October 4Core Challenge Project Reveal

I've mentioned the 4Core Challenge from Ina Solsbery several times in my monthly challenge list. It's one that I really love. Each month, Ina issues a mixed media art challenge that must include four core (4core) ingredients. Your medium can be anything, 2D or 3D.  This month, I went for a necklace.

 Ina's four prompts were: 

  1. Aware Beware Danger
  2. Crackles, Rips, Broken, or Damaged
  3. Crescent or half-moon shape
  4. Spider
I began by recognizing that the spider prompt was going to be tough for me as I'm arachnophobic. So, I let that slide, figuring I could come up with something later. In the meantime, the crescent shape occupied my mind. I realized that I still had a few golden brass crescent connectors from Patina Queen in my stash. With that, it was easy to recognize that I needed to make jewelry. 

So, I stuffed some dandelion fluff into a small glass jar that I altered with alcohol ink. The fluff kinda looks like spider webbing, and I made a label using rub-ons with the word beware on it. I soldered the jar closed and added an arc of wire to help connect it to the crescent. The label was altered with inks and crackle paste to complete all the prompts.

The chain of the necklace is a simple metal chain to which I added a few gold beads on gunmetal wire - to get the mixed metal look of the pendant. 

It's a darling necklace, just perfect for spooky season! To get a better idea of how the pendant came together, you can watch my Beware Spider Webs Necklace video on YouTube. 

And, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!
So, how would you have handled these four prompts?

Honey Do List October Reveal

I've missed out on a few more of the Honey Do List challenges lately from Sarajo and Eric of SJ Designs Jewelry than I would like. So, I made sure to give myself a little time this past week to look at and create from the photograph taken by Eric. If you're unfamiliar with this challenge, let me quickly explain. Sarajo's husband, Eric, gives her a photo each month as inspiration. She shares it on her blog for anyone else looking for a creative spark for jewelry-making. I've loved this challenge for years as it has often pushed me to think outside the box. This was one of those times!

The above bracelet is what I created after studying the below photo from Eric (and Sarajo).

It was the bold pink, bright yellow, and subtle brown of the photo that stood out immediately to me. And, for some reason, I wanted all that on a bracelet (not my usual jam). I decided that some of the brown would best be represented in antiqued brass. Then, it struck me that I could emboss a Vintaj blank and color it with Vintaj Patinas* in Ruby and Citrine so that it would include all three colors. I even found a Vintaj embossing folder that had pinecones on it. 

Alas, this uncolored back side showed the impression more than the colored front. So, I played with beads I had gathered and found that a wood coin bead worked well to accent and distort the image on the front just enough. Some meticulous (for me) wirework attached the bead to the focal.

From there, it was just a matter of attaching the beads to one another with eye pins. Actually, I only had to do that on one side. The yellow and brass filigree portion was simply a length of chain that I cut down to size. 

As always, I encourage you to head over to SJ Designs Jewelry to see what Sarajo created from the inspiration. As well, you may find links to other artists and what they created. If the image inspires you as well, the linky tool should be open for several weeks so that you can contribute to the challenge also! 

Thanks to Sarajo and Eric for another inspiring challenge. It definitely pushed me a little creatively. What's not to love about that?

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Thrifty Thursday

I'll admit that this isn't really much of a thrifty post as it is a happy mail unboxing. But, since I didn't pay anything for it, it was thrifty... My mixed media artist friend, Nina Fickett, sent me another package of awesome this week. 

As she mentioned in her note to me, these treasures would be good for either my jewelry-making or assemblage. For a better look at all of it, watch my Thrifty Thursday video.

I am definitely blessed with some amazing friends! Thank you, Nina!! 

DIY Infinity Necklace - October Birthstone Challenge Reveal

Angela of Pirate Pretties Jewelry challenged us to use the October birthstones of either Opal or Pink Tourmaline to create a necklace in silver or rose gold and optionally include links or chains. While October is my birth month, I don't have any opals and don't really care for pink, so I worked with the closest beads in my stash, opalescent/moonstone-like glass beads, to create a simple infinity necklace.

This was a straightforward project that just needed a length of chain, some beads, and wire. As well, the only skills used were opening jump rings and making wrapped loops. To finish the piece, I connected one end to the other to make this an infinity necklace. 

I think it's a great necklace for everyday wear that adds just a little something without much distraction. You can watch me make this DIY Infinity Necklace on YouTube.

It really is just that simple. And, think of all the variations you can make by just connecting any type of bead to various links of chain. 

Though it may be easy for me, I'm open to answering any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything clarified or explained better.

Sale in the CraftyHope Etsy Shop

 Pop over to the CraftyHope Etsy Shop, and you'll find EVERYTHING there marked 25% off. Here's a peek at a few of the items listed there. 

Zeal Necklace

Moroccan Mushroom Earrings

Amethyst Wing Bracelet

All Wrapped Up Assemblage

Galaxy Earrings

That's right! Both jewelry and assemblage art pieces are available on sale. The sale runs through October 24th, so hit up the Etsy Shop before it ends!

