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Thrifty Thursday - Hauls from May and June

Like my last haul reveal, my thrifting has been limited because of my concern for others and self-limiting exposure during this Covid-19 crisis. But, I did bring home a few thrifty items over the last two months. In May, it was all about the Dollar Tree as I would go there for a few things I NEEDED and happen upon other fun items. On my first trip there for a few cosmetic items, I happened upon an updated craft section that stopped me in my tracks. The above pictures are just a few of the items I picked up.
When I went again for bubble mailers, I grabbed a couple more items.
When the library re-opened with limitations, they had their "Free Books" shelves outside. I couldn't help but indulge myself. I mean...FREE BOOKS!
I went a second time.
And when the neighbors had a yard sale, I couldn't resist walking over to stand in their yard and look at what they were selling. I had my mask and everything. And, I scored this amazing vintage sheet!
As more restrictions loosen…

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