Altered Playing Cards for Motivational Deck Swap

In all the chaos that's been my life for the past few months, I've really missed y'all. It's time for a little update and eye candy. So. . .Sometime tomorrow we should be getting the keys to our new house! For now, I need to finish packing, picking out paint colors, and freaking out. I am really hoping to share the whole process with you, but the piles-of-boxes phase that we are in now is really not that interesting, so I'll spare you those details.

In the meantime, let me go ahead and show off something I have created. I mentioned a few months ago that I'm participating in a motivational deck swap. We're swapping six altered playing cards at a time to build up a whole deck. I thought I'd show you some of the ones I've created as I'm kinda proud of them and they are a ton of fun to create.
One set of the cards I sent to my partner.
Here's a closer look at these cards. Clicking on them should make them bigger.

And here's another set that I sent out.

And again, a better look at the cards.

I have another couple sets that I've mailed out, but one of them I forgot to take pictures. The other one, I recorded the process so I'm hoping to have a video for you soon.

Right now, I'm just delaying the packing up the rest of the little bits and pieces around the house. I guess it's time to focus and get down to business. I can't wait to share this with y'all!! Stay tuned for all the excitement! Remember to follow me as CraftyHope on Instagram and Twitter for little peeks and quick updates at what's going on.

Creative Spark Summer 2015 contribution and other news

Things are finally starting to fall into place and settle down some in my corner of the world. I can see once again and things with the new house are coming together - now to actually pack for the move in a few weeks.. .and pray that our current house sells soon! I was also able to finish the e-magazine for This Summer 2015 issue features their cultured sea glass beads and is packed with a ton of inspiration. You can totally see all the hard work the designers put into this issue. I so appreciate all their time and effort!
Creative Spark Summer 2015
Creative Spark Summer 2015
I also contributed to the e-magazine's upcycled jewelry section (surprise, surprise!). I picked a simple palette of teal, clear, moonstone, and black.
The beads I picked out from
Knowing that the Summer issue focused on sea glass, this brought thoughts of the beach to mind. I instinctively pulled out my (large) selection of seashells and selected a few.
The handful of shells I decided to use in my first piece for the magazine.
I cleaned the shells and tried to make the jingle shells a little more sturdy with some nail polish. From there, I made a chain with the small sea glass beads, Chinese crystals, and silver non-tarnish wire. Using silver tone jumprings, I hung the fabulous sea glass marquise spindles and diamond-shaped pendants from the chain.

For my next piece, I was inspired by my key collection. I picked one at random and shined it up a bit. Next, I plunged into the bits and bobs of broken jewelry I have stashed and picked out a piece of filigree that matched fairly close and fit over the key well.
Found key and filigree piece
Once I had the filigree attached to the key, I wire-wrapped the 4mm moonstone opal cultured sea glass around the key with 24g dark annealed steel wire. The chain is made from more of the sea glass beads and Chinese crystal rondelles with 20g steel wire. As well, I used gunmetal headpins to create a few dangles of all of the beads to hang in front of the filigree.
It's elegant and fabulous!

Finally, I was compelled to pull out some buttons. I sorted through my button cards to find some with summery, cute character.
Aren't these adorable?
With some antiqued brass jump rings and handmade ear wires, these became great earrings with the crystal sea glass diamonds.
Beachy and unique too!
I included some tips for working with upcycled materials and more information in Creative Spark Summer 2015 that you'll have to go there to read. I'd love to know what you think of it and/or my contributions.

Hopefully, I'm back. . .but with the big move and all the renovations we have to make, I can't promise anything. Though, I'd really like to keep y'all in the loop. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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