The Craft Craze (FGF)

I am proud of my crafty self and hope that you can forgive the short and sweet post yesterday.
I'm also really anxious to get back in the craft room and play some more.
Hopefully, I'll get some pictures taken of what I've been creating. I've just been so busy creating that I can't seem to stop long enough to get the camera out and pictures loaded.

What was I crafting so furiously? Oh, some collaged pendants. I did have one that I soldered the other day that I was able to string up. And, I love it. I'm getting bead fever all over again. I know the amount of beads I have is overwhelming, but I just want to head out and get more because my creativity feels confined by the beads I have. I've promised myself to slow down on the bead-buying until I use up some of the ones I have. I guess I need to focus on making some items with what I own before I run out and get more. Perhaps, that can be a new challenge for me. A "make-do" challenge. Hmmmm. . .interesting. I see earrings instead of necklaces, lots of charm bracelets, and . . . well - now I can't wait to get started on that project.

That might make a good blog topic. I'm thinking I can show you some beads or other craft items that won't get used in another project and come up with something else to do with them. Pictures would come with those posts. What do you think? That may end up on the Fairy Creative site to keep it from being so stagnant. Again, what do you think. Input people, I need input!!


Besides the crating, there's so much running through my head that I wasn't able to get to sleep last night. I finally succumbed and then COULD NOT get out of the bed this morning when it was time to get up. I finally made it in to work and downed several cups of coffee before I felt human.

Now, I can't wait to get home. It is, after all, Margarita Friday and I've got a crafty craze running through me.

For now, I'll leave you with a couple "Feel Good Friday" items:
  • Did you hear about this act of sportsmanship from a high school basketball team/player/coach?
  • I couldn't decide if this should go under Thrifty Thursday or Feel Good Friday. Finally, I decided that being thifty as well as fit makes you feel good, so here we are!! Check it out.
You can guess that I'm gonna fit as much time in my crafty haven (room) as I can this weekend. I hope you get to participate in your favorite activities too!! Have a great one!!

Crafty Compulsions (ThTh)

Not much to say today.
Couldn't focus on work or think about blogging. All I wanted to do was play in the craft room.
And craft I did.

I've got paint and glue all over me. As I told, LOML - it's a shame you can't see your elbows because I know there's paint there.

Well, it's been a while since I had a "Thrifty Thursday" post. So, here:Alrighty, I'm outa here - gonna craft and watch my shows.
Have an enjoyable evening!

Wednesday Woes, Girl's Night, and New Craft (WWWW)

Ahhh, hump day!!
There's something about Wednesdays that just irks me. I'm not sure what. I think it's the fact that you're still only halfway to the weekend. However, I do have something to look forward to tonight - I'm going to dinner and a movie with a fiend and some of her friends from work. Since LOML has a fairly strict no-girlie-movie policy, I've lucked out that this friend and her friends include me when they head out to see girlie movies. I saw both the House Bunny and Sex and the City with them. Tonight, we'll see He's Just Not That into You. It has some of my favorite actresses in it!!

Besides that, wanna know what else is new? I'm learning a new craft. YES, ANOTHER ONE!! I read on another blog (sorry I can't remember which one) how fairly easy loom knitting was. I've got a ton of yarn. I found the knifty knitter at Wal-Mart waaaay cheap. I've knitted a hat (pictures pending.) REALLY! I did it in one evening, while watching TV. I've started on a matching scarf now too. The hat is not perfect - there's one mistake and it could be a bit bigger. But, it was sooo easy. If you are personal friends of mine (or family) you can go ahead and expect a hat and/or scarf for Christmas this year. I've been looking for crafts that are fairly easy to complete in front of the TV, in the living room, and needlecrafts (knitting and embroidery) seem like the way to go. Ahhhh, craft ADD strikes again!!!

