September Mixed Media Video Roundup

Before I completely forget that I have a blog, it's best that I go ahead and share something new over here. Well, it's not completely new...or even different. But, something. Here's a quick roundup of some of the mixed media and art journaling videos I shared on YouTube over the course of September. 

First up are the last of the #CraftyHopePrompts Cards and Projects.
Card 49: Paint pen, Ledger, Dictionary

Project 49: Art Journal Spread

Card 50: Pencil, Rust, Masking tape

Project 50: Assemblage Canvas Art

Card 51: Wire, Tape removal, Distress oxide

Project 51: Easy Art Charm

Card 52: Sewing pattern, Tear, White pen

Project 52: Junk Journal Spread

Outside of my personal prompt project, the only other mixed media projects I filmed were my junk journal spread for the Clean Slate Journal series.
Clean Slate Journal September

And, then there are the several projects I completed within a single video for the 10 Arty Questions Hop. 
10 Art Questions YouTube Hop

Yeah, that month went by quickly, and this one is following close behind. Make sure you're following me on YouTube so you don't miss a thing!

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