The Start of Something New (TRT)

I can't seem to work through my Feed Reader. I spent so much time over the weekend having fun and being busy that I neglected it. The total blog numbers to read is not overwhelming - just daunting. This is especially true since I'm really trying to READ the posts and not just skim through them. PLUS, I'm attempting to create more, join some online craft communities, take more pictures of my days, and still work, lose weight, spend time with loved ones, and just make it through the day. Perhaps I've overestimated my abilities and time. Eh, at least I'm trying to stay busy!!
I do have a slight change in my regular format. I've grown tired of "Techie Tuesday"and am formally announcing that these will instead be "Totally Random Tuesday"s. How about that? Let's test it out. . .
  • I know that we're already almost halfway through the first month of 2009, but I liked this video sumary of 2008. Let me know what you think.
  • I've been saving this for a while, it's a cool little game (if you like words the way I do.) It's called split words. Just try it out - go on, I dare you!
  • This slideshow of frozen bubbles is way neat! Check them out.
  • Here's Modern Library's list of 100 best novels (there's a board list AND a reader's list). There are also links for the best nonfiction and a rival list. Now I may have a start for what to read this year.
  • Ah, young love!! Have you heard about the two kids who try to have a destination wedding in Africa way before their time. Can you imagine what other kinds of trouble this trio will get in as they get older if they are already trying this stuff at this age.
Pretty random huh?

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