Currently, I'm. . .

I must apologize for my absence recently. This is only the third blog post for the whole month!! Wow. What a slacker I've been lately. We took a two-week vacation (staycation) during the month, and I just haven't been very inspired. But, I hope to work on that. While I try to get my head sorted and some blog post ideas plugged into the calendar, I'll give a little idea of what I'm up to.

Currently, I'm

Cooking simple, basic meals that both satisfy and comfort. Last night, I made Spicy Peanut Butter Tofu with fried rice and the plan for tonight is spaghetti with a salad and garlic bread.  

Creating very little. I feel like not much has been MADE lately, but I’ve been playing with a tin earring design that has loads of movement. 

Feeling all the things because over the last month, we’ve lost at least four people I know to Covid.  

Liking that the building on our property has been completed (at LONG LAST!)

Listening to a few creative art podcasts, namely, the Laura Horn Podcast and Show Up or Shut Up (the Willa Wanders Podcast).

Listing this French Bubble Necklace. (It's is the newest item in the shop.) 

Marveling at any little bit of beauty I can find.  

Needing to get back into the swing of things.  

Reading "Things in Jars" by Jess Kidd.

Thinking about adding a few different products to my shop, mainly some prints of my photographs and/or ephemera and paper packs from some of my stash. 

Wearing anything that fits as I’ve gained a bit of weight recently. 

Wishing I could get motivated to lose the weight I’ve gained! 

Working on building my own website. (Yes, for real!!)

Soooooo, what have you been up to? Seriously. I want to know!

I'm the Featured Crafter on the Crafty Hands Club

I was tickled to no end (and a bit intimidated) when Carriece of The Crafty Hands Club Magazine contacted me several weeks ago about doing an interview for an article on her site. And, today, that article goes live! 

In the feature, you'll get to learn a little more about me as a crafter as well as about my journey to where I am today. 

Make sure you head over to The Crafty Hands Club to read all about me!

Big thanks go to Carriece for this honor and pleasure!

Mixed Media Art Videos from August

 For the most part, my art journaling and mixed media art endeavors are shared on other social media. Specifically, I share them on Instagram and YouTube. But, I don't want you to miss out if you're not following me in those places (though you really should 😜). So, I like to pop a quick peek at each of the projects that were shared on YouTube here just in case any of them pique your interest. Clicking on the pictures and/or their captions should take you to their video.

ICAD 2021 - Card 19

ICAD 2021 - Card 20

ICAD 2021 - Card 21

Mixed Media Wall Art ::: SeekGatherCreate

ICAD 2021 - Card 23

ICAD 2021 - Card 24

ICAD 2021 - Card 25

Mixed Media Tag ::: SeekGatherCreate

ICAD 2021 - Card 26

ICAD 2021 - Card 27

ICAD 2021 - Card 28

Mixed Media Collage Art (#SeekGatherCreate)

ICAD 2021 - Card 29

ICAD 2021 - Card 30

ICAD 2021 - Card 32

Junk Journal Spread #SeekGatherCreate

ICAD 2021 - Card 33

Whew! That was a ton! I posted at least four videos a week this past month. I'm still trying to share the ICADs (Index Card A Day) I made and then the Seek Gather Create challenge happened. I'm tickled with how most all of the above turned out. I wouldn't have shared them otherwise. Still, I have a few favorites. What about you? Which are your favorites? 

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