Party Hardy or Something

I know I already posted today, but something happened last night that I JUST HAD TO blog.
LOML* and I went to some friends' house for dinner and drinks. We were the only ones there without kids. There were three other couples who each had three kids there. So yes, there were eight adults and NINE KIDS in ONE house. It went fairly well. After dinner, our host pulled out packs of temporary tattoos and candy bracelets. Hilarity ensured.
We found this one flaming heart tattoo that looked a little weird:

But turned upside down, it was SO MUCH WORSE!!
Almost everyone there received at least one tattoo. The kinds found some interesting locations to apply the tattoos. Here's my favorite (with our host/ the mother's permission.)
Now THAT was a party!! We've officially taught a bunch of minors that they should not leave a party without a high (sugar) or a new tattoo. How fun!

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