Sunday, March 18, 2018

Peek at My Week: March 10-17

I've started this thing where I finish up each week by sharing some of the pictures I've taken throughout the week. Some of these were shared elsewhere, some not. But, it helps me keep a bit of a journal and do something with at least some of the extra photos I've taken. And, you get a peek at my week!
Despite the time change, I was up early on Sunday, editing photos for last week's peek.

Once Pat was up, I made a simple breakfast of banana bread "fried" in butter. It was good!

The rest of the day wasn't near as simple. I left the house to pick up my niece and her friend from their retreat, and when I returned, I had a house full of people. My mom was over to retrieve the girls, and one of my best friends along with her husband and daughter had come by to get some use out of our 3D printer. The printer was being finicky so Pat had to work with it all the rest of the day while everyone else filtered off to return to their own home. 

It was a rainy afternoon so I retreated to the craft room to play.

I collaged and painted and doodled and made a completed piece. I hope to share the process and its full reveal later in the week. Stay tuned!

As the day grew later, I realized that the sun was still up and had to soak that in for a bit. I always love that extra bit of sunshine in the evenings. 

By Monday morning, Pat had worked all the kinks out of the 3D printer, and it was humming away. 

I listed this beauty in the CraftyHope Etsy shop (it's now sold).

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby is never that, especially when you stray from your list and get pulled in by those yellow clearance stickers. (But I saved so much! ;) )

Alas, the savings wouldn't last long as we had two different plumbers come out for two different problems. One was fixed easier than we thought while the other was a much bigger problem than we anticipated. 

Tuesday was low key for the most part. Though, I did catch my banana bread sticking its tongue out at me. 

On Wednesday, I went to my mom's to hang with my grandmother. I always take some work with me. While waiting for my Velvet Bookmark video to upload, I worked on a necklace. 

Since it was also Pi day, my niece and I ran out for a couple of pies. Alas, the one we really wanted (pictured) was so frozen it took me almost an hour to eat it!

Thursday started with the cats being too cute and just barely tolerating each other.

Since the fix to our plumbing issues meant drilling into the sunroom floor, we had to come up with some solutions for where to have Zoe and the cats during the repair process. My suggestion involved taking the double doors off the kitchen (the ones we never use and that are just in the way most of the time), putting one of the doors on our bedroom (yeah, we didn't have a bedroom door), and letting Zoe in the living room. I'm still surprised at how much easier it is to use the pantry without that dang door in front of it. And, Zoe's been so good in the living room. 

I did relist these fun Mixed Media Earrings

On Friday, the work began. 
And, it only took the day for the plumbers to get the drain fixed. But, now we've got to fix the floor. They used a jackhammer and drilled a trench right in the middle of my sunroom. It was a lot to handle for one day. 

To occupy myself, I walked the property. I discovered that my amaryllis had a bloom on it (though the plumbers had to dig it up), that the azaleas are quite wimpy after the cold snap we've had, and that the bridal wreath is just lovely. 

I listed this beauty of a Leather Bullet Tassel Necklace

And, I did a little art journal play to calm my soul. I stuck mainly to the paints I had picked up at Hobby Lobby. 

At the end of a day like that, I totally deserved a beer or two. I got tickled at the beer glass. As if I'm not living Crafty. Ha!

Saturday was St. Patrick's Day. Instead of living it up to celebrate my Irish heritage, I cleaned - a LOT. The jackhammering left concrete dust on every surface in my sunroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room. So, every single item was cleaned - every bottle, spice jar, glass, top of the fridge, baseboard, coffeemaker, window blind, and any other surface where it might have settled. It was not so awesome. Alas, that's what it means to be a grown-up. Dang. 

I'm hoping that the week to come is a little less eventful. How was your week?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Black and White Earrings for the We're All Ears Challenge

The We're All Ears Challenge this month from Erin at Earrings Everyday is to create earrings that are black and white earrings with maybe one other color. Doesn't sound too hard, until you try! Ha!!

