Jewelry with a Theme: 30s, 40s, Jazz, Art Deco

A few weeks ago I was approached by a friend about doing a spot gallery thing that would feature my jewelry as well as the work of several other artists. For this spot gallery, there's a theme. I was told that I needed only a few pieces and to "think nightclubs, Harlem, Billie Holiday, blues, jazz, 30's, 40's, instruments, and Art Deco. With these themes in mind; I dug though my stash of finished jewelry, finished a few works in progress, and made some new pieces. I'd love to know if you think I'm on the right track. . .Here's what I've got.

These were all ready to go
Made with glass pearls from an old necklace and some crystals
Made with a brass sheet I etched, old post earrings, glass and metal beads, and chain
Made with a reproduction keyhole and glass beads
Made with buttons, book text, and beads
Made with upcycled peach charms and floral shell discs
Made with repurposed and aged brass folder reinforcers and faceted glass beads

These were in process
Made with a brass picture frame that was colored with Vintaj patinas. From it hangs a singe freshwater pearl.
Also made with a brass picture frame that was colored. Several strands of chain and a charm of a glass pearl and a Chinese crystal accent them
And, these I made especially with this opportunity in mind
Made with a blank gluable bracelet to which I added old brooches and earrings. 
Made with a pendant I picked up at a bead store while on vacation. Just a few wire wrapped glass pearls and brass chain finish it off.
Made with a Vintaj pendant to which I added brass chain fringe with metal, crystal, and glass pearl beads. The chain is made up of the same beads.
Made with smaller Vintaj pieces (perfect for earrings.) I used some old glass beads (from a friend's grandmother's stash - who knows how old they are) to make tassels.
So, that's what I've got. Do you think these fit in with those themes or am I completely off my rocker?

The date for the spot gallery is still a bit up in the air, but I'll let y'all know when I know more for sure too.

Reveal of My Shipwreck Dandy Destash Box (picture heavy)

Richelle of the Shipwreck Dandy blog has two etsy shops. In one she sells her beautiful handmade rustic assemblage jewelry and in the other she sells handmade, vintage, and select jewelry supplies. She's currently going through a 'studio excavation' and making up destash boxes for what she unearths. I totally jumped on this deal because I just love her style.

She'll even take into consideration your preferences if possible. So, I told her that I would like a little bit of everything including some of the metal bits she had shared in one of her pictures, but that I also love of buttons, findings, beads, etc. After she received this notification, she asked if I had any more requests. I basically said that anything that feels rustic and old or romantic would be awesome. Here's what I received.
The inside of the box
The loose bits on the top of the package
My favorites of the loose bits: bone beads, buttons, and chain
Then, there were all these packages
and still more under the wrapped packages
I started with the smallest of the packages and discovered some of Richelle's handmade pieces. YAY!
The rest of the packages are below, first how they look piled up in the protective wrapping she used, and then all laid out for a better view.
Bundle 1
Bundle 1 on display
Bundle 2
Bundle 2 on display
Bundle 3
Bundle 3 on display
Bundle 4
Bundle 4 on display
Bundle 5
Bundle 5 on display
Bundle 6
Bundle 6 on display
Here's those little bits I found at the bottom
I couldn't wait to go through each and every piece in the box, so I sat down with an empty organizer and filled it right up!

Thank you Richelle for your generosity. I really think this was a steal for $20 plus shipping. Make sure to get your own totally stuffed destash box before her excavation ends!

Tutorial: Upcycled Mixed Media Magnets

You know those free business card magnets or other advertising fridge magnets we all get? The ones that either clutter up your refrigerator or end up in the trash. I decided to take those and turn them into something prettier.

I seriously cleaned off my fridge and was surprised at the number of these magnets on there. It was super simple to transform them from eyesores to art. I did a quick video on my process too.

Here's hoping this inspires you to art up your fridge as well!

Local Feature: Old 27 Grill in Fairhope

If you're ever driving down County Road 27 Alabama Highway 181 in Fairhope, make sure to check out Old 27 Grill.

