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Mixed Media Art Videos from August

 For the most part, my art journaling and mixed media art endeavors are shared on other social media. Specifically, I share them on Instagram and YouTube . But, I don't want you to miss out if you're not following me in those places (though you really should 😜). So, I like to pop a quick peek at each of the projects that were shared on YouTube here just in case any of them pique your interest. Clicking on the pictures and/or their captions should take you to their video. ICAD 2021 - Card 19 ICAD 2021 - Card 20 ICAD 2021 - Card 21 Mixed Media Wall Art ::: SeekGatherCreate ICAD 2021 - Card 23 ICAD 2021 - Card 24 ICAD 2021 - Card 25 Mixed Media Tag ::: SeekGatherCreate ICAD 2021 - Card 26 ICAD 2021 - Card 27 ICAD 2021 - Card 28 Mixed Media Collage Art (#SeekGatherCreate) ICAD 2021 - Card 29 ICAD 2021 - Card 30 ICAD 2021 - Card 32 Junk Journal Spread #SeekGatherCreate ICAD 2021 - Card 33 Whew! That was a ton! I posted at least four videos a week this past month. I'm still try

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