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Low-Cost Wire Organization

I've struggled for years with how to manage and contain all my loose wire. If you've seen how I age wire for jewelry-making, you know that I end up with lots of short lengths of wire. My previous method was to simply use clothespins to clip the wires together and store it all in a zip-top bag.  However, that wasn't effective at all as the wire often slipped from the pins as well as punctured the bag. I needed to find a new method and necessity aided my drive to make better wire organization happen.  A quick trip to the dollar store and a few minutes of my time were all it took to wrangle all those wild wires. 
All I bought was: a three-ring binder, dividers, page protectors, and labels. It cost me all of four dollars to get my loose wire under control. 
To make sure the binder stays closed, I even made my own closure with felt and some adhesive hook-and-loop (velcro) material. 
The above pictures make the project pretty self-explanatory, but if you want a better look at m…

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