To the right of the door are most of my art journaling and papercrafting supplies
Next to and behind my desk is an array of supplies within arm's reach.
If you really want a good a look at my craft room, I did a video tour. It's much longer than I anticipated, but covers so much of what I've amassed.

I do love peeks inside others' creative spaces, so I hope you like this one from mine.

Me Gardening? It's True

As you can possibly tell from my sporadic posts, my attention span has been a little. . .sparse lately. One of the main attention grabbers lately has been my little container garden of fruits and vegetables. Take a look.

Bell Pepper (it's much smaller than it looks)

Cucumber (We've got several with this shape. . I'm not sure if it's natural)

Grape Tomatoes ripening 

More grape tomatoes (These babies have been plentiful!)

Better Boy Tomatoes

My poor, sad herbs (rosemary, dill, and basil)

A wee jalapeno



A snail in the zucchini

A single, lonesome strawberry

I actually took the pictures for this post a few weeks ago so the garden's not quite the same. I've always had something of a black thumb so I'm pretty surprised that I'm harvesting anything from these pots. The zucchini and squash seem to be failing, and those were the ones I expected to boom. However, the grape tomatoes have really flourished.
This was my little window plate the day I took the other photos
Monday I sliced up all the ones in the window (they were overflowing the plate) for roasting
Yesterday, I used the sauce from the tomatoes on a homemade cheese pizza for lunch. It was delicious!
Let me tell you how I made the sauce. It was so, so easy! I simply sliced the tomatoes and threw in a few peeled garlic cloves (6). I drizzled EVOO over the top and tossed it all together. In a preheated 400 degree oven, I roasted the mix for 30 minutes, stirring every 10. Remove tray from oven and let it cool for just a little while. Blend the whole thing in the blender. Done and delish!!

I am disappointed that we aren't having much luck with the squashes, but I think we simply planted too many plants in single pots and overcrowded everything. Lesson learned for sure. I'm just happy right now that I've been able to grow something.

Is your garden producing anything yummy? Do you have any tips?

Thrift and Craft Store Hauls

Y'all, I'm just popping in real quick to share a video I made last week with some of my latest thrift and craft store hauls.

Of course, right after I uploaded that video (with two separate hauls), I found this stack of goodies on the library's free shelf.
There were travel brochures, a neat couple of books, and that small catalog that has great old ads in it.
I apologize for this being a short post, but I am trying to get back on track with the blog. I've got a huge list of ideas. Now if I could just commit and post already! This is a start.

Anyway, what goodies have you found thrifting and shopping lately?

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