Another Trip and and WWWW

I'm leaving in a few hours to head to Mississippi for my great-uncle's funeral. It's in the morning. So. . . my mom, great-aunt, another great-uncle, a cousin, her kids, and I are leaving this evening. I'm not sure if the hotel as WiFi or not and am debating whether or not to lug my laptop. I still have my iPhone and can post from that if needed. I just won't have my links to share (I keep those on a flash drive.) Since I'm not sure how posting will go, I decided to go ahead and post what I can for "Wild Wild Web Wednesday" today. Enjoy!:
  • Check out Steve Martin on the dating game, back when he really was just a wild and crazy guy!!
  • I used to make those cornstarch and water concoctions all the time at my previous job. The kids loved them (and so did I)
  • Have you heard of jowlers? They're photos taken of people as they are shaking their heads. Worth a look.
  • I've posted several links and pictures of Lego creations, so why not post these lego recreations of famous pictures.
Have a great hump day and I'll be back when I'm back. Or whenever, who knows?

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Will be keeping you in my prayers.




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