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Peek at My Week: October 7-13

This week was all about finding treasures and treasuring what I've found, and honestly, I didn't even realize that until I began this roundup.
Sunday was all about getting tasks accomplished outside. Pat and I did yard work and then I washed the vehicles. As a reward for our hard work, we headed to one of Fairhope's newest restaurant gems: TexarBama BBQ.  Y'all! I can't even describe how good this place is. Everything just melts in your mouth. So yummy!
On Monday, it began to feel kinda nice outside so I decided to go for a walk down the street and then through some of our trails. On the side of most of the roads in my area right now are these bright wildflowers. They just make me smile.
We've been so busy with the rest of the property this summer that the trails have been neglected. I found lots of downed limbs and even several small trees. One little, fallen tree was covered in these beautiful mushrooms. Though Zoe was insisting that we keep going down the p…

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