Friday Failures (FGF)

I don't know if you noticed any of my Twitter updates today, but today did not start very well. First, I couldn't sleep last night due to the zombie dreams (a recurring theme for me.) Of course the Zombie signs in Austin that all over the news probably didn't help.

Then, there was NO COFFEE at work. I was already so tired and cranky that the lack of coffee was not a good thing (for anyone in my general vicinity.) At long last, the boss' wife arrived with some and things started looking up.

I left work at noon-ish to get a nap and start packing for the ball. I came home, ate some lunch, and slid into the bed. It's now almost 6pm and I'm still no closer to being packed that I was when I left work. I ROCK!!

In any case, it's "Feel Good Friday" and here are some topics that made me feel a bit better today:
That's all for now - I've still got a ton to do tonight and I'm starving. Let's see if I can get LOML to stop working. SIGH!!

Ball Prep and Hair Cuts (ThTh)

I hope you guys have been more crafty than I have been this week.Geez! Getting ready for this ball has basically taken away all my free time. Tonight will be another night of no-go crafting - kinda. I will be prepping decorations and making food for the ball. This usually involves mass amounts of glitter, some hot glue, and lots of food cutting/ rolling. So, it can be crafty - but not in the personal kind of way.

I do look forward to this night as one of my best friends and I get tickled every year (and everyone else thinks we're nuts) because our typical assigned job is to 'cut the cheese.' Inevitably, we make cracks about how "I'm cutting more cheese than you are" and "The cheese that I'm cutting is bigger than yours." followed by mass amounts of giggling. By the way, we both made it out of middle school without a problem.

Moving on, I was successfully able to go out and get LOML and my hair cut last night. We both avoid this activity like the plague. Neither of us care for the chit-chat in which you must engage with the hairdresser. We'd both rather just answer questions about how the hair should be cut and wait patiently while it gets done. We like this one place and had a great guy cutting both of us. He would talk the entire time, just ramble on, and all we had to do was reply with the standard 'Uh-huh's', 'Oh yeah's', and 'Really's'. He wasn't there last night (frown). So, we endured the random, awkward conversation with the very nice young lady who worked with us and then got the heck out of there. I guess it's a little weird that we're both so anti-smalltalk, but what's funnier is how long we can discuss (afterwards) the the bits and pieces of the uncomfortable exchange. We laugh and laugh about how much we hate that part of getting our hair cut. I know we're weird, but perfectly made for each other.

I guess that's enough chit-chat from me for now. You probably came here for "Thrifty Thursday" anyway. I gotta give the people what they want:Looks like I'm a little chatty today. Sorry!! I must be light-headed from the haircut. Get it? he he he he. Later!

Kitty Cat VooDoo

By a show of hands, who out there has a cat?
I LOVE my kitty, but she has been driving me nuts today. Well, nuts in the sweetest way possible.
Usually her attempts at making me crazy include: tearing around the house, doing skateboard tricks off the hallway walls, testing out the durability of the carpet with her claws, and meowing incessantly like she's locked in a closet or something (actually,she's better behaved when she's locked in a closet - accidentally, of course.)

Today, though, she can't seem to get enough of my lap. I've let her nap in it on and off all day while I've worked from home. But, every once in a while I want my lap bare so I can look over some work papers. As such, I've moved her off the lap. Before I know it, she's there again and I have NO IDEA how that happened.

I remember taking her off my lap and the disgruntled look she gave me. I remember her easing herself back toward my thighs. I remember her placing her little kitty paws ever so slightly on the top of my leg and resting the kitty head on those paws. After that, everything goes blank. Am I overcome by the cute factor? Is there some kitty voodoo that she does? Is she a ninja? Who know?
All I know is I currently have a whole, sleeping cat in my lap as I write this.
Heyyyy, she's purring.

