Weekend Review and MMSM

How was your weekend? Did you get much accomplished, stay out of the sweltering heat, or party all weekend long? I had a fairly good one myself, considering, and was able to go out on the river on a friend's pontoon boat. Saturday's activities included some bowling with my Mardi Gras society and then dinner and drinks with friends. We ended up eating at a different location than we had originally planned. Boy, did we luck up in the music category. We saw a great band, Flatrock. Here's some video I took of them (please keep in mind that it's not really a video camera that I used.)

Then, on Sunday LOML* and I spent some time in Gulf Shores on the beach. The water was perfect!! After beaching it, we went to LuLu's for a late lunch and some Bushwackers. Before we knew it, we were heading to bed to be sure we would be up for work this morning.

We did get up and make it to work for another "Made Me Smile Monday"

  • LOML* and I have seriously discussed making one of these signs to add to our stash of beach supplies. Seriously!
  • Did you ever consider that animal sounds are pronounced differently around the world? This site lets you listen to those and other sounds. I haven't listened to them all, but I really liked the rooster, dog, and car horn. To hear one of these from the home page, click on the one you want from the border. There are three pages of sounds. It's really cute.
  • Because of videos like this one, I'm so glad my dating days are over. However, you could find the perfect date yourself.
  • Check out Demotivational Posters like this.
  • And, lastly - too funny!

Have a great week y'all!!

*LOML=Love of My Life

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