Little By Little, I'll Get It All Done (ThTh)

You know those days when you feel like you accomplished NOTHING?
Have you ever had one of those, but in retrospect realized that you really were more productive than you thought?
That was yesterday.
I worked (some) until I could no longer stand the internet dropping every few minutes, I blogged, I crafted, I shopped, I made dinner, I watched a movie - soooooo productive. Of course, then again - the house is a mess, clothes need to be washed, and I have a ton of crafts in progress and can't seem to finish them. Hmmmm - let's just say I'm happy with what I did accomplish and recognize what I didn't. There now!

On to "Thrifty Thursday" Here are a few more 'creative' links.
  • I love that you don't have to buy those expensive pre-packaged mixes now that these Easy Bake oven recipes are available.
  • How would you like some creative ways to recycle ordinary objects? There ya go!
  • Here are some recycled art links for those of you interested in how others are using 'trash' to make art and other objects.
  • Hopefully, you've done better than I have and have already gotten your calendars for 2009 (my iPhone has one, so I've avoided a paper kind so far this year.) If you haven't; jump on over here for some FREE 2009 calendar links.
I'd better be out for now, so maybe I can be 'productive' today as well. Best of luck to you in your endeavors!!!

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