History in the Making (TRT)

It's inauguration day, and that's where my attention is. I can't seem to work. So, as President Obama's decked-out, seriously-protected Caddy rolls (creeps) down the parade route (and I wonder where the heck the actual parade is,) I'm blogging.

As this day approached, I began to think about the children of today. They will never have the thought that there are certain people, or rather certain types of people, that may never be president. They're growing up with it and don't know the difference. This was verified by my 8-year old niece when she asked yesterday (MLK day) why only black individuals were being interviewed about Barak Obama becoming president. As I (and my mom and grandmother) struggled to convey this monumentally historic time in history and what led up to this day, she nodded and stared. I hope she absorbed some of it.

In addition to being Inauguration Day, it's also "Totally Random Tuesday"
For today, here are some random President/ Inauguration/ etc. links that I found interesting.
  • I'm sure you can watch the speech on You Tube already, but here's the first transcript of President Obama's Inauguration Address that I found.
  • If you want to create you own inauguration address, here's a site that let's you do it - in ture mad libs form. He He
  • Check out what the oval office has looked like from president to president: Taft through Obama.
  • If you want to eat what was served at the Inaugural Luncheon - here are the recipes.
  • Lastly, CNN has a campaign for what they are describing as what is going to be the most recorded moment in history (to this point) - Obama's oath of office. They are asking those present to submit their pictures of that moment, so a mosaic of those pictures can be created. Check it out - The Moment.
There have also been a few comments the press has made that have caused me to laugh.
1. NPR asked the listeners to tune in for "a broadcast of Obama's Live inauguration" instead of tuning in for "a live broadcast of Obama's Inauguration." I know it was a simple mistake, but I chuckled.
2. While composing this post, President and Mrs. Obama exited their limo for a little while - the reporter on MSNBC remarked that perhaps the first family wanted to progress a bit faster than the limo was moving. HA HA HA HA.

Let me get back to vegging in front of the news stations and saoking in the history, because apparently there is a parade coming (at some point.)

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