This Diving Board May Be Too High (FGF)

I'm at a loss of what to post, and that may be the reason I did not post yesterday. Instead, I worked on some copy and some embroidery (at the SAME time!)

Okay, so ummmm. . . what to talk about?
I've been feeling down the past several days. I dunno why. It's just one of those things when I feel disappointed in everyone, especially myself. I feel fat, uncreative, untalented, lazy, unloved, and just plain worthless. Oh, I know I'm not - it's just one of those periods when I question what I'm doing and why I'm doing it without any real direction of what I WANT to do.
In general, I'm happy. I'm content with my life, in love with my husband, and comfortable. Perhaps that's the problem, I'm just too comfortable. I need to step outside of my comfort zone and really take a plunge. You know, actually make some jewelry to sell, create an etsy shop, get this blog where I want it to be, and strive for what I've been dreaming of doing. But, then I start to question myself again: do I have time for all that considering the abundance of other tasks and people that need my attention? Am I really talented enough to sell my stuff? And on, and on, and on. It really is hard to make that step. I have been striving toward it for the past several months and am encouraged by my friends and family, it's just that darn inner voice - that devil on my shoulder that keeps whispering, "You can't do it. You're not good enough." I'll make my stand at some point and shake that little devil. I'm hoping that making this statement outloud (well, here on the blog) will help push me to the edge, or at least a little closer to the water. The plunge is coming, it just may not be a big splash.

I guess I had more to say than I thought. It's "Feel Good Friday" and after that, I need some feel good links, Let's try these on for size:
Please don't feel bad for me or anything. I know we all go through these periods (oh dear, I HOPE we all go through them.) I do know that I get down sometimes, but I'll be back to my optimistic self in NO TIME. No worries - it's almost the weekend!! Hurray!!! I'm feeling better already.


  1. So I totally could have written that post this week. I definitely felt like I was having an emotional crisis and nothing in life was going right for me. As the week went on, everything got better but I really believe that there is something in the air that is causing this kind of mood right now. Chin up, sweetie! We have all been there.

  2. You so need to make an Esty shop!

  3. Thank you guys for your support. This may be just anticipation for the ball to come this year and the nerves about next year - GAH.
    In any case, I really appreciate ya'll. THanks for being my friends.


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