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Peek at My Week (March 22-28)

How are ya hanging in there? All this social-distancing and self-isolation is making me a little batty. But, I realize it's for the best. And, I really hope you're out there making good choices, washing your hands, and staying healthy. Let me give you a peek of what I've been doing with myself this week to keep busy.  Sunday started off cloudy like Saturday, but the afternoon turned beautiful. So, we headed outside to get started on some yard work. On the way to the pole barn to get our tools, I spotted this little bunch of clover flowers and couldn't resist snapping their picture. Don't they just make you smile?
As Pat helped me trim away the bamboo and weeds in the old burn pile, we discovered this beauty of a bird's nest. We waited several hours before removing it to make sure it wasn't occupied. I was mesmerized by the craftsmanship. The outer layers are made of small sticks and twigs. Then, there's a layer of leaves. Finally, the inside is a comfy…

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