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DIY Fish-Hook Earring Cards from Recycled Materials

As a jewelry-designer, there's so much that goes into each piece of jewelry. There's the designing, making, photographing, and marketing. And, then there's the packaging of each item. For each designer, these processes vary to meet their brand and budget. Since I love to upcycle and never waste anything, I've long incorporated recycled materials into my packaging. Since my methods are simple, I thought it'd be worthwhile to share some of my methods. The most basic of these is the display card for a pair of fish-hook earrings. 
I use a simple backer for both displaying and shipping my earrings. The design of this card has changed over time to a simple whitewashed paper, but the method has stayed the same for many years. And, the materials are quite basic. I use only a small hole punch, a rectangle of altered cardboard, rubber earring backs, and (of course) the earrings. The cardboard I use comes from saved cereal and cracker boxes. After I cut them down into panels…

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