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Cornucopia of Earrings

The challenge this month for We're All Ears at Earrings Everyday is Cornucopia. Though Erin provided us with loads of history, mythology, and information about the symbol; it was the shape and idea of the bounty that flows from them that I couldn't shake. The layered structure of them was the first thing that came to mind, and as tin has been my material of choice - that's where I turned for my first contribution to this challenge. I used three different sizes of tin circles for each pair, punching a hole in the center. From there I domed the discs with a dapping block.
Small beads were placed directly under each dome on eye pins and connected to one another. I added a final bead hanging from the bottom.
The cone-like shape of the final product lends itself to the shape of a cornucopia. As an added accent, you might notice that a few of the discs have hints of stalks of wheat on them, one of the traditional items often spilling from a "horn of plenty".
I actuall…

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