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Bead Box 6 - Reveal

You need to know two things about me: 1 - I like to be prepared and 2 - I prefer to have busy hands. It was for these reasons that my first Bead Box came together back in 2017. And, it's also for those reasons that I just finished my sixth version of this box. The box itself is a basic, plastic craft organizer with seventeen compartments, and the container snaps closed. This makes it work weel for travel, though not perfect. I've had to place the elements in plastic baggies to keep them from migrating from one compartment to another, but that's not a huge deal. In each section, I compile all the main elements I need to make a piece of jewelry (my wire and pliers are separate.) And then, when I'm away from the house, I can still work on these pre-designed pieces. The picture above gives you a glimpse of what was in box 6, but you can see my Bead Box 6 - Stocked post to get a more detailed view. For now, let me share what I created. 
Most of the time, I've kept all …

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