Do You Really Have a Ball? (WWWW)

Oh, I did so good last night that I feel comfortable enough to actually post a bit.
See, my Mardi Gras Society is hosting its annual ball this weekend. As such, I have a long list of tasks that need to be completed in order to consider myself ready for it. These include: preparing food, getting my mask (yes) ready by attaching it to some old sunglasses and making a beaded chain, getting my props ready, getting my hair cut, ensuring I have all the necessary undergarments, delivering my guests' tickets, getting packed for the hotel, and on and on. Last night, I was able to complete quite a few of these tasks and I feel a lit better about it.

For those of you not "in the know" Mobile, AL celebrated Mardi Gras FIRST in America. Yes! American Mardi Gras began in ALABAMA, not Louisiana. The confusion comes because the celebration of Mardi Gras was stopped during the Civil War. Post-war, New Orleans began celebrating again before Mobile was able to, and are thus given the credit. Yet, the Mother of Mardi Gras is Mobile thankyouverymuch!!

Okay, that rant is over. You should see the one I started to post yesterday about coffee. It's NOT a good week to mess with me.
I did have a brainstorm of what my 'romantic valentine gesture' will be for LOML* this year. I may share this with you guys a little later as he doesn't read my blog (he has to put up with enough of my ranting and craziness in person.)

Speaking of craziness, it's "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday". Check out some of the cool and crazy stuff I've found on the interwebz:Lastly, I did post on the Fairy Creative blog today to check out my week in craft.
Here's the standard sneak peek.
Back to getting some stuff done. Happy day!!


I need to blog, I need to blog, I need to blog. . .
I don't really have the time to go into much because there's so much going on.
Fortunately, it's "Totally Random Tuesday" and I can just throw some random linky links at you and be on my way.
  • Man eating hottest pepper OMG!!
  • A year of outfits, no repeats. How I wish I was that inspired when I get dressed in the morning.
  • Flashlight worthy books.
  • Some more break out dancing in the middle of a crowd. I love how all the other people are cool with it.

I'm not avoiding you guys, really. I'm just a bit overwhelmed. I'll get into it later. Be good!!

This Diving Board May Be Too High (FGF)

I'm at a loss of what to post, and that may be the reason I did not post yesterday. Instead, I worked on some copy and some embroidery (at the SAME time!)

Okay, so ummmm. . . what to talk about?
I've been feeling down the past several days. I dunno why. It's just one of those things when I feel disappointed in everyone, especially myself. I feel fat, uncreative, untalented, lazy, unloved, and just plain worthless. Oh, I know I'm not - it's just one of those periods when I question what I'm doing and why I'm doing it without any real direction of what I WANT to do.
In general, I'm happy. I'm content with my life, in love with my husband, and comfortable. Perhaps that's the problem, I'm just too comfortable. I need to step outside of my comfort zone and really take a plunge. You know, actually make some jewelry to sell, create an etsy shop, get this blog where I want it to be, and strive for what I've been dreaming of doing. But, then I start to question myself again: do I have time for all that considering the abundance of other tasks and people that need my attention? Am I really talented enough to sell my stuff? And on, and on, and on. It really is hard to make that step. I have been striving toward it for the past several months and am encouraged by my friends and family, it's just that darn inner voice - that devil on my shoulder that keeps whispering, "You can't do it. You're not good enough." I'll make my stand at some point and shake that little devil. I'm hoping that making this statement outloud (well, here on the blog) will help push me to the edge, or at least a little closer to the water. The plunge is coming, it just may not be a big splash.

I guess I had more to say than I thought. It's "Feel Good Friday" and after that, I need some feel good links, Let's try these on for size:
Please don't feel bad for me or anything. I know we all go through these periods (oh dear, I HOPE we all go through them.) I do know that I get down sometimes, but I'll be back to my optimistic self in NO TIME. No worries - it's almost the weekend!! Hurray!!! I'm feeling better already.

