Latest Jewelry Makes for Jesse James Beads Summer Bead Blast

I've been slacking in so many ways lately in sharing what I've been up to here. I recently posted several times about my mixed media art endeavors, but I've made some jewelry too! Hopefully, I'll be sharing a reveal of my most recent Bead Box makes, but I've made a few other things for Jesse James Beads and their Summer Bead Blast challenge. Here's a look at the pieces that have video tutorials. Clicking the picture and/or caption should take you to the tutorial. 

Simple Connection Earrings

Bead and Button Bracelet

Aromatherapy Car Charm

DIY Charm Pendant Necklace

And, that about covers the pieces with tutorials. I've also shared several more makes on Instagram if you want to take a peek over there too. And, there are several weeks left of the JJB Summer Bead Blast if you're interested in a fun challenge. 

Mixed Media and Art Journaling Videos from July

Before any more of this week/month get away from me, let me go ahead and quickly share the July Mixed Media YouTube videos from my channel that you might have missed. 

First up, the videos from my personal CraftyHopePrompts challenge. Any of the videos will explain this challenge in detail.

Card 40: Button, Brayer, Mica Spray

Project 40: Necklace and BONUS Bookmarks

Card 41: Map, Texture paste, Phonebook or Newspaper

Project 41: Junk Journal Spread

Card 42: Spray through stencil, Rickrack, Paint with fingers

Project 42: Mini Wall Art

Card 43: Music, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Lines

Project 43: Junk Journal with Paperbag Pocket

Card 44: Orange, Scraps, Yearbook

Project 44: Altered Luggage Tag Art

I also participated in the Clean Slate Journal Series from my friend Nina and made this junk journal spread.

Clean Slate Journal - July

In addition to all the above, I finished the Index Card a Day (ICAD) challenge. This year, I did stitches and presented this on YouTube as a Vlog. You can find the whole series in this playlist

ICAD Stitches Vlog Series

I encourage you to follow my CraftyHope YouTube Channel so you don't miss any of my videos!

Mixed Media and Art Journal Videos from June

Oh goodness me!! It's been over a month since I last posted here. I think my ICAD (Index Card a Day) commitments got the best of me. So, I'm playing catch up. Since I never shared the videos from June, I'll start there. Expect another post shortly with the July ones! eek!!

As per usual, I'll start with the videos from my own CratyHopePrompts challenge and then add anything else after that.

Card 35 - Tissue paper, Embroidery floss, PearlEx powder

Project 35 - Canvas Art

Card 36 - Rust fabric, Black paint, Border

Project 36 - Junk Journal Spread

Card 37 - Book page, Sandpaper, Hearts

Project 37 - Resin and Tin Earrings

Card 38 - Blue, Staple, Charcoal

Project 38 - Junk Journal Spread

Card 39 - Coffee or Walnut ink, Rub-on, Sticker

Project 39 - Mixed Media Collage Tag

You may have missed a couple of my mini assemblage videos for The100DayProject.

Mini Assemblages 92, 98, & 99

Mini Assemblage 100

And, I participated in the Clean Slate series!

Clean Slate Journal June

I also started a Studio Vlog series for ICAD. There's a full playlist for you to check out. 

Okay, it's taken me hours just to write this. I'd best pop off for now. Hopefully, I'll be back soon to update you with more later. What's been up with you?

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