October Challenges and Inspiration

Each month, I like to do a quick roundup of some of the challenges and inspirations I've found for that month. It helps me keep it all in one place, and allows me to share these with you in hopes that you will join me in some of them!

  • I would be remiss if I didn't mention my own challenge that began this week. I'm calling it #CraftyHopePrompts. The basic idea is that I am building a prompt deck for mixed media art by altering a playing card each week. Each Monday, I'll share the prompts I draw and the card I made. Then, on each Saturday, I'll share another project I create using those prompts. You can watch my Week 1 Mixed Media Prompt Card on YouTube to get a better idea of the challenge. And, please use the hashtag if you play along! You can either use my prompts or draw your own. (I have a complete list of prompts in the description area of the video linked above.)
  • Sarajo of SJ Designs Jewelry is back with the October Honey Do List Inspiration. This is a jewelry-making challenge that comes from her husband, Eric. He shares a photo inspiration to prompt some jewelry designs. The reveal date is October 24 (MY BIRTHDAY!!) and the linky tool will be open for several weeks after that if you're running behind.
  • Halcraft Collection has revealed their Pretty Palette for October. Again, this is a jewelry challenge. You'll find all the information in their post. I do encourage you to explore their past palettes too as they have some beautifully inspiring designs and tutorials. 
  • The Pirate Pretties Jewelry Challenge reveal is on the 15th of each month. This is a birthstone challenge. This month, the challenge colors are Pink Tourmaline or Opal. In addition, the other prompts are to use rose gold or silver metal, create a necklace, and (optionally) use chain or links. You can learn more about this challenge from Angela's video on YouTube. And, you can check out her Facebook Page. The reveal can be a video and/or a picture on the Facebook page
  • The #4Core challenge from Ina Solsbery was announced in her video. This is a mixed media art challenge that can be entered by emailing a picture to Ina. You can also share a video of your own contribution. For October, we are to use the theme of Aware, Beware, Danger. In addition, include something crackled, ripped, broken, or damaged; a crescent shape; and at least one spider (eek!)
And, that's it for the time being. October always feels like the beginning of the holiday season and all the busyness that entails. Taking some time to create is a great break from those stressors. Whether you participate in any of these challenges or not, I do hope you find some time to create. 

Thrifty Thursday

This past week, I helped my mom clean out an old truck of my grandmother's and took a pile of mementos home with me. As well, I visited an estate sale with a friend and made some fun scores.

You can get a better look at everything I brought home in my latest Thrifty Thursday Video on YouTube.

Have you had any luck thrifting lately?

Mixed Media Videos in September

I tend to share most of my jewelry endeavors here, but not always the art journaling/mixed media pursuits. So, once a month, I like to pop on and give you a roundup of some of the videos I've added on YouTube over the previous month that you may have missed. Before I share those, I ought to mention that I've started my own Mixed Media Challenge that I'm calling #CraftyHopePrompts because it centers around making prompt cards and using those prompts. You can find a bit better explanation in my Week 1 Mixed Media Prompt Card video. Let's get to what you may have missed in September. 

Day 12 - TUAC5MinChallenge  - Junk Journal Page

Day 14 - TUAC5MinChallenge - Junk Journal Page

Assemblage Art - Mermaid Treasures - #The100DayProject

Art Journal Spread#MMMSep22 - Mixed Media Menagerie - Tags, Leaves, Masking Tape

Junk Journal Page - Aren't You Happy - Mixed Media Art

Assemblage Art - Eye See You - #4Core Challenge

That was everything that was related to mixed media art last month. Clicking on the pictures or captions should take you to the video. My new challenge should have me sharing more videos in the future. Which of these catches your eye the most?

Make a Pendant from a Chain and a Chain from Beads

I have received a glorious array of beads from Jesse James Beads as a Design Ambassador. In fact, I've gotten so many that some have been neglected. I received the July Magical Mystery Bead Box at the end of July and put this Sunflower-inspired box aside while I made designs with some of the other beads from them. The Sunflowers box seems perfect for Fall, so it was about time I pulled it out and played. You can watch my unboxing of this array of beads, chain, and other treasures on YouTube. This unique necklace is my first to come out of that box. 

The "Chain of Blooms" chain from the box included three main links, and I moved them around so that the twisted ring hung from the bottom of the floral connector. The infinity connector was perfect to top the pendant and connect it to each side of the chain once I altered its alignment.

Dangles were created with headpins and a few of the beads in the Sunflowers Mini Mix. This addition finished the pendant.

From there, I picked out brown and green beads from the Gratitude, Friendship, & Happiness Bead Mix and used them to make links for the front portion of the necklace's chain. Jump rings were used to attach these links together and add a golden chain from my stash. To finish the necklace, a lobster clasp was added. 

This is a fabulous fall necklace. And, it kinda, sorta looks like an owl (one of my favorite animals). In my YouTube video, you can watch the complete tutorial to Create a Pendant with a Chain and a Chain with Beads

Of course, if you have ANY questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Ask away!

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