Thrifty Thursday (a day late)

I had planned to share some of my thrifty haul with you yesterday, but the day absolutely got away from me. This was partly because I was out thrifting. 🤦‍♀️😳 But, this is my blog, and I don't suppose it really matters except to me. And, really, it wasn't anything spectacular, just some retail store items I got at good prices. Here's a peek at some of it. 

And, if you're interested in seeing it all, you can watch my haul video for Thrifty Thursday

Let me know if you've found any good deals lately!!


I'm actually currently battling a toothache and waiting for the dentist's office to call. And, the pain is exhausting me, so I don't have much inspiration right now for anything other than this type of post. As it's been AGES since I did one of these, it's probably about time!

Enjoying: I've really been able to enjoy getting around again now that my ankle has healed up. I still have some pain, but I was able to take a mile and a half walk this morning. And, I enjoyed every bit of that since the weather was not yet 70F.  

Cooking: Tonight, I have this red beans and rice dish planned. I'm trying to only put "softer" foods on the menu until I can get this whole tooth thing managed. 

Creating: On my desk are bits and pieces for this month's #4Core challenge from Ina Solsbery. As soon as she announced the four prompts, I had an idea. Now, it's just a matter of getting it all to come together.  


Needing: I desperately need a vacation. Yes, Pat and I work from home, but we are both really craving a weekend at the beach. And, we haven't had a vacation away in over four years!

Marveling: I can't believe Fall begins this week. I'm already seeing the big, crunchy leaves tumble down from our sycamore tree. 

Reading: I've been reading Big Chicas Don't Cry by Annette Chavez Macias*. It's a super cute story about family.  

Making: I haven't made as much jewelry as I'd like lately, but I do have a few tin earrings in progress and a whole box of pretty things from Jesse James Beads that I want to tackle soon.  

Watching: Have you seen the new Rings of Power* show on Amazon Prime? As a Tolkien fan, I'm totally smitten!

Waiting: I'm going to switch out the stock in my booth at Southern Antiques and Accents at the beginning of October. While I wait for that time to come, I'm running a sale there, if you're in the Fairhope area. 

Wearing: Y'all. All I have wanted to wear lately are t-shirt fabric dresses with pockets. Seriously. And, I've gathered a nice collection of them, so really, that's all I've been in for weeks!! Well...that and Alabama shirts - it IS football season after all. 

Listing: This little Champagne Butterfly necklace is the newest item in the Etsy Shop. I think the orange is perfect for Autumn as it begins this week. 

Thinking: Ever since a couple of the daily and weekly art journaling challenges have ended, I've found myself at a loss for what to do with myself in that area. So, I'm considering creating my own weekly, prompted challenge. EEK! I want it for myself, but am hoping to put it out there for anyone else who wants to play along. Hopefully, I'll have all my thoughts sorted out soon. 

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

DIY Bracelet Stack

The Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge from Angela was to make a bracelet stack using sapphire with silver or gunmetal and (optionally) include steampunk elements. I waited until the last possible minute to work on this one, but came up with a little stack that I'm pretty happy with. 

Each of the five bracelets in my stack is fairly each to make. And, I found that this challenge was a great stash-buster for some of the random beads, charms, and other materials in my collection. 

Of course, I recorded a video sharing how I made several of the bracelets, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know!

I like that this challenge gave me the opportunity to use several different techniques for "one" completed project. And, I would have made a few more bracelets (maybe a friendship bracelet, a wrap bracelet, or a sari-wrapped bangle) if I had more time. But, I think this little stack is probably plenty for now.

What do you think? Is it missing something?

September Challenges and Inspirations

Oh, September is already getting away from me! I meant to post this list last week. As I like to participate in several jewelry and art challenges each month to help me find inspiration I might not otherwise, I share my list in case you're looking for inspiration too. 

  • The Honey Do List challenge for August from Sarajo and Eric is still open for another couple of weeks. This is a jewelry challenge that uses a single photo from Eric as inspiration. I'll update this list if Sarajo shares a September photo. 
  • The September Pretty Palette Inspiration from Halcraft Collection is called Calm Cool Collection as is a selection of peachy-mauve-pinks and a gray. Again, this is a jewelry challenge, and you can find all the information on their site. 
  • The 15th of each month (SOON!), is the reveal day for the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge. This reveal takes place on YouTube and/or in the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Facebook Group. For September, we are to use the color sapphire, work with silver or gunmetal, make bracelet stacks, and (optionally) include steampunk elements. 
  • Ina Solsbery recently shared what the #4Core ingredients are for her September challenge. This is a 2d or 3d mixed media art challenge. This month, Ina asks that we have an eye (eyes) as our focal point, use script or writing somewhere in the piece, have a cluster or design/pattern of diamond shapes, and include an ombre effect. You can watch Ina explain each of these aspects in her video. If you participate, you can simply send her an email with a picture or you can make a video and share that with her as well. All the information is in the description box of her video. 
  • As well, for you Mixed Media Artists, there is "Mixed Media Menagerie" from NicoleErin, and Laura in which they have three prompts for you to use in your art journal. The reveal for this takes place on Instagram (and YouTube if you like). This month, the prompts are masking tape, tags, and leaves. 
Those are all the ones I'll likely be participating in this month as the month is already getting the better of me. Feel free to share any others you know of as I'm always looking for more inspiration. 