Now, for some "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday" It's not much, but it's just for you!!
  • Check out this woman who misses her flight and throws a temper tantrum. LOML and I often discuss why adults don't throw tantrums like we did as kids. We might get what we want more often. J/K!
  • Roald Dahl was my favorite author as a child, and still is for children's books. I haven't gotten much into his writing for adults yet (but it's on the list.) At this site, you can explore his writing hut. It's kinda dirty and depressing, but if you've ever read his children's books, you know they all kinda start out that way.
Wild huh?
Well, I'm off for now. Try to enjoy your Wednesday - you're halfway to the weekend (glass half full, right?)

Mardi Gras 2009 (TRT)

Happy Mardi Gras!!
I promised to check in today and share some pictures. So here are two of the ones I took Saturday night.

I was a bad girl and didn't engage in any of the festivities today. I decided this several days ago and began to regret it about lunch time. However, I stopped working a little early and played in the craft room. Now, I'm happy I didn't go - sorry Mama!!

While it is Mardi Gras, it is also "Totally Random Tuesday."
Alright, I hope you were safe today and enjoyed Fat Tuesday. Lent begins tomorrow and all that stuff.

Back to Normal after the Weekend (MMSM)

Thanks for the concern from several of you.
I figure this blog serves the purpose for venting from time to time. There's not much anyone can say to me to make me feel better (when I'm like that) anyway. But, sometimes it's best to just get it all out of my system - a cleansing of sorts, a verbal dump if you will.

Anyway. It has passed. LOML is back and I'm a 'happy Hope' again.

Other than having to pick up LOML so late on Friday night, I had a pretty decent weekend. There was no beach involved, but still decent. I had family in town from Florida and got to visit with them as we went to my favorite Mardi Gras parade. I took some pictures that I'll probably share tomorrow. On Sunday, I was able to get in the craft room to clean and start a new project. I haven't soldered in a while and really do enjoy it, so I figured it was time to start back on some of that. I'm anxious to get back in there today. We'll see - with grocery shopping, cooking, and my shows tonight; craft time may not happen. Maybe I'll work on my etsy shop instead since I CAN do that while in the living room.

With the lack of sleep I experienced while LOML was out of town and my basic inability to function when I first wake up I had a few really DUH moments this week that I want to share before I get into the Monday fun. Here's the three most recent.
-While the man was out of town, I was rushing to get into the house late one night and tried to open the house door with my car's key fob door unlock button. It didn't work!
-When I woke up yesterday, I passed an appliance that's not usually in the bedroom and wondered alound why the lawn mower was behind the bedroom door. It was the vacuum cleaner.
-This morning, when I was awakened by my alarm clock I tried to turn it off with the TV remote. The TV came on instead.
Yup, I'm a genius!

Moving on. . .here's some fun stuff on this "Made Me Smile Monday"
Sorry for offending any vegans or vegetarians with this one, it's just funny.

Well, that's all for now. I hope at least one of these funnies has brightened your Monday just a bit. So, for now, Crafty Hope OUT!!


Just quickly want to say that I'm sorry if I offended anyone with the post earlier today. I was a bit moody and emotional. That has passed some. Now, I'm ready to get on with the evening and get LOML picked up from the airport. I hate that he is flying in so late. It's excruciating to wait like this.

Have a great weekend.

So Frustrated (FGF)

On days like this, it's best if I not say too much.
Instead, here's my to do list for the day:
- try to make it through the work day
- avoid my co-workers
- deposit money in bank
- get an oil change
- avoid all persons who have children, especially those who have had the opportunity to bear children (double especially for those parents who complain about their kids)
- get my paycheck and get out of the office
- clean the house (OR wallow in self-pity - whatever)
- try to stomach some food
- pick up LOML from the airport (hurray)

Busy, busy me!!

Maybe I'll get to feeling better later. After all, it is "Feel Good Friday." It's not much, but it is what it is.
  • the hampster did it
If you are a parent or are expecting: (no hard feelings) but PLEASE don't talk to me today. My emotions are a bit fragile at the moment and I can't be responsible for my actions. Thanks so much! Enjoy your day.