It's tucked back a little, but definitely not a little secret around these parts. Southern Bloggers Jubilee (a local blogging/social media group of which I'm a member) met at the Old 27 Grill just last week and had a chance to get to know its owner, William Stitt -  better known as Bill E.
William talking to our group about Old 27 Grill and his start in the industry.
Though I've dined at Old 27 several times, I totally learned some new things about the place. For one, Bill E. makes his own bacon. Let me repeat that. . HE MAKES HIS OWN BRAND OF BACON!!
The bacon sample we received was amazing!
It's called "Bill E's Small Batch Bacon". You can find the bacon both on the menu, or you can get a whole pound in the grocery to take home.
The original building's front door.
As well, Old 27 Grill has a catering menu. They can do simple, low-key meals or large, fancy events. William even said they will come to your house, cook the meal, and clean up for family gatherings or dinner parties. How cool is that? The menu for these services ranges from breakfast items and sandwich platters to rib-eyes and chargrilled oysters. It runs the gamut for sure, just like the restaurant's menu.
The Comeback Shrimp Sandwich and Fries that I ordered
The Grilled Pimento Cheese and Bacon Sandwich with homemade fries that a friend ordered.
The outside dining area includes a stage for musicians of all sorts. On Thursdays-Sundays there's usually someone scheduled. The 1st and 3rd Thursdays, though, are reserved for "Songwriter's Night". On those nights, it's all original songs from local artists, no cover bands. Oh, and just so you know; the stage was built to be 'plug & play' to make it easier on the musicians.
The outdoor seating, perfect for listening to live music.
One of my favorite features at Old 27 Grill is the variety of craft beer available on tap. They've even started offering growlers of beer in two sizes. I've been aching to get back up there and get some, since once of my favorites is available at the moment.
Check out that line of taps!
I think the only drawback to Old 27 is that the parking lot does get a little damper than some when it rains. William takes it all in stride and often tosses a few duck decoys out in the puddles.
These babies were floating when I got there, but the puddles were already on their way out when I was too.
It's that sense of fun and not overlooking the details that makes Old 27 Grill a place you won't soon forget.

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW)

I've been overflowing with ideas lately - for jewelry, for blog posts, for papercrafting-art journaling and thus I seem to get nothing done for jumping from one activity to the next. I think putting some of my jewelry in that display has really given me some kind of new freedom or something. Now, if only some of it would sell!!

Anyway, I'm playing along once again with Julia from Stamping Ground and all the other creative folk for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.
This is today's desk. On the bottom left is my bullet journal waiting for me to make my daily list. Above it is some jewelry I'm making for another possible local opportunity for selling. On the bottom right side of my desk are some supplies for a postcard swap I'm participating in. The postcard is actually hidden under the messy deli paper (shhhh). Along the back of my desk is just the stuff I need to clean up and put away.
Yesterday my desk looked like this
A bracelet I was making from old earrings and pins
And, Monday morning I walked in to find my desk like this!
GAHHHH!!! I was a chaotic crafter on Sunday!!
I'm much happier about the shape of my desk today since there's only a couple of projects to focus on. Do you function better with just one or two projects on your desk or do you like to have all the options there at once?

Make sure to hop over to Stamping Ground and see what's going on on other craft desks across the world.

Big Happenings for the CraftyHope Jewelry Business

In my last post I mentioned that I had some exciting news. . .If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, or Tumblr; you may have already heard it or figured it out from some of these visual hints over the past few days.
Jewelry Tags
A Necklace Display
I spilled the beans earlier on those social sites and it's time to let you blog followers know too. (You get all the good pictures!) Here's the skinny - I got a display case at a new store; Southern Antiques and Accents, an antique mall here in Fairhope!! The booths contain an array of goodies from antique pieces to upcycled creations to mixed media art and more. I was fortunate to snag a display. I've been working like a madwoman the last few days pricing my available jewelry pieces and coming up with how to display them. It's been a fun, exciting kind of mania.

Now that I've got it all set up and ready to go, I'm busting at the seams to show you what I did. (Warning: Picture Heavy! You should be able to click on them for larger images.)
This was how my case looked when I went in there this morning. All empty and sad.
And, here's how it looks done. (I used the panoramic function on my phone's camera so it gives the case a little fisheye look. Sorry about that.) I'm not too sure about all the blank black space along the back, but I still need to make a sign and Pat's going to make me a few more of the necklace busts. So, that should cover it.
Here's a better look at the left side from straight on, though you have to squat to see it like this.
This is the same side from above. I threw some books in just to add some height and give some visual interest.
This is the middle of the case. I need to fiddle with the burlap ribbon a little to make it more even, but it'll do for now.
The right side of the case almost straight on.
The right side of the case from above. I wrapped a small mailing tube in some of the burlap so the button bracelets wouldn't just hang over the edge.
For access to the jewelry, the drawers pull out.
I'm just so very excited about this new venture!
Let me admit that this is the very first time I've displayed my jewelry. I've never done a craft fair or been in a shop or anything like that, so this is an adventure. . . a very exciting venture that I've been building up to for years and years. I know there's a lot more that could be done to the display, but for limited time, budget, and knowledge - I'm quite happy with it and just had to share it with you.

Have you ever displayed in a booth like this? Did it take you 5 years to work up the nerve to do it too?

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