What Fairies Have Visited You on this Thrifty Thursday?

The pregnancy fairy STILL has not visited me. Instead, the emotional, bloating, painful, bleeding, hateful demon of menstruation is visiting for a few days. Am I am lucky or what? Perhaps the sarcasm fairy is visiting as well. Gimmie a minute and that one will flit away as the trio of self-loathing, doubt, and crying-fit fairies land with a thud on my windowsill. They're so graceful, and pretty too!! Eh - I guess sarcasm's staying for a while.

On a happier note, I was able to get something done from my crafts-to-do box last night. This was accomplished while watching Project Runway and staying out of the way as LOML* installed the new flat screen TV in the bedroom. We then proceeded to start up a movie, snuggle in bed, and promptly fall asleep. That TV is AWESOME!

For "Thrifty Thursday," I promised I'd share my weekend haul with you. I was able to hit up an estate sale and three garage sales. The bulk of my purchases came from the estate sale.
These are what I'm calling the 'household goods' - they're basically decorative elements (forks and vintage pillowcase included!)

This box of sewing notions was all together. It included lots of buttons, some old embroidery hoops and thread, lots of sewing machine needles, embroidery needles, seam rippers, and misc. notions.
These were my favorites in the box - button cards and some kind of old-fashioned needle threader.
I also scored on the craft supplies with a box of old photos, broken jewelry, greeting cards, some plastic easter figures, playing cards, and a stack of scrapbooking paper.
There were TONS of craft books at the estate sale. I also found some neat kids books.
This alphabet one was my favorite. Elves rock (esp when they look like Orlando Bloom)
Here is one of the pages in the Elf book. In addition to the caption, there are dominoes, a dalmatian, a duck, daisies, and a dragonfly in the picture. Too cute!!

All of that for just $18 total! Talk about thrifty!!
In addition, here are some links for you to make your life more thrifty too:
Here's hoping the Happy Fairy lands on your doorstep with lots of luggage!!

*LOML= Love of My Life

Week in Review, Craft Room, and Monday

I've got so much to share with y'all.
Where to start? My weekend was pretty good. I got to visit with good friends AND got some stuff done that I wanted to do.
For one, I was able to check out some yard and estate sales. I'll share my haul with you on Thrifty Thursday. I also completed the CRAFT ROOM. Well, mostly - I'll get to that.
First, check out my Week in Review:
Alright, now to business. Do you remember before the craft room overhaul? It was an absolute creativity blocker. I was in need of some crafty viagra in the form of a clean space. Check it out now:
Overall, this is what it looks like:
Though it may not look all that done to you, it's a breath of fresh air for me. See all the stuff under the window - LOML* is going to make me a window bench with storage to clean that area. And, yes, the colorful fabric is hiding my filing. But wait, there's more:
This is the lid to a copy paper box. It is full of started, but not completed, projects. I've pledged to work on these first. In fact, I've already repaired a necklace for my grandmother.
This is my stack of paper through which to sort. It's magazine clippings, directions from the internet, to-do lists, and SO MUCH MORE!
I also have to organize the closet and a few drawers, but I can walk through the room and find most of what I need. How exciting is that? Well, if you must know - VERY!!

I know you all came here because it's "Made Me Smile Monday" So, I don't want to disappoint:

Craft Room Cleaning Update (and FGF)

Ohhhhh, you would be sooooo proud of me!! I got some cleaning and organizing in the craft room done last night. Really! I spent almost three hours (non-consecutive) in there. The first two were fairly slow-moving and included such mind-numbing, time wasting tasks such as peeling paper off crayons. However, after watching Last Comic Standing, I hit my second wind (I am a creature of the night) and breezed through that third hour.

It's not DONE yet, but SO MUCH CLOSER than it was on my last post. I'm so excited. It won't be much longer until it is 'surface' cleaned. (meaning: I can take a picture of it) I still have drawers and shelves and a closet that need complete re-organization, but this first stab through the room means that I can actually stand to go in there again. I have limited my crafty time this week, because I actually want to BE creative IN my creative space (the craft room) again. At some point, I plan to post some of my crafty storage 'solutions', but that means I have get those other projects accomplished first. I'm gonna try to just celebrate one accomplishment at a time for now though.

As for this weekend? Who knows what it holds. Apparently, the WIND is supposed to be good. So, LOML* wants to spend a large majority of time at the beach. We even talked about getting a condo or hotel room. That discussion didn't go much further than a quick search of what's available - not much. If he's really gung-ho about this, I may suggest taking the RV. We'll see.

