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Chain Link Earrings Part 2

Who doesn't love a simple pair of earrings. And, with just a few skills and materials, it's so easy to make your own in a flash. I created a whole collection of earrings inspired by the large links of chain I found in my stash.  It was obvious to me that those chains would never work their way into necklaces or earrings. But, they might be perfect in some easy earrings. So, I've started a series of Chain Link Earring tutorials that work their way from easiest to harder. The two pairs of earrings in this second installment require just a few materials and some basic skills.  The actual tutorial for this second part is a short YouTube video on How to Make Chain Link Earrings: Part 2 .  Here's a look at the two pairs that you learn to make in the video.  This first pair involves hanging a bead charm inside the chain link. I show you how to wrap the bead on the headpin and connect the ear wire. Actually, those are the same two skills you'll use for the second pair as we

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