I was able to complete a sole pair. I started by rummaging through the black and white bead drawers in my bead cabinet. But, nothing there struck my fancy. 

Glancing frantically around the craft room, I uncovered some of the black tin that I had used for the Harvest Moon Challenge in October. That piqued my interest!
I traced the shape I wanted onto the backside of the tin, cut it out, filed and sanded the edges and back, and aged it with Novican Black patina. 

The hardest part was figuring out how to add the white. I tried several approaches like altering large plastic beads with alcohol ink. But, that wasn't the look I wanted to achieve.

I thought I had hit upon something awesome with the idea of using a few of my bone skull beads. But, it just didn't work out exactly like I wanted. And, I wasn't sure it was completely my style. 

From there, I started thinking about Erin's mention of texture and considered more geometric shapes. I decided that large beaded rings above the reclaimed tin would definitely add some interest. 

I didn't want the rings to be empty, so a single red bead was added to hang from it. Making the wire loops above and in the hoops was the hardest part of the whole process. 

I have to admit that I really like the distressed backsides of the tin more than the front and will likely end up flipping them on the ear wires. 

Again, I only made one pair of earrings for the challenge, but they were enough of a struggle!

Head over to Earrings Everyday: Pump Up the Contrast to see what everyone else created with the monochromatic prompt. And, if you haven't made anything for it, the linky tool will be open for a week, so you've got time to play along too.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

How to Make Velvet Ribbon Bookmarks

A few weeks ago, a friend asked if I could make velvet ribbon bookmarks for her booth in an antique mall. The process was surprisingly simple.

It really came down to finding velvet ribbon and ribbon crimps. I had the rest of the supplies needed: charms, beads, jump rings, and eye/head pins on hand.

It was so easy, I made a quick video to show you the process.

Since I was making these for a client with special requests, I stuck to the color scheme, metal, and charm type that she requested. But, depending on your own preferences, you can go in any direction with this project.

If you live in the area, you can find some of these for sale in the Cozi booth at the Daphne Antique Galleria at 1699 US-98, Daphne, AL 36526. And, to learn more about my friend Kim, you can find her blog at CoziNest.

These bookmarks work as a great little gift, a decor accent for a stack of books on your shelf, or even as a tool to mark the place you stopped in the book you're reading!

I'd love to know if you have any tips or questions about making your own velvet ribbon bookmarks. Just let me know below!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Southern Antiques and Accents Booth Update

If you've been around here a little while, you know that in addition to selling my jewelry in the CraftyHope Etsy Shop,  I rent a booth at Southern Antiques and Accents (Greeno location) in Fairhope, AL. It's an antique mall, but with so much more than antiques. 

I try to update the booth at least once a month with a few new items and remove older ones that don't feel "in season". As I mentioned in my Peek at My Week, I did a little updating on Thursday. Here's a better look at the booth's current status. 
The topmost shelf is just a sign, but the one below that is still pretty high. As such, I only place a few "featured necklaces" up there. Since St. Patrick's Day is a few days away, I went with a green theme!

The middle two shelves tend to hold the bulk of my inventory. Again, I tried to place green jewelry pieces front and center. I had no idea I had so many green pieces!

The bottom two shelves are a little more sparse (especially that bottom one - I hate to make anyone bend over too far!). However, they've still got plenty of eye candy! (Though, I think I ought to do something about the extra space in bottommost one.) Hmm, a challenge. 

If anything strikes your fancy and you're in the area, please head over to Southern Antiques and Accents at 254 South Greeno Road and check it out. It's open seven days a week and full of so many treasures besides my jewelry. 

Oh, and if you're up for some fun, Ladies Night is March 20th! Everything in the store in on sale (plus lots of EXTRA savings), and there's food and music to boot! 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Peek at My Week: March 4 - 10

Last week I started this weekly feature sharing snippets of my daily life through the pictures I've taken. 