Plans for the weekend must mean that it's "Feel Good Friday" at last.
  • Feeding the homeless (creatively)
  • Ways to get more zzzs. I can check off #10 on this list.
  • How about some beautiful, lovely room decorating inspiration. Makes me feel good and calm. (these are rooms that have already had an overhaul.)
  • You may have already seen this as it's all over the internets: Where the Hell is Matt Something about this really got me choked up - you know, common ground and all that. It is feel good though.
  • Finding10 things that shouldn’t be good for you, but are is so awesome!!
Have a fabulous weekend!!

Wonderful Weeknight (and ThTh)

Oh wow! Last night was NOT what I expected it to be. Who knew a Wednesday night could be so much fun. Let me start by saying that I did not get anything in the craft room done, and I had a great time not doing it.
Let's see, yesterday, I made a standard call to LOML* to see what he wanted for dinner. If nothing special, I had an idea and needed him to check the pantry for chicken stock. Since we didn't have any, I lamented the fact that I would have to make a trip to the grocery store. He then suggested that I go with him to the Gulf while he surfed and we'd go to dinner afterwards. I thought that was a great idea, especially since I was trying to write some copy about the beach and could use the inspiration. The boss let me leave about 45 minutes early, and I made my way home. There, I hurriedly squeezed on my beach-bathing attire and flip flops before jumping in the truck. Once at the beach, the waves were a little more than LOML* wanted to try to handle (plus there was a red flag flying.) However, we waded to our ankles, watched the waves crash, and enjoyed the lower temperature for a few minutes before heading back to the parking lot.
There was very little discussion over where we would eat dinner, as Ginny Lane has become our favorite in the Orange Beach area. They have awesome food and even better beer choices. I KNOW I've mentioned them before. While we were enjoying our Sweetwater Blue (beer), LOML* and I discussed what we would do after dinner. I had it in my mind that if we came home, I could still get something accomplished in the craft room but knew that wouldn't be all that exciting for him. We talked about renting a video (our usual) and also about going to see a movie, since there's a theater in the same shopping center as the restaurant. We settled on going to see The Dark Knight.
I was a little worried about sitting through a 2 1/2 hour movie with a few beers in my system, but once the movie started, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Initially (months ago), I had been upset about how ugly Heath Ledger was going to be in the film and was even more upset after the news of his death. As such, I was hesitant about seeing him in the film. Yet, he was beyond great. His acting was so good, that at times, I was able to forget it was him playing the role. There were also some great effects in the movie, and I'm not a big special effects person. However, by the time the movie was over, it was definitely time to head home.
On the way home, I remarked to LOML* that I couldn't believe we had done that much on a weekday night. Of course, it was really hard to get up this morning. Good thing I am working from home today and just had to roll out of the bed and pull up in front of the laptop - no driving or dressing required (I did dress though.)
Okay, okay - I'll stop rehashing how great my life is (for the moment) and get on with "Thrifty Thursday" for your pleasure:
  • Feed your spirit: 15 ways for frugal self-care.
  • 50 tips for frugal living
  • Here's some information I received in an e-mail, I thought it was interesting enough to share, especially this time of year.
    Listerine for mosquitoes:
    The best way of getting rid of mosquitoes is Listerine, the original medicinal type. The Dollar Store-type works, too. A man at a deck party sprayed the lawn and deck floor with Listerine, and the little demons disappeared. The next year I filled a 4-ounce spray bottle and used it around my seat whenever I saw mosquitoes. That worked as well. It worked at a picnic where we sprayed the area around the food table, the children's swing area, and the standing water nearby.
    Don't spray directly on a wood door (like your front door), but spray around the frame. Spray around the window frames and even inside the dog house if you have one. Also can be used to dab any bites you receive. It will stop the itching quicker and go away faster.
Now go on and see what kind of fun you can have on a weeknight.

Not Really Much to Say, But It Is WWWW

Last night, I went to the second funeral in a week. This one was simply a memorial. Touching, inspiring, and healing words were said and some Lynyrd Skynyrd was played (I live in Alabama people.) It was short and heartfelt, a fitting service for closure and beginnings.

As I ended up visiting with my mom for some time following the service, I didn't make it home early enough to work on the craft room. I hope to make it up tonight. Of course, it is also Project Runway night. So. . . well. . . I'll make it work!! ;)

Since there's not much else I can say, I'll get right to "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"
Here's hoping I made your Wednesday a little more wild.

Craft Room Update (and TT)

I'll go ahead and admit it, I flaked on organizing the craft room last night. I spent so much time trying to get the two blog posts up and cooking dinner that when I finished watching a movie with LOML*, I was ready for bed. Hopefully, I have redeemed myself by doing 15 minutes this morning. I might get a chance to do another 15 minutes later today, but we'll see since I have my cousin's funeral this evening and a headache that just won't quit.

