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DIY Easy Beaded Bookmarks

I really love to make these super easy beaded bookmarks using leftover and cast-off beads. Though most people are consuming books in digital and audio form, there are still some of us that do turn to the archaic paper version from time to time. I know I carry a paper bullet journal, turn to actual cookbooks, and have a stack of books next to my bedside (though my Kindle is there too.) As I see it, bookmarks aren't quite outdated yet either.
I find that they're great little gifts to include with my Etsy orders. It's fun to have something beaded and pretty in the package that the customer isn't expecting.
The actual method of creating these is really just about tying knots, so it's easy enough for just about anyone - including kids. I'm sure you can figure out how these are made by looking at the pictures, but for clarification, I did record a video on how to create these Easy Beaded Bookmarks.
The only supplies needed for this project are beads, waxed linen cor…

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