Bead Box 7 - Reveal

This may be the fastest I've ever worked my way through one of my bead boxes. But, that's to be expected with all the time I've had on my hands, what with the staying home and all. I suppose I should start by explaining what a "Bead Box" is. It's my term for the plastic organizer I use to stock the elements for seventeen designs and take with me when I'm going to be away from home. It's mostly useful when I travel or stay at my mom's house. However, lately, I've been using it just to get some designs made. This is my seventh version of this box. There are links to all the other versions at the end of the post. 
Bead Box 7 has been my favorite of the Bead Boxes to date. You can check out the details of what it was stocked with by clicking the link. Some of the pieces that came out of the box have already been listed and/or sold. Though I still have my Etsy shop open, I'm not currently listing anything new in my attempt to stay home and stay safe. The shop is open so you can take a look at what's available. If you're interested in anything, let me know, and I will be happy to reserve it for you until when things are safer. For now, let's get to the finished pieces!

I was smitten with this soldered charm I made. And, since the sentiment referred to simplicity, I kept the design simple too. This Simple Beauty Necklace can now be found on Etsy. 

Again with simplicity as the focus, I picked out a couple of bead types that would work well with the bracelet bar I created from a Vintaj blank and Patinas. It wasn't listed on Etsy long before it sold. 

The sheer size of the reproduction brass keys that a friend gave me meant that they only needed a little accent. The salvaged teal beads add a nice pop of color. These will be headed to my booth at Southern Antiques and Accents (SAA) when the shop is able to re-open. 

If you've visited here recently, you've likely already seen this guy! I was pleased as punch when the Art Elements theme for March was Gnomes as I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to show off this Butterfly Gnome Necklace. He'll eventually be listed on Etsy.

This bracelet gave me more trouble than I had anticipated. I had wanted to make a sliding knot bracelet with the leather lace. However, that proved beyond my knotting skills. So, pinch crimps were added to the ends and an adjustable clasp. This bracelet will go to SAA. 

I probably should have taken the picture of these hanging as the heart shape is lost under the jump rings. When I stocked the Bead Box, these were intended to be much simpler. However, I had a little trouble with that design and decided to dress them up by adding Czech glass beads and jump rings to connect the hearts to the ear wires. They will go to the antique store. 

I wasn't even done making this necklace when my friend, Christina, began asking about buying it. You see, the orange and blue are the colors of Auburn University, and she's a fan! As well, the top tin on the pendant kinda matches a bracelet she has of mine too. So, as soon as this was made, she had to have it. And, she does!

I don't do a lot of bead-stringing, but simplicity was really the theme for this box. And, that's what I thought would work best for this bracelet as well. I think it came together beautifully! It will get listed on Etsy.

Speaking of simplicity! These Elegant Junk Earrings are on Etsy. I have to admit that they're a bit chunkier than I had anticipated, but I like that they make a statement even in their simple state. 

I could not WAIT to get this necklace made. I loved everything about it until the gunmetal eye pins at the back of the chainstarted flaking to reveal the copper underneath. I thought I was going to have to remake it. But, when I stepped back and looked at is as a whole, the flaked metal worked perfectly with the aged feel. So, I kept it and listed it on Etsy. It sold right away. I'm going to miss it, but I know it has a good home!

When I shared the stocking of this box, I admitted that I was unsure about this design. But, once I had it all together, I realized just how cute it is. This Berry Nice Necklace is on Etsy. And, yes, I HAD to name it that. It makes me giggle. 

These last several pieces are all probably going to get listed on Etsy. We'll see if I change my mind before then. 
Designing this piece gave me a world of trouble. And, now that it's together, I'm still not sure about it. I know that it will appeal to a certain client, but I'm not sure if that client is one of mine. 

This necklace was all about just finding beads that would match the pretty flower on the shield. It came together quickly and easily. It's a lightweight necklace that will be fun to wear. 

GAH! This necklace is just too cute! I love the flirty jar and the sparkles from the crystals. It's awesome.

Though I had forgotten what my original intent was for these elements, I think they came together quite well. This bracelet is a fabulous reminder to just take a deep breath when things get crazy.

I couldn't help but pair those colorful glass beads that look like watercolor splotches with the 'artistic' soldered pebble. I think it's a lovely little necklace.

This necklace came together better than I envisioned. Really, I was just using up some extra beads from another piece as I didn't know what to do with that hornet pendant. I like it so much. 

And, that's it for the seventh version of my Bead box. Here are the links to my other bead boxes if you're interested in what else came out of it 

Which of the new pieces is your favorite?
I'm looking forward to stocking up another box soon. Stay tuned to see what I have planned.


  1. This is one of your best bead box outputs till date. The sheer no. of pieces and techniques is mind boggling. Did you do all of these in a month? The button earrings are gorgeous and so is the shield necklace with pink, yellow and green beads. I am curious to know how do you decide which pieces go on etsy and which go to the store to be sold?

    1. Thanks, Divya! It's definitely my favorite box so far too. I think it took me something like just over two months to work through this box. That's still longer than it should have been since I was working strictly from the box, but it's still less time than the other boxes took.

      As for how I decide where I'll sell them. That depends on the quality of the piece and how much time and investment I want to make in photographing them, editing the photos, and listing them. Usually, anything that doesn't sell on Etsy after two listings ends up in the booth anyway. But, sometimes it's not even worth my effort to try and put them online. Does that make sense? Thanks for popping in! :)

    2. Wow, you have some great pieces here. I love the colors in the shield necklace. Congrats on sales!

    3. Kathy,
      Thank you! I wasn't sure about that shield necklace, but once it came together, I felt better about it. And, your vote of confidence definitely makes me more sure about it. Thanks :)

  2. Wow, what a fantastic jewelry show! It is impossible for me to pull out a piece or two and name them my favorites, they all are artistic, eclectic and not overloaded at the same time! Great job on so many handmade pendants and focals!


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