A Quickie (WWWW)

I'm late, I'm late!! Well, not in the way I WANT to be, but I am late posting today. I've had a shoddy internet connection, and because of the work-task I was doing, posting was inconvenient.
Now, LOST is coming on and I want to attempt to craft while watching.
So, I don't really have much to say anyway and just want to pass on a few links.

First, here are some more inauguration links I happened upon after my posting yesterday. These are a bit more creative:
Now, on to some "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"That's all I got for you now. Perhaps some deep thoughts later.

History in the Making (TRT)

It's inauguration day, and that's where my attention is. I can't seem to work. So, as President Obama's decked-out, seriously-protected Caddy rolls (creeps) down the parade route (and I wonder where the heck the actual parade is,) I'm blogging.

As this day approached, I began to think about the children of today. They will never have the thought that there are certain people, or rather certain types of people, that may never be president. They're growing up with it and don't know the difference. This was verified by my 8-year old niece when she asked yesterday (MLK day) why only black individuals were being interviewed about Barak Obama becoming president. As I (and my mom and grandmother) struggled to convey this monumentally historic time in history and what led up to this day, she nodded and stared. I hope she absorbed some of it.

In addition to being Inauguration Day, it's also "Totally Random Tuesday"
For today, here are some random President/ Inauguration/ etc. links that I found interesting.
  • I'm sure you can watch the speech on You Tube already, but here's the first transcript of President Obama's Inauguration Address that I found.
  • If you want to create you own inauguration address, here's a site that let's you do it - in ture mad libs form. He He
  • Check out what the oval office has looked like from president to president: Taft through Obama.
  • If you want to eat what was served at the Inaugural Luncheon - here are the recipes.
  • Lastly, CNN has a campaign for what they are describing as what is going to be the most recorded moment in history (to this point) - Obama's oath of office. They are asking those present to submit their pictures of that moment, so a mosaic of those pictures can be created. Check it out - The Moment.
There have also been a few comments the press has made that have caused me to laugh.
1. NPR asked the listeners to tune in for "a broadcast of Obama's Live inauguration" instead of tuning in for "a live broadcast of Obama's Inauguration." I know it was a simple mistake, but I chuckled.
2. While composing this post, President and Mrs. Obama exited their limo for a little while - the reporter on MSNBC remarked that perhaps the first family wanted to progress a bit faster than the limo was moving. HA HA HA HA.

Let me get back to vegging in front of the news stations and saoking in the history, because apparently there is a parade coming (at some point.)

A New Re-Start (MMSM)

Today is the day the US recognizes and celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Many people got to have the day off work - I didn't.

I did have a really great morning. I got up ON TIME and noticed the beautiful sunrise. This encouraged me to grab my camera and run outside to snap some shots of it. I may share those later in the week as I can't upload the pictures from work. Then, I started the coffee and actually did some yoga from my Morning Cup of Yoga book before hopping in the shower. I felt great! Following my cleansing, I packed a lunch and ate some yogurt before heading off to work. At the office, I've been working on getting up from my chair about every half hour to be active, get the blood circulating, and get my eyes off the computer screen. I've tried to keep this habit in the past as well, but I get distracted easily and soon forget. Here I go again.

Work's going alright. I've got two different sets of website copy that needs to be done and I've been waiting for a response from the clients. I heard from one last week and another today. It's a bit of a boost to have some contact with them, rather than floundering around in the dark over what they expect.

The plan for tonight is to head over to Mobile and help my mom with the nieces. I'm looking forward to it.

It's been such a nice day, for a Monday. Let me share some "Made Me Smile Monday" with you:
  • What happens when ninjas protest a pirate festival? See for yourself.
  • microwave time machine?
  • This tin man- inspired playground is pretty cool.
  • I saw this video a week or two ago and have already had it e-mailed to me a couple times. You may have seen it already, but I gotta share. I sooooo want both of these.
That's all for today. I hope some of that made your day today. If it didn't - let me know what does and I'll try to include it.
OH - Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!

