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Peek at My Week: Dec. 2-8

Each week, these peeks help me keep up with just what I've been up to, and give you a little look at how I've filled the days too. 
Let me start by saying that I was able to participate in #CarveDecember each day. That in itself is pretty special considering how busy I (and most of us) am this time of the year. 
Speaking of being busy, I spent some of Sunday in front of the sewing machine working on a few gifts. I don't want to ruin any surprises, so here's a glimpse that doesn't give too much away. I love using this Fray Check stuff on exposed edges to keep the fabric from coming apart.
From the kitchen, Pat spotted these leaves stuck to the chair in the backyard. The contrast was amazing and had to be captured (and shared!)
Walking Zoe around the property on Monday, I noticed that the camellias have begun to bloom. My stepfather thinks it's weird that they bloom in the winter and has called them "Those crazy winter flowers." I think it's nice t…

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