Peek at My Week (Feb. 16-22)

I'm doing my best to regain some sense of normality or come to an understanding of my new normal, or something along those lines. In any case, this week felt like a week of getting back on track and catching up. Sunday was my first full day at home in weeks, so I relished in it. But, on Monday, I indulged in some thrifting and antiquing and picked up a few new tins, but that was it. It was good for my soul to do something just for me. 
I spotted this book at one of the shops and it tickled me to no end for some odd reason. I didn't bring it home, instead, I left it there for someone else to prize. 

Things started to feel more back on track on Tuesday as I went grocery shopping and even listed something new in the Etsy shop.

On Wednesday, I helped my mom out at her house and canceled my grandmother's appointments and insurance. That was weird and so final. On Thursday, I was ready to get down to business and my desk totally reflected that from the get-go.

I worked in my bead box that day and the next but was ready to mix in some art journaling by Friday evening. (Of course, I also finally got some serious house-cleaning knocked out too!)

A little liquid therapy is what I was really aching for, but it's far too cold to get in the water. So, drinks and lunch at The Gulf were in order.

Before hitting the restaurant, we made a detour to my favorite bead shop. They were having a busy day, so we didn't stay long, but I was able to pick up a few essentials.

After lunch, we hit Pirates Cove for some bushwhackers on the way home. 
 I can't wait for it to warm up enough to take a dip. 

I'm feeling more like myself now! But, I didn't find a whole lot of inspiration for the week except for these few. Maybe we'll get luckier next week.

I hope your week was wonderful and that the week ahead is full of much joy and creativity!!

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  1. Wow, love the earrings! Good to know you're getting back on track :) The beach pics look so dreamy!


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