Weekend Review and Craft Sneak Peeks

Oh shucks, the weekend is almost over. It's been fairly nice.
The dinner with friends was very nice. Battlestar was fracking C.R.A.Z.Y!!! Saturday was busy, but I fit in some crafting and watched two 'chick flicks' Saturday night while LOML was at a party (I wasn't feeling well.) Today was full of crafting, visiting with in-laws, biking, and eating. I even got some grocery shopping done for the next few days.
I was able to post over on my Fairy Creative site some pics of the crafting I got done this week. Here's your sneak peeks. Now head on over there for all the details.

Honest to Blog (FGF)

I've been thinking about my blog again in regard to the blogs I read. I find it quite obvious that many of the bloggers I follow are open and honest about EVERYTHING in their lives. Well, maybe we don’t know everything, but they write so it feels like it. No subject seems off limits. They talk about their religion or lack thereof, their sex lives, their political views, their families (with NAMES), what’s in their kids’ diapers, whether or not they’ve bathed, and on and on. And, for this, I LOVE THEM. Those bloggers who give out so much information, so readily, are the ones I read first on my feed list. They confess that they are human, make mistakes, and rejoice when they succeed. And we rejoice with them. Of course, the majority of them are ‘mommy bloggers’ and not crafty types. I’m not sure whether it matters. I do have some topics on which I feel I am not learned enough to discuss – mainly politics and well, mothering. Plus, there are other topics which I feel that I will be shunned if people learn certain things about me. However, I yearn to let myself talk freely, like I would with a friend, like I feel these other bloggers do. I want to be honest and open and let it all hang out. Am I ready for that? Are you?

Getting past that – Today is “Feel Good Friday”
What do I feel good about today? – Well, it’s Friday (first and foremost), I’m hanging out with some good friends for dinner tonight, Battlestar Gallactica returns tonight for its final season, and I’m staring down a whole weekend of possibilities.Here are some links for this feeling good kinda day:
  • Know you need to clean this weekend, but really don't wanna waste that time? Check out these tips on how to fake a clean house.
  • I just found this yesterday. It's a site put out by General Mills, but focuses on a healthy lifestyle, eating habits, etc. and is called Eat Better America. I want to explore it further, but right now - if you sign up for their newsletter, they'll send you $10 in coupons. So. . . information and other references on taking better care of yourself, PLUS saving money. I like it!
  • I also stumbled upon this site yesterday. This one's also sponsored by a large company, Hagen Daz. There's information and what not on saving the honey bees. I just wanted to pass it on. You know, doing my part. It's also a really cool site.
I hope that Friday is treating you well and you have a fantastic weekend!!

Little By Little, I'll Get It All Done (ThTh)

You know those days when you feel like you accomplished NOTHING?
Have you ever had one of those, but in retrospect realized that you really were more productive than you thought?
That was yesterday.
I worked (some) until I could no longer stand the internet dropping every few minutes, I blogged, I crafted, I shopped, I made dinner, I watched a movie - soooooo productive. Of course, then again - the house is a mess, clothes need to be washed, and I have a ton of crafts in progress and can't seem to finish them. Hmmmm - let's just say I'm happy with what I did accomplish and recognize what I didn't. There now!

On to "Thrifty Thursday" Here are a few more 'creative' links.
  • I love that you don't have to buy those expensive pre-packaged mixes now that these Easy Bake oven recipes are available.
  • How would you like some creative ways to recycle ordinary objects? There ya go!
  • Here are some recycled art links for those of you interested in how others are using 'trash' to make art and other objects.
  • Hopefully, you've done better than I have and have already gotten your calendars for 2009 (my iPhone has one, so I've avoided a paper kind so far this year.) If you haven't; jump on over here for some FREE 2009 calendar links.
I'd better be out for now, so maybe I can be 'productive' today as well. Best of luck to you in your endeavors!!!

