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Peek at My Week: Nov 10-16

I was able to tackle quite a few projects last week, though few of them were very photogenic. But, I'll share what was... On Sunday, Pat started measuring out more cattle panels to create some kind of gate on the porch so Zoe can hang out there with us from time to time. Before he got too far into the project, we brought her out there to see how she would act with the openings barricaded. She was confused but happy to be out there with us.
That evening I took a beginner's sewing class.  While I've been using my sewing machine for years, I've never been quite sure if I was using it right. The class helped me clarify a few things. 
And, I made a neat pencil roll too! I used it the next morning as I doodled from the porch swing. 
It felt great outside, so I took the opportunity to explore the yard a little.  I found a marble, a rusty bolt, and several sets of mushrooms. Now that the temperatures have really begun to dip, it's about time I get back to unearthing Silve…

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