Thrifty Thursday - Estate Sales, thrift stores, dollar store, gifted

 Over the last several weeks, I was fortunate enough to get to pick up a few treasures at reduced to no prices! These thrifty items came from estate sales, thrift stores, the dollar store, and a friend/relative's kindness. 

Here are my thrift store finds.

And, here's a peek at just some of the haul I made at one of the estate sales.

Alright, here's a bit more.

And, my cousin/friend (it's hard to explain - we were raised together like cousins and are sure there's some distant, common relation; but we have no idea what it is) gave me a whole pile of old jewelry she found.

You'll get a better look and explanation of all of the thrifty haul as well as several more items in my Thrifty Thursday Haul Video

Now to actually take some time to create something from all (or at least some) of these treasures. Do you see anything that sparks inspiration for you? 

Art Journaling in August

 I have been hard at work, sharing videos on the YouTube Channel this past month as there were several mixed media and art journaling challenges during that time. I hate to not share some of the fruits of that creativity here, so I like to post the images and links to those videos in case they strike your interest. These are in order of how I shared them on YouTube. 

Mixed Media Tag - Seek Gather Create Week 1 

Art Journal Collab with Consie

Art Journal Page - SeekGatherCreate Week 2

Art Journal Page - SeekGatherCreate Week 3

Art Journal Spread - Mixed Media Menagerie Aug

Day 1 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Day 2 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Day 3 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Day 4 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Junk Journal Spread - SeekGatherCreate Week 4

Day 5 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Day 6 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Day 7 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Day 8 - TUAC5MinChallenge  - Junk Journal Page

Day 9 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Mixed Media Wall Art - SeekGatherCreate Week 5

Day 10 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Day 11 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

If you watch the videos or read their descriptions, you'll get a good idea about each of the four challenges I worked on this month. Basically, they were 

1- Seek Gather Create - a mixed media scavenger hunt challenge in which you have five prompts each week of the month to create a single mixed media art piece. 

2 - Mixed Media Menagerie - an art journal challenge with three monthly prompts.

3 - TUAC5MinChallenge - a challenge from The Ugly Art Club (TUAC) that takes place just before they open the doors to enrollment in the club in which they challenge you to spend at least five minutes each day creating art. This season of it, they had a single prompt each day. 

4 - Collab with Consie - an art journal collaboration between myself and Consie to use three prompts from her inspiration deck and create an art journal page in fifteen minutes. 

If you have any questions about my art journaling in any way, please don't hesitate to ask away!

Five Beaded Designs from One Mix

 The folks at Jesse James Beads surprised the Design Ambassadors with a fun little challenge. We were all sent the same beautiful components with which to work.

While we were only asked to create a single design, I couldn't stop playing with these gorgeous elements and made five pieces! You can watch me reveal the bits they sent as well as make all five pieces in my Five Beaded Designs video on YouTube. 

But, if you just want to see what I pulled together, here's a reveal of each of the designs in the order that I made them. 

I was smitten with those roses and the little crimson tassels and just had to pair them up. 

This is the only appearance the crystal chain makes in my designs, but that just means that I have more of it to use later! Single links of it work as connectors for these pretty earrings. 

Those feather charms work great on their own, but the red crystals help add a little weight to these earrings. 

The maroon color of both the pearls and the tassels had me using them together, but the design changed mid-video, as you'll see if you watch. Of course, that large clasp is the real star of this bracelet. 

I always love an owl and knew I needed to use this one somehow. It became the focal on this simple necklace that uses a few more of the beads on beading wire (What!? I never use beading wire anymore.) This was quick and easy to pull together. 

And, those were my five designs. 

I still have quite a bit of chain and beads left to use on another day. It's amazing how much you get in a MINI mix from Jesse James Beads. I've still got a whole Magical Mystery Bead Box from them that I haven't touched yet. Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel for that reveal! Oh, and if you want to see what the other Design Ambassadors made, use #JJBAmbassador throughout social media to find us. (Here's the Instagram tag for good measure.)