Crafting is My Energy Source

I'm so freakin' tired today. It's my own fault for staying out at my mom's house so late after my Mardi Gras meeting last night.
I also lacked a great deal of creativity yesterday and only made a few doodles during the meeting and then while visiting with my mom. I find that the days I actually spend engrossed in a craft are some of the best days. They leave me thirsting for more and driving to start a new day. Yesterday was NOT one of those days. I'm hoping today will, but I've got a few things to take care of over the next few days/weeks in preparation for the Mardi Gras Ball.
Now, my mind is reeling with thoughts of what my next project will be. Hmmmm, so many possibilities. I need to finish a few of the started ones first.

Anyway, here's a big WOOOO HOOO for "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"I hope your Wednesday is WILD!!! Or does this post fulfill those requirements for you?

The Start of Something New (TRT)

I can't seem to work through my Feed Reader. I spent so much time over the weekend having fun and being busy that I neglected it. The total blog numbers to read is not overwhelming - just daunting. This is especially true since I'm really trying to READ the posts and not just skim through them. PLUS, I'm attempting to create more, join some online craft communities, take more pictures of my days, and still work, lose weight, spend time with loved ones, and just make it through the day. Perhaps I've overestimated my abilities and time. Eh, at least I'm trying to stay busy!!
I do have a slight change in my regular format. I've grown tired of "Techie Tuesday"and am formally announcing that these will instead be "Totally Random Tuesday"s. How about that? Let's test it out. . .
  • I know that we're already almost halfway through the first month of 2009, but I liked this video sumary of 2008. Let me know what you think.
  • I've been saving this for a while, it's a cool little game (if you like words the way I do.) It's called split words. Just try it out - go on, I dare you!
  • This slideshow of frozen bubbles is way neat! Check them out.
  • Here's Modern Library's list of 100 best novels (there's a board list AND a reader's list). There are also links for the best nonfiction and a rival list. Now I may have a start for what to read this year.
  • Ah, young love!! Have you heard about the two kids who try to have a destination wedding in Africa way before their time. Can you imagine what other kinds of trouble this trio will get in as they get older if they are already trying this stuff at this age.
Pretty random huh?

My Weekend in Pictures

While the internet is still active, I want to SHOW you my weekend.

Some crafting

Some time out Dancing!!
Visiting with those crazy nieces of mine.

MORE crafting!!

And a frosty Monday morning.

It was a really nice weekend.

Keep On Keepin' On

I am trying to be a good blogger and keep it coming for you. I've been fighting my internet connection all day and only hope that I can get this out before it goes down again. So, let's get to some of my funny favorites from the internet with a "Made Me Smile Monday Post." Here we go:
  • Check out these police composite artist sketches of a few criminals. I would totally remember if I has seen these guys, the last one in particular.
  • This video is toooo funny -
  • Here's another funny video, this one shows what fun news anchors can have during commercials.
  • Lastly, this is one big bird.
I hope your Monday was Merry!!

Focus on the Happy

I'm making a real attempt to be more positive and optimistic, my name is HOPE after all. Forget the whine of yesterday and let's move on to happier and more productive thoughts. It is both "Margarita Friday" and "Feel Good Friday" - happy, happy thoughts.
I may even try to be back later today. . . we'll see

Gettin' Crafty

I'm sorry for the pity party I was having earlier. I'm facing some tough decisions right now and am just down.
So, to make up for it - I got busy creating.
I played with my fused glass kiln. This was an experiment that didn't work out so well. It was a learning experience.I worked on some collage jewelry.I made some carrot cupcakes. YUM!!!**Note: make sure you check the ingredients needed for the cake mix for the cupcakes so that you have those on hand too. I had to wait almost a week to make the cupcakes because I didn't make sure I had eggs for the mix. Eggs were listed on the cake box, but not in the Kraft recipe. Doh!!

