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Blueberry-inspired Earrings (We're All Ears)

The July inspiration from Earrings Everyday for the We're All Ears Challenge was Blueberries, and today's the reveal day. Since I've been out of the loop for over a month now, I knew I wanted to try to eke in at least one challenge. Hopefully, I'll get to more, but let's just take it one at a time!
We were fortunate that when we moved out here to Silverlox (our home), there were several existing blueberry bushes. We've enjoyed them every summer! Being so familiar with them. I knew it would be difficult to capture that blue-violet color of blueberries, but I didn't let that stop me. I did try to color beads to echo that unique shade as well as add in some of the green, but it was a disaster. I picked myself up and instead decided to try to create the look of berries on the bush with beads that are a true blue. I did this by twising antiqued brass wire so that the beads were clustered together. For the beads themselves, I chose ones with a bit of an AB coati…

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