It's another "Techie Tuesday," which has just turned out to be the day I try to post the geeky links and tools that interest me. Hopefully, you're semi-interested.
  • Here's a list of some color tools. I haven't really gotten to play with any of these yet.
  • If you are a fan of sudoku puzzles like I am, this site will keep you engaged for a little while.
  • I know I'm ready for the next Harry Potter movie (Book 6- The Half Blood Prince). Here are some photos from the upcoming movie. Beware, though, it just makes you more anxious for it to be released.
I'm going to tend to my aching head and try to get some work done. I should be back tomorrow with something wild!

Weekend Review and MMSM

How was your weekend? Did you get much accomplished, stay out of the sweltering heat, or party all weekend long? I had a fairly good one myself, considering, and was able to go out on the river on a friend's pontoon boat. Saturday's activities included some bowling with my Mardi Gras society and then dinner and drinks with friends. We ended up eating at a different location than we had originally planned. Boy, did we luck up in the music category. We saw a great band, Flatrock. Here's some video I took of them (please keep in mind that it's not really a video camera that I used.)

Then, on Sunday LOML* and I spent some time in Gulf Shores on the beach. The water was perfect!! After beaching it, we went to LuLu's for a late lunch and some Bushwackers. Before we knew it, we were heading to bed to be sure we would be up for work this morning.

We did get up and make it to work for another "Made Me Smile Monday"

  • LOML* and I have seriously discussed making one of these signs to add to our stash of beach supplies. Seriously!
  • Did you ever consider that animal sounds are pronounced differently around the world? This site lets you listen to those and other sounds. I haven't listened to them all, but I really liked the rooster, dog, and car horn. To hear one of these from the home page, click on the one you want from the border. There are three pages of sounds. It's really cute.
  • Because of videos like this one, I'm so glad my dating days are over. However, you could find the perfect date yourself.
  • Check out Demotivational Posters like this.
  • And, lastly - too funny!

Have a great week y'all!!

*LOML=Love of My Life

Craft Room Overhaul

So, on Sunday, I was able to get in my craft room and begin (again) my seemingly never-ending process of organization. Ever since I got back and unpacked from Huntsville, it’s been an overwhelming disaster. As well, there are some things that I just placed on the floor in there as we were re-organizing the bedroom. Here's some pictures of it (turn away and scroll down quickly if you offended by HUGE messes.)
I feel that I’ve GOT to get back into my creative habits since I haven’t felt too much myself lately. I was able to work on some crafty projects last week (as you can see from my week in review.) But, those were all accomplished in the living room or elsewhere. As I was playing with some polymer clay (in the living room), I realized I couldn’t find a piece I needed to continue the project. It’s lost in the abyss of the craft room. It’s time to get organized.

I also have about a zillion started, but not completed, projects throughout the room.
It’s time to break those out and get them finished.

Yesterday, I began the pile-up. That’s how I start the process. A pile of stuff to go into another room, a pile of stuff to get donated, a pile of stuff for my nieces, a pile of books to go on the shelf, a pile of craft supplies to be put away, a pile of reading material through which to sort, a pile of trash, etc. The pile-up at least clears off surfaces so those can be organized also. I didn’t make it real far through the room. Instead, I hopped around all over the place instead of working across the room in a pattern like I usually do. I’ve made a promise to myself to work on it for at 15 minutes a day until it's in order. We’ll see, and I’ll try to keep you updated on how it’s looking. Maybe that will help me get it DONE.

Week in Review July 13-19

July 13-19
Originally uploaded by CraftyHope
Here's just a quick post with my week. We've had another death in the family and I'm not sure what the next week holds. I'll update when I can. Be well!!

Another Trip and and WWWW

I'm leaving in a few hours to head to Mississippi for my great-uncle's funeral. It's in the morning. So. . . my mom, great-aunt, another great-uncle, a cousin, her kids, and I are leaving this evening. I'm not sure if the hotel as WiFi or not and am debating whether or not to lug my laptop. I still have my iPhone and can post from that if needed. I just won't have my links to share (I keep those on a flash drive.) Since I'm not sure how posting will go, I decided to go ahead and post what I can for "Wild Wild Web Wednesday" today. Enjoy!:
  • Check out Steve Martin on the dating game, back when he really was just a wild and crazy guy!!
  • I used to make those cornstarch and water concoctions all the time at my previous job. The kids loved them (and so did I)
  • Have you heard of jowlers? They're photos taken of people as they are shaking their heads. Worth a look.
  • I've posted several links and pictures of Lego creations, so why not post these lego recreations of famous pictures.
Have a great hump day and I'll be back when I'm back. Or whenever, who knows?