I'm feeling a bit better now. More focused or something.
Off to watch a movie now.

Blogging Self-Pity

Geez, I must be pretty boring or a really bad host. After looking over my analytics program, I realize that I'm getting fewer and fewer visitors. The ones who actually visit are only staying for less than a minute.

I've got to find some way to get some more attention here. Flashing my boobs always worked for me in college. Yet, I'm not drunk enough to try THAT this morning. I'm also not really sure what to do to improve this standing either. Suggestions? - Wait, who am I kidding? If you guys aren't leaving comments, answering polls, or reading this BS for more than a minute, why would I expect you to give me some suggestions. . .

I'll continue to post here for my own selfish, misguided reasons, and I'll pretend that I'm getting more attention than you.

Aaaaaand, since I'm being selfish - I shall post a picture of my cat for me to enjoy!
After a long day of highlighting, Asia collapses in a spot of sunshine in the floor while still clutching the bright yellow tube.

Of Weekends, and Book Recommendations, and WWWW's

Boy, I've had a busy, busy week (preceded by a busy, busy weekend.)

Oh, the weekend was NOT busy in the bad way - it was totally the good way: eating out, playing tennis, time at the gulf, going to see a movie, crafting, and lots of time with LOML*. This past weekend totally rocked! (Not to mention, it was a FIVE DAY WEEKEND!!)

It's been so hard coming back to work after that. Usually if I'm away from work for that long, I'm out of town and out of my own bed. This time, I got to sleep late in my own, comfy bed for those days. So, I've had some serious difficulties pulling myself out of the bed these past three days. But, I'm making it happen - kinda.

I've been doing a lot of thinking over the long break (UH OH!) and realized how very much I love a good book. My reading has been slacking lately and I want to get back in the swing of delving into a great story. I'm definitely more of a fiction-reader (unless it's a craft book or comedic.) I haven't touched many classics either lately, since I read so many in high school and college. I've kinda steered clear of the more traditional reads. Now, I'm ready to hop back on the horse and get my read on. What do you recommend? Take into consideration my preference for fiction, my desire to read a few classics, and a slight interest in funny non-fiction (if at all.) So - throw some suggestions at me, I've got a library card and I'm not afraid to use it.

It's "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday" for those of you keeping up:
  • Check out these Creative photos. Some are a little disturbing.
  • How about some surfing mice. This brings a whole new definition to 'drowned rat'.
  • I am SO beyond glad I don't live in a place where it snows and I have to deal with this.
  • I would, however, like to live here: Someone is finally building a neighborhood for us Lord of the Rings geeks. It's called Bendshire. How cool would it be to live there. I wonder if you'd have to pass a geek test of some sort.
That's all for now - Crafty Hope OUT!!

Looking Forward to What's to Come

Do you believe that how you spend your New Year's Day is indicative of how you will spend the rest of the year?
I tend to trust in this line of thinking; and, after a day like today, I hope so!

My means of welcoming in the new year did not turn out as I had hoped, but how I did spend it was lovely.
The morning was just as nice - yummy homemade breakfast, some crafting, and "quality" time with LOML.
Then, some time spent in hiking in the woods.And, a stroll through a pitcher plant bog. Unfortunately the pitcher plants were not in the best condition.Lunch down in Gulf Shores was also a fun experience. I even won a contest.
I then spent some time with my mom, talked to a few friends, and am now blogging before I head off to watch one of my favorite movies on the big TV.

I hope the rest of the year is like this - time spent with the people I love (husband, family, and friends), doing the things I love (dining, crafting, light exercise, blogging, and movies), in the places I love (my home, nature - the woods AND beach, local hot spots, and my mom's house.)
Yes, this should be a good year!!

I hope your day was just as pleasing and the outlook for your year is just as optimistic.

Winding down the 100DayProject

I awoke the other day with many thoughts about the 100 Day project and decided to jot them down here to share with you. Some of the bits I g...