If you're interested, these are the links to the products we were sent: 

Mini Mix in Bing Cherry

Gunmetal Rhinestone Chain

Organic Lobster Clasp in Silver

Feather Tassel Pair

Which of these five designs is your favorite? And, what would you have made?

Diy Beaded Fan Pull

 The Magical Mystery Bead Box for May 2022 that I received from Jesse James Beads as a Design Ambassador was chock full of all kinds of amazing that I still haven't completely worked my way through. As I was showing off some of the beads to my husband, I realized that the large ceramic focal in the box would be perfect as a fan pull in our living room. And, y'all, it really is!

It took me less than ten minutes to pull it together. And, I know this because I let the camera roll in real time as I created the piece. 

You can watch me make this Beaded Fan Pull in the viewer above or head over to YouTube for the full experience. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have in the comments either here or there!

And, I'd love to know what you think of the process and product. 

Bead Tassel Bookmark Tutorial

One of the challenges I've been participating in this year has been the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge from Angela of Pirate Pretties Jewelry. This is a birthstone challenge that gives us four prompts each month to create something and reveal it on the 15th. There's a color, metal choice, project type, and optional fun element(s). Here are the parameters for August: color - Peridot, metals - silver or bronze, project - bookmark, and fun elements - tassel or dangle. 

Since the only actual peridot I have in my stash were some little chips, I knew those would be used. And, because they are fairly small, I thought I might try my hand at using them to make tassels for a simple bookmark. It worked! 

However, it was definitely a learning process. In fact, I recorded the whole thing (because of course I did) for a Bead Tassel Bookmark Tutorial on YouTube. 

In the end, I think we all may have learned a little something - like how big of a dork I am. 

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about this process. 

August Challenges and Inspirations

Here's my little monthly roundup of some of the jewelry and art challenges I've found online to inspire me. I hope they inspire you to play along too. 

  • Sarajo of SJ Designs Jewelry has shared the inspiration photo for The August 2022 Honey Do List from her husband, Eric. I think it's a gorgeous photo that will hopefully spur some lovely jewelry designs. She's set the reveal for August 29th. 
  • I need to get my booty in gear because the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge reveal is on the 15th of each month, and I haven't started yet. 😳 This challenge takes place on both YouTube and in the Pirate Pretties Facebook group.  It's a birthstone jewelry challenge with a couple of other prompts. For August, the color is Peridot, the metal choices are silver or bronze, the project type is a bookmark, and the optional fun elements are a tassel or dangles. 
  • The Halcraft Collection Pretty Palette Inspiration for August is awful dreamy. You can find all the information about this one on their site. 
  • If you're into 2D or 3D mixed media art, you may want to check out the #4Core challenge from Ina Solsbery on YouTube. At the beginning of each month, she reveals what she made for the previous month, shares what other artists made for the challenge, and announces the four core ingredients for the current month. Once you have your project made, you can send in your picture (and link) to her email before the end of the month. This month, the four ingredients are to make wall art on a sturdy substrate, include a mosaic design, work with several colors and textures, and send in a 2nd photo that shows a closeup of your mosaic. I've really enjoyed these challenges from Ina this year and hope you will play along!
  • There is also Mixed Media Menagerie from Nicole, Erin, and Laura in which they have three prompts for you to use in your art journal. The reveal for this takes place on Instagram (and YouTube if you like). This month, the prompts are florescent. stapler, and graffiti and the hashtag is #MMMAug22. 
  • Oh! And, #SeekGatherCreate for Summer 2022 has just begun. We're smack dab in the middle of week 2. This challenge comes from Lisa, Melanie, Jana, Tina, and Laura. The five prompts will be revealed on Instagram each Sunday for you to use during the week on any substrate. This week, the prompts are blooming flowers, tissue paper, something teal, stripes, and fabric. I've already revealed my contribution for this week on both Instagram and YouTube if you want to see it. 
  • Terry of the Tapping Flamingo on YouTube has her #BeCreative challenge each month that is open to any medium you wish. Each month, she has a theme. This month, the theme is Beach and the reveal is on the 13th. She hasn't shared the hashtag yet, but I'll add it here if I see it! Check out her video from the beginning of the year that talks about the challenge. 

I feel like I'm missing something, but it's just not coming to me right now. If you know what it is, drop me a comment so I can add it above. Are you going to be playing along with any of these!?

