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Peek at My Week: March 10-16

Let me start by letting you know that's there's not much here. I worked almost every day this past week which cut up the days so severely that I barely accomplished anything. In fact, the only pictures I really took this week were on the two days I was off.  On Sunday, Pat and I had lunch on the river followed by a boat ride with friends. It was a gloriously beautiful day and almost warm enough to get in the cold, cold river. The bravest (and youngest) of us didn't even risk a dip in the water. We took Zoe for a walk along Mobile Bay in the afternoon to finish our outdoor adventures. 
On Monday morning, we attended a funeral before we both had to work. Tuesday was all about getting things done before work and a meeting afterward.
Wednesday, I took my grandmother to a doctor's appointment and worked from her house. That evening, I began the process with the oldest niece of shopping for a prom dress. As I expected, we were unsuccessful in our first attempts. 
Thursday a…

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