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Peek at My Week: Nov 11-15

These weekly peeks are the perfect way for me to share a little glimpse into my life without overloading you with a lot of details. Since the temperature has been coming down the last few weeks, we've made an effort to go for a walk along the Bay on Sunday afternoons. Sunday was Veterans Day so the sight of the flag stopped me in my tracks for a moment of recognition. 
Admittedly, I was also stopped by a patch of circular roots with moss in the center of each of them.
It was hard to get going on Monday, especially with this pile of cuteness taking over my lap and computer. 
And, then there was the rain...that lasted three days.
In fact, everyone in the house found the rain to be exhausting. The above pictures were taken on Tuesday within minutes of one another.
To cheer and comfort us, I made a mac-n-cheese for dinner.
Of course, I spilled flour on myself while cooking. Thankfully Pat was nearby to capture a picture. 
On Wednesday, I had lunch with a friend and then one of my nie…

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