Just a Quick Smile For You

I'm not much up for a major post today, but definitely want you to SMILE on "Made Me Smile Monday"
So, here are some quick things for you:
Later Gators!

Party Hardy or Something

I know I already posted today, but something happened last night that I JUST HAD TO blog.
LOML* and I went to some friends' house for dinner and drinks. We were the only ones there without kids. There were three other couples who each had three kids there. So yes, there were eight adults and NINE KIDS in ONE house. It went fairly well. After dinner, our host pulled out packs of temporary tattoos and candy bracelets. Hilarity ensured.
We found this one flaming heart tattoo that looked a little weird:

But turned upside down, it was SO MUCH WORSE!!
Almost everyone there received at least one tattoo. The kinds found some interesting locations to apply the tattoos. Here's my favorite (with our host/ the mother's permission.)
Now THAT was a party!! We've officially taught a bunch of minors that they should not leave a party without a high (sugar) or a new tattoo. How fun!

Week of July 7-12, 2008

Week of July 7-12, 2008
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Here's my week in review. I think it's rather nice.

What's the Buzz? I've Been Busy Like a. . .Well, You Know. (and FGF)

No, I haven't been smothered OR enveloped by the new mattress. It is LOVELY though!!
I've just been busy visiting my friend and her baby, helping with my nieces, trying to keep my husband from getting too stressed out, cooking meals, and other misc. activities.
Writing a blog post has been on my mind considerably, but I just couldn't get to it.
Since it is Friday, I don't want to leave y'all hanging without some "Feel Good Friday" goodness:That's it for now. You go on out and enjoy your summer weekend in the best way you see fit. I'm gonna try to do the same.

Mattress Prep

Yawn! Getting ready for a new mattress is a bit more work than you would think.
We bagged up another lawn and yard bag of clothes (all his!), gathered a box of items to donate (plus the old mattress and box springs), and threw away several large boxes of trash. Then, I vacuumed the floor and cleaned some stains on the carpet before LOML* put together the universal bed frame. After that, we decided to trim the cat's nails before blowing up the air mattress and heading to, um, floor. Neither of us slept too well on the air mattress. Apparently, the kitty wanted revenge and was CRAZY - which kept up LOML*. However, the air mattress was not the most comfortable surface for me. Now, I'm sore and have a headache that just won't quit. We CAN'T WAIT to go to bed tonight!!

"Techie Tuesday" is making an appearance today.
It's not much, but here you go:
  • Make a mandala online. I did!
  • Check out flickr vision where you can see what picture other people around the world are uploading to Flickr, in real time. Pretty cool.
Have a great day. Oh, and good news, if you ever come to stay with us, the air mattress is ALL YOURS!! It is more comfortable than the sofa bed, really!!

*LOML=Love of My Life

Fifth and Sixth of July Were Good Too and MMSM

Shucks, the long weekend is over. It was good timing, I really needed that time at home and with LOML* after being gone most of last week. Sorry for my little rant on Thursday, I WAS PMSing (dangit!!). I feel better now.
Since we did have a three-day weekend, I was able to have some fun AND get stuff done:
    • Crafting: some embroidery, painting and decorating a bracelet, and making a wreath for a friend who is expecting (using the ribbons off the gifts given to her at her baby shower, some yarn, and some filler flowers)
    • Yes, she's expecting a girl (and is being induced as I type)!!
  • Got to see my family on Saturday while they were fishing (until a massive storm began to blow through) and go to the beach on Sunday.
  • Got some stuff done at the hizz-ouse (how do you spell that anyway?) from the shit-to-do list, mostly cleaning out our closet. Between the two of us, we have a very full, huge lawn and leaf bag full of clothes. [Tonight we want to tackle the boxes around and under the bed (so we can set up the universal bed frame) for the new memory foam king-sized mattress that will arrive tomorrow!! We've been sleeping on a double bed since we got our first apartment together about 8 years ago.]
  • Finally watched P.S. I Love You (and cried the whole way through)
Though, Monday had to come. That makes it "Made Me Smile Monday" - lucky you!!
That's all for today. LOML* and I are going to try to get some more done tonight to prepare for the new mattress. We're SOOOOOOOO excited!!

*LOML=Love of My Life

Winding down the 100DayProject

I awoke the other day with many thoughts about the 100 Day project and decided to jot them down here to share with you. Some of the bits I g...