Bead Box 7 - Stocked

I use the term Bead Box for the plastic organizer that I tote around with me. It's filled with most of the components I need to complete seventeen pieces of jewelry. And, it keeps me busy and working when I need to be away from my craft desk for an extended period of time. This is my seventh version of this box. 
And, this version might just be my favorite version yet. But, I'll let you decide what your favorite version is as I'll have the links to all the others at the end of this post.  First, let me show you what I've stocked in this one.

Each compartment holds almost all of the elements I need for a jewelry design. I keep the wire in other containers and have a small travel case of pliers. As well, I add the closures later, leaving that part of the design to be decided once the main part is completed. 
In Bead Box 7, I placed this large soldered pendant in the largest and first section of the organizer. Since the sentiment on this pendant is all about simplicity, I kept the design simple and will be making the chain with only black glass pearls. 

This little bracelet bar was made Using Vintaj Patinas on an embossed Vintaj blank. Since there's a touch of pink it, pink stone beads and brass beads were selected to make the chain.

I was gifted with an assortment of pairs of keys by one of my best friends. Since these two keys are so pretty on their own, I'm only going to accent them with a couple of salvaged teal beads and brass findings. 

This adorable little soldered pendant has that gnome with a butterfly on one side and a single butterfly on the other. A variety of clear, frosted, and white beads were chosen for the chain of the necklace to keep the cute at the center of the design. 

I soldered a whole batch of items including this little wish charm. It will be the focal point of a simple bracelet that will include navy leather lace. 

I went through an acrylic paint pouring phase last year and tried the technique on some plain tin. After cutting the above pieces into hearts, I sealed them with a crackle sealer and added gold wax. These will become cute earrings with brass findings. 

I've had this upcycled tin pendant on my desk for a while and finally decided to incorporate it into a necklace. Matching beads in orange, brown, blue, and silver will be strung on brown waxed linen cord to make up the bulk of the chain for it. 

I made this focal piece when I did the others using Vintaj patinas. It has a very watery feel so I decided to continue that theme with a variety of blue and labradorite beads with copper accents to make a bracelet.

These soldered mother of pearl buttons are divine. Small chandelier crystals and gunmetal findings are all that will be added to turn them into earrings. 

Isn't this mix gorgeous? I knew I wanted to keep the design for this soldered chandelier crystal simple. So, I selected a few mother-of-pearl buttons and beads as well as clear glass beads. It's going to be stunning!

This is one of the few questionable designs in the bead box. I'm sure I had something particular in mind when I cut out the berry tin pieces and punched the holes, but I have been struggling to figure out what that was. To keep with the natural theme, I picked out some marble beads that seem to match the greens in the leaves on the tin. We'll see how this works out!

I was smitten with the soldering and large loop I included on the amethyst stone but had trouble deciding how to use it. Finally, I picked out a few rough amethyst beads, labradorite chips and beads, moonstone beads, silver beads, and silver stars to work it into a necklace. 

This is another tin piece I had cut a while ago. I chose matching resin and wood beads and some gunmetal-colored glass seed beads to make a chain for it. 

I don't know what compelled me to put that sliver of a dictionary word into the jar, but it's flipping awesome. It's going to become a cute little necklace with two colors of crystal beads. It should turn out to be something that will layer with other necklaces beautifully.

It's been a few weeks since I put this bead box together, and I'm struggling to remember exactly what I had intended for these elements. But, I think they'll make a sweet little bracelet reminder to just breathe.

Yes, it's another soldered bubble! The "artistic" within the bubble made me want to include something colorful. And, these watercolor-like beads were just the thing. I included a few black beads to break them up on the necklace chain. 

Finally, I don't know what compelled me to encase the hornet for this pendant. But, he's kinda fun. A variety of natural-colored beads in browns, blues, and greens were selected along with gunmetal accents to make the chain. 

Since I've been sitting with my grandmother for a few weeks, I've already made it halfway through this box and am really loving the results. I can't wait to show you all the finished pieces. For now, though, you can check out the previous boxes.

Let me know what you're most looking forward to seeing from this current box or which of the other boxes was your favorite. I'd love to know!


  1. wow!!! I could never be so prethinking and organized!!! I love the MoP soldered buttons. If you remember and you sell those, will you let me know??? I heart them!!!

  2. Now this box is quite intriguing! I'm looking forward to the statement pieces as I'm sure there will be more than one!

  3. What a fun idea! I'm not sure I'd ever be able to be that organized (nor do I have an empty box right now!) but I love this as a way to stay creative. I'll have to check out your past boxes when I get a chance!

    1. Sarajo, The box was born out of necessity as I can't stand not having busy hands. The first one came about when I knew I would be in a waiting room for a while. And, it just made sense. I've just kept the practice up of filling it as soon as I complete one. I'm not usually that organized either! Thanks for taking a look.


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