This One's a Long One (WWWW)

So, I'm suffering.
I'm suffering from beach withdrawal
from lack of sleep
from missing my hubby

We had a very nice time at the beach. It was cold. It was overcast. But, it was the beach. The condo was AWESOME. It was an end unit, so there were tons of windows that other condos don't usually have. Since it was overcast most of the weekend, the extra windows really helped get some light in there. As well, there were tons of books and movies and CDs to enjoy. Of course, I have to have something to complain about - the balcony. Instead of a metal railing that you can see through (to see the beach from the couch), it was a four foot high concrete wall with a railing. So, it was hard to just chill on the couch with the door open, because I couldn't actually SEE the water from the couch. See, I HAVE to complain about something.

LOML and I had Valentines dinner at our favorite restaurant, Ginny Lane's. They had a set menu for the occassion. Basically, there were 3 appitizers, 5 soups/salads, 5 entrees, and 4 desserts from which to choose. It was a really great menu. I was especially excited about dessert (because Valentine's is all about the sweets with your sweetie.) I ordered the blueberry creme brulee only to find out that they were out of it already. Instead, I opted for the only other item I could bear to imagine eating: the chocolate cobbler. The crabcake was alright, the salad really good, and the filet mignon topped with lump crab meat was awesome. As our server cleared the entree plates, she informed me that they were out of the chocolate cobbler. My Valentine's Day was ruined JUST LIKE THAT. Since I expressed my distaste for the other options, I was offered basic vanilla ice cream (really!) Instead, I relented and settled for the white chocolate bread pudding. It was fine, I'm just not a fan of bread pudding.

I also was a bit disappointed in LOML (PLEASE don't mention this to him- he's otherwise perfect) as he did not even get me a card. Yes, he paid for the condo I reserved and for the dinner I picked out. But, after two weeks of me leaving little notes around the house to let him know how much I love and appreciate him, he didn't even bother to go to wal-mart and get me a lousy card? It was just a little bit of a let down.

And, now he's off in Connecticut meeting with some people from NASDAQ (is that spelled right?) I'm sooooo proud of him for getting jobs like this but miss him terribly while he's gone. What's worse is we both hate talking on the phone, so while it's great to hear his voice; we're both straining to complete the conversation. We're much better in person. We had to be up at 3:30 AM to get him to the airport for his flight yesterday and while I took two naps yesterday and slept through the night - I'm still tired.

WOW, can you tell I've been all alone today with no one to talk to but the cat? Here's some "Wild Wild Web Wednesday" links as a peace offering for all the jabber.
I apologize for going on and on, but I had to explain myself for the lack of posting, make up for it, and catch you up on the boring shit in my life.

Well, I'm home all alone - it's just about time to order the chicken wings for dinner and pick out some chick flicks. Before long, the man will be home and I won't get to watch the cheezy, poorly performed movies I love.

Ta Ta!!

Getting Ready for a Weekend Away (Valentines)

I actually had internet last night and I wasted it. I was exhausted.
LOML and I have a condo at the beach reserved for this weekend (awwwww), and it requires a lot of work on my part to get ready for a trip like that. Having a condo is GREAT - you have you own space, your own kitchen, a view of the beach, yadda yadda. Unfortunately, while the condo comes with a full kitchen of pots and pans and plates etc. - I always tend to forget a few of the little things that you take for granted in a kitchen: like salt and pepper, butter, cooking spray, etc. As such, I'm trying to be a bit more prepared and have all those items ready (rather than running to the gas station and paying 8 times the price.) Therefore, I've made lists. . . lots of lists.
The food is mostly packed, but nothing else is. Not my clothes, not my crafts, not my hairbrush - nothing. It looks like leaving work early is on the agenda. Which brings me to the next point. This was my horoscope today:
If you're looking for an easy way to get through a busy day, spend part of your morning getting the rest of the day organized. You might not be a morning person, but once you start seeing how things fall into place, your energy level will go through the roof. Nothing is as exciting as new possibilities for you right now, and there will be many in your day. Things are going to get done, deadlines will be met, and your schedule is going to have a lot more room -- for a lot more fun
I guess it's time to get started on the organization part, so I can get to the fun part.

