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Honey Do List Jewelry for April

There was a real chance that I wasn't going to participate in this month's Honey Do List Challenge from SJ Designs Jewelry. I found the image that Eric, Sarajo's husband, provided as inspiration quite striking. The combination of colors pulled at my heartstrings. However, I was having a hard time trying to figure out some way to translate the photo into jewelry. In the end, I went for a literal approach.  Upcycling cookie tins into jewelry has most definitely become my go-to technique for challenges lately. While that makes me a bit predictable, I can't complain. I am loving the results and the variety of ways I'm pushing myself to use the tin. 
I have to admit that while I'm currently wearing this necklace, it's got so many flaws that it will likely just stay in my personal collection.  First off, I forgot to seal the Vintaj Patina that I applied to the basic silver tone rectangle of tin. And, then, I didn't seal the darkened patina on the back. One o…

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