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Peek at My Week: September 9 - 15

Welcome to my weekly post in which I do a round-up of some of what my week encompassed as well as a list of links (at the end of the post) that I found inspiring and/or informative. 
This was Week Two of our vacation and was intended to be the less fun part of it as we knew we had some work to get done on the house. But first, we had to pack up and head home from our camping trip at Blackwater River State Park.  You know, right after we put our toes in the river one last time.
Once home, we were a flurry of unpacking and getting everything in order to tackle the big project on our list - replacing the deck.  Pat ordered the wood he needed on Monday and began to tear it apart on Tuesday while I  had my weekly visit with family and enjoyed this view.
Ah yes, the dentist. I'm not sure which one of us had more fun!
When I saw the deck again on Wednesday morning (it was late when I got home Tuesday), it looked like some sort of strange art installation. 
And, by Wednesday evening, mos…

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