I don't have anything for 'Feel Good Friday' today so I'm going to dump the rest of the Valentine links on you. I'm sure I've got a ton more waiting in the overstocked feed-reader, but they'll have to wait for next year. Oh, and if you missed it, here's the main Valentine's post I did last year.
I hope you enjoy your Valentine Weekend and your weekend in general.
If you are not sharing it with another person you love, make sure to spend some time on the person you should love the most, yourself. Make the most of it!!

The Internet Deliema Goes On

So sorry about the rant yesterday, I just get really frustrated when I don't get exactly what I pay for - like internet connection. I'm tempted to contact Medicom and let them know that we need the hours of no service taken off our bill. I don't want to pay for the lack of service. UGH!!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures yesterday and maybe even got to check out the crafts I've been doing lately. You may not see many more until I can get this computer back up to the standards I expect as I'm still trying to download everything I use. Without internet, this is going to take longer than I thought. You should seed my feed reader and facebook. I have over 800 blogs backed up to read and something like 62 notifications in facebook. (I saw that while I was at work this morning.) I've written this in MS Word until I can get online to transfer it. We'll see if that happens or not. I guess you'll know if you see this post or not.

It's "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday" and my web experiences are definitely wild right now. . . wildly erratic.

Now for some Valentine stuff (are you getting tired of this yet?)

Alright, fingers crossed. Maybe I'll have a connection before Wednesday is over. If not, you'll be having a Wild Wild Web Thursday won't you??

Pictures of My Week and Weekend

Basically, this post is to share some of my pictures from over the past week.

First, check out my niece making her rings, and then her finished work.I also want to share with you how bitterly cold it got here last week. This was just a freak occurrence because a neighborhood left the sprinklers on, but still - icicles.Following the bitter cold, it was warmer over the weekend. Warm enough for us to enjoy both days at the beach. We weren't the only ones either. There was a swarm of surfers there as well. LOML even got out in the water on his stand-up paddleboard while I crafted and enjoyed the weather.Afterward, we enjoyed some of the best beer we know.And watched a beautiful sunset before heading home.We're planning to do it all over again this weekend as I just made reservations for a condo for our three-day Valentine's weekend. Oh, and head over to my Fairy Creative site within the next few days to see what I've been working on. Hopefully, I'll have that post up before bedtime.

My Internet Rant (TRT and Valentine's Day)

OH DEAR GOD!! Do you have any idea how hard this has been on me?
You know the part about my laptop dying and me not getting it back until Monday. However, I didn't even get to come home straight away last night as there was a certain 8-year-old who needed help writing a book report on Sacagawea. (my spell check says that's the wrong spelling, but after staring at the word for three hours last night, I KNOW that is how it's spelled in the book.) Once I got home, it was entirely too late to deal with setting it up. I knew I was planning on working at home and I could take care of all of it today while I worked. WRONG! Mediacom was doing some work in our area and we had NO INTERNET. I repeat, NO INTERNET!! I got no work done, I got no laptop setup done, I WAITED! Finally, I am back online and wondering how I am going to cover all of what you've missed.

So, I think I'll do this post with all the links I want to share and then another post with some pictures of my lovely weekend and other stuff.

Can you handle it?
Oh well, here we go:

"Totally Random Tuesday" links

Some Valentine links as well. I'm trying to give these out as much as possible as time is closing in for the big V-Day.
Enjoy those and I'll start working on the next post. Pardon no pictures here. Check out the next one!!