Bead Box 16 - Stocked

Holy Bead Box! How have I made it to number sixteen!? And, I don't see me stopping there either. Ha. Let me quickly explain my bead box for those of you who are just finding me (Hiiiiii! 👋👋) My bead box is a basic 17-compartment plastic organizer. I try to keep it stocked with one design per compartment to take with me when I travel or to use when I'm uninspired. It's come in very handy over the years. (I'll link all the other versions at the bottom of this post.) 

I like to share what I've packed into each of these boxes and then reveal how (and if) they came together. This particular iteration of the box was actually stocked at the end of June but I haven't touched it yet. I suppose that's a good sign that I've been inspired in other ways. However, now that I'm looking at these designs, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I packed the box. Luckily, I did sketch out a few of them (but not all of them 🤦‍♀️). Here's what I've got. 

This soldered word bubble, along with the beads, jump rings, and head pins will eventually become a necklace. I plan to use the larger beads as links for a chain and have the seed beads as dangles from the chain. Hopefully, this will echo the little loops on the outside of the charm. That's the idea anyway. 

The focal to this necklace is that house-shaped soldered china shard. My sketch shows a large jump ring and the larger shell bead dangle hanging within the loop. (I've just added the jumping.) The other beads will be used for the chain of the necklace. 

I seriously had to refer to my sketch to figure out what's supposed to be going on here. Of course, the soldered wire circles are part of the pendant. I'll have the soldered stone, the star, and a red bead dangling from them. The large red beads will also be used as part of the pendant while the small red ones and the silver beads will make up the chain. Easy enough, right?

I hardly ever create mismatched earrings, but that's the idea for these.

This simple mix of a word bubble and some pretty beads will make up a bracelet. 

I'm kinda tickled that I could match these greens so well. The green stone beads, glass pearls, and silver seed beads will become a pretty beaded chain for this found shard pendant. 

This shard charm in the shape of a heart is too neat not to use. While it would make a fine bracelet charm, I want it to be a bit more prominent, so it will be the solitary focal in a necklace. The selected beads and tin will be used in the chain. I expect to finish it out with some metal chain. 

By now you can probably tell that I focused on using some of my soldered bits for this box. I love this little quartz point but it needs a little something else with it. The wooden flower has been in my stash (along with a few others) for quite a while. I think they pair up nicely together for a focal (along with a few tiny bead dangles.) The other wood and glass beads will make up some of the handmade chain for this necklace. 

After so many necklace designs, I knew I needed to throw in a few earrings so I sifted through some brass charms in my stash. The little butterfly charms will dangle from some sort of stack of the other beads - maybe. 🤷‍♀️ I didn't sketch this one out. I'm sure it seemed like an obvious design at the time. I'll figure it out, I'm sure. 

This earring design seems a bit more obvious. I do love both the brass leaves and those turquoise-colored beads. These should turn out quite lovely and simple. 

There's one large compartment in the bead box, and that's where this design sits. The Lucky Duck Pendant was one of my assemblage projects for both my 100 Day Project and for Ina's #4Core. You can click the link to watch my tutorial on making it. It will be the focal piece to a green and black necklace chain with the beads gathered there. 

Back to the earring designs...These brass connectors will be wire-wrapped to the beads here - somehow. Again, I'll figure it out. 

THIS design I did sketch out. (Whew!!) I've had these pale, pale blue sequins for ages. I'm glad I'll be working them into a pair of earrings. I'll wire up and shape the sequins into a circle and the black beads will hang from the circles. They should be interesting. 

This little soldered stone along with those mother-of-pearl heishi beads and the little Czech glass melon beads will become a bracelet. I think it will be a cute little thing. 

I've moved those little alligator-skin-looking tin pieces around on my desk for a while now. The khaki-colored e-beads will be looped at the top of them for a pair of interesting earrings. They feel kinda safari-inspired. 

I really wish I had sketched out what I had in mind for these. I know they will be earrings...but beyond that, I have only inklings of what I intended. I have an idea of what I can do but am not sure if it was my original intent. I suppose it doesn't matter anymore.

The design for these earrings feels pretty obvious to me and doesn't need a sketch. They should be pretty cute when they're finished. 

And, that's what I have in mind for Bead Box 16. I haven't started on it at all yet as I've been so busy with ICAD and other projects. And, that's a good thing. This box isn't really intended for everyday use. I am itching to start on these now that I've been reminded of what's in it. Maybe another day! For now, here are the other Bead Box versions - stocked and reveals.

What do you think? Do any of these designs spark your interest? Are you curious about how they'll turn out? I'd really love to know. 

Thrifty Thursday (a day late)

I had planned to share some of my thrifty haul with you yesterday, but the day absolutely got away from me. This was partly because I was ou...