Even though I work from home, I don't really mess with elaborate breakfasts on the weekdays. However, I will get a little more creative on the weekends. On Sunday, I made Monkey Muffins (the original Pioneer Woman recipe). These are what I based my King Cake Monkey Muffins off of. 

After that, Sunday was all about working in the yard. I started by checking on my seeds from last week. The beans were just starting to poke through!

After that, I went bamboo-kicking (the best way we've found to prevent the spread of bamboo) as the bamboo shoots are also poking their heads above ground. 

I did some reading in the hammock while Zoe played. This was only to bide time while Pat finished up other projects. 

Then, we were able to get to the task I was excited about - planting the fruit trees. Pictured here is a Persian Lime, but we also planted a satsuma, a fig, and a blood orange. It could be a while before they bear any fruit, but we've been talking about getting these since we moved here. So, I'm glad that's handled!

We rounded out the weekend with a late afternoon walk along Mobile Bay. 

I started Monday out much like the day before, searching for bamboo to kick. While tromping through the yard, I almost squashed this beauty of a snail. He was huge!

Getting down to work, I decided to start planning out and deciding what I might make for this month's We're All Ears Challenge at Earrings Everyday. It's a monochromatic, black-and-white theme so I went searching through the black and white drawers in the bead cabinet for inspiration. 

Later in the day, I got back outside and was able to take in some color. Namely, I admired the burst of pink from the azaleas. They're EVERYWHERE in the area!

After that, I listed this Vintage Watch and Pearl Necklace. It's a favorite of mine!

And, of course, there was a cookie photo shoot. It was seriously the main thing on my list to get done on Monday.  After that, we were able to eat the "pretty cookies" I had saved for the shoot. 

Tuesday was rainy. When I was finally able to get outside, I realized that my black beans had taken off and were looking like real plants. I was so very excited!

I spent the day restocking the bead box using Fusion Beads' 30 Day Challenge as inspiration. 

And, I was able to stock the whole thing! I'll share what's in it later.

While Pat had band practice Tuesday evening, I worked on darkening copper and brass wire. It's nice to know I have a good supply ready to go!

On Wednesdays, I go to my mom's house to visit with my grandmother and help out. I don't usually get a whole lot of anything interesting accomplished. But, I did post my recipe for The Best Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies!

Thursday was a day of errand-running. I started by updating my booth at Southern Antiques and Accents with some new pieces and rearranging the existing ones.

Thursday was also International Women's Day. I was pretty pleased that I just happened to be reading this particular book. And, it's really got me thinking and inspiring me - just as I had hoped it would!

Of course, the setting for reading wasn't all that inspiring. I had to get my oil changed as my last errand of the day, and this was the view. Oh well, you take what you can get!

On Friday, I rose with the sun and had to capture a quick photo of its golden beauty. 

Part of the reason I had to get up so early was that I had to take my niece downtown Mobile to handle a couple things.

Later that afternoon, I drove her and a friend to a retreat in Gulf Shores. Since I had captured the sunrise, I thought it only fair to document the sunset (from the beach!)

Saturday started with a big mess in the kitchen. Like I said from the start of this post, I make a little more effort with breakfast on the weekends. 

I had spotted this Breakfast Pizza from Skinny Taste last week and had to make it.  Y'all, they were SO GOOD and so easy and so versatile! I'm definitely making them again. I may even use the dough recipe to make real pizzas. 

The rest of the day was spent just taking care of things around the house like getting more seeds planted. Most of them were useful things like food and herbs, but I had grabbed a few flower seeds to plant out in the yard. I really hope my daisies, zinnias, and sunflowers show up. I'll have to wait and see. 

And, that about wrapped up the week. Sunday is halfway through and the rain is pouring. I'm not sure how much more I'll get accomplished today. But, I'm hopeful. Here's hoping your week was full. What's on your plate for the week to come?