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Bead Box 4 - Reveal

It was a year ago when I packed up my first bead box to keep me busy while I waited at the hospital. Since then, I've found that having the box stocked with already thought-out designs is perfect for traveling and for days when I'm uninspired. This is the fourth time I've made it through the box, and I don't see the trend of re-stocking it ending anytime soon.
You can see the other stocked boxes and reveals by clicking the links below. Bead Box 1 - Stocked Bead Box 1 - Reveal
Bead Box 2 - Stocked Bead Box 2 - Reveal
Bead Box 3 - Stocked Bead Box 3 - Reveal
When the box was re-stocked last time, I simply carried over a few of the designs I didn't finish from the previous box. Those were the first several pieces added so they're the first ones pictured below. I have to admit that some of those are still not complete. In fact, there are several unfinished pieces in this reveal. Though, the reasons that they are not finished varies by the piece. (You should be able to c…

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