A Little Explaining to Do and WWWW

I survived the mountain of work that faced me on my return to the office yesterday, and I apologize for not posting anything more interesting. I'm trying to get back in the groove of normal life. However, the past several weeks were so overwhelming, that it may take some time.

I don't know if I mentioned what I was doing in Huntsville or not. Basically I was at Alabama's Grand Assembly for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. I will not summarize all that happened as two of my friends have already done a much better job. I will say that I held the honorary position of State Mother Advisor this past year and the trip to Huntsville was the culmination of that duty/honor. I handed the job over to one of my best friends' mother. The job was a love/hate thing for me. I loved being able to work with the girls and encourage them to do their best, but it is also an adult position that overrides my "girl" title. Some of you know what I'm talking about. As usual, the convention hit a chaotic high with the announcement of Grand Officers. I went back to being a State Executive (big surprise) and was happy that my friend, Julie, gets to Chair the Ritual Committee (a job I've held for several years and don't mind that she'll get the opportunity to do it.) It's nice to take a break from many of the obligations I've had the past several years and try to focus on other things I enjoy. Grand Assembly is a lot of things for us 'has beens' in Alabama. We really enjoy getting to see each other, visit with the girls, participate in the banquets; but at the same time, it can be very stressful when the girls and some of the adults get so upset about what office the girls are assigned. They don't think about the honor that has been bestowed upon them by simply getting an office, about all the other girls in other states who will NEVER have the opportunity to hold a grand office, or about the fact that a group of people intentionally deliberated over what office to give them. I hope, in time, they all learn to appreciate what has been HANDED to them, whether they have earned it or not.

That's all I want to say about that!! On to more fun subjects, which is the turn I hope my life takes now that Grand Assembly has passed.
It is "WILD WILD WEB WEDNESDAY"!! YAY. And, I have some stuff for you guys. Somehow, I have amassed links to photo collections that I think are cool. I hope you like them too.Okalie-Dokalie, I hope that was worth waiting for. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I'm trying to catch back up to normalcy (and most of you know what that was like). Hopefully, you'll hear from me tomorrow, we'll see!


  1. Yeaaaaa! Grand Assembly. lol. So yeah I didn't have many pics but I went ahead and posted them on Flickr.
    I can't wait till we get to hang out without Rainbow hanging over our heads!!

  2. Hope, I'm glad that you're back at your post. No more time off for you from blogging this year.

  3. GrayStar - thanks for sharing the pics

    Ben - I'll try, but you know how flighty I am. BTW-CONGRATS on reproducing again!!


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