So Much to Say (FGF & Valentine)

I broke my laptop - AGAIN! This should explain my lack of posting yesterday.
I had started a post when the whole thing went kaput. So, some of what I'm reporting today was intended for yesterday. Since I have a few things to report, let's do this in list form.

1. First, the tech at work is diligently trying to revive my laptop before I have a serious case of withdrawal over the the weekend. (**edit - I was just informed that I will not get it back until Monday - GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!) Apparently, LOML instructed him to just wipe the whole thing clean and I can start over. This mean EVERYTHING has to be re-installed, but it also means that hopefully some of the little problems I'd been working around will be resolved. So, it's not too bad.

2. Since I don't have my laptop, I'm not able to upload any pictures I took with my camera. Please pardon the lack of pictures today.

3. I have officially opened an Etsy account. Don't get too excited, I've done nothing with it yet. I'm still a little nervous about it with a TON of questions. I need to read all the material, create a banner, figure out the money and shipping situation, take some pictures, list some items, and more - I guess. I'm not really sure until I read the material. However, the initial step has been taken. I'll post more about it when I get more done.

4. Doing the memory wire rings with the youngest niece was even harder than I thought. The older one didn't have any problems. I should have thought the idea through a bit more. I guess it's not a good idea for me to plan craft activities for children until I've had my coffee.

5. I'm ready to reveal what my V-Day project has been for LOML. It's fairly simple: each day I'm leaving him little 'love notes' stashed around the house. For me, these are just slips of paper with a heart drawn on them and a sappy sentence about my love for him (i.e. "I love you more than coffee", "You love makes my heart swell", "You are the bestest", etc.) I'm leaving the notes all over the house in places I think he'll find them - next to the coffee maker, on his pillow, on top of his laptop, on his office door, where ever. I'm leaving him one note per whatever number day it is (today is Feb. 6th - he'll get six notes today.) This will work up to Valentine's day. So far, he's seemed to like it. I know it's corney, but it is cute. You should see some of the really hokey notes I've written. PLUS, each note has a doodle of some sort on it that incorporates a heart or hearts. Sappy, sweet - I know - but, it's Valentine's Day. This idea can be taken in a variety of directions - write little poems, use quotes from love poems or songs, etc.

It's "Feel Good Friday". Unfortunately, after you've had to read all the above - I've only got a few links for you. Here they are though!!
Valentine links for today:
That's all for now. I hope you have a great weekend. Think about me while you are surfing the net as I will be without - you lucky dogs!!

Just Rambling, Really (WWWW & V-Day)

Ah, yesterday was a short post. Today's may also be.
I stopped working fairly early yesterday as I just couldn't concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing anymore. I'm having that problem again today but in a different way. In reality I am working, but the work I'm doing involves waiting for some scans to get done. I HATE waiting. I am also working on some copy but tend to get bored with the monotony of reading what I've written over and over. This often leads me to write the same thing over and over. You know, the same adjectives, catch-phrases, etc.
I'm getting off work early today to go help with my nieces. Really, I'll be spending the majority of the time with one of them as the other one is at an appointment with my mom. Fortunately, my nieces like crafts and I can totally work with that interest. I'm taking over my 'small bead soup' (mostly seed beads with a few other beads mixed in) and some ring memory wire. Basically, I grabbed the first thing I could think of/ find in the craft room this morning when I remembered that today was the day I was going to be with her. I know seed beads tend to be kinda hard for little fingers to use. I hope her fine motor skills are up to the task. I may stop on the way to grab a few extra supplies. She tends to like cutting, pasting, and drawing. I'm trying to broaden her craft resume. We'll see how it goes.

So, on to "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday" All of the links below will take you to products/ pictures of items I found on the web that were fairly interesting enough to be WILD.Now, for something a little less 'odd' - Valentine Day links
I think tomorrow I will be posting what I've been working on for LOML's Valentine's Day. He's already figured it out, so no harm.

Alrighty guys - you have a crafty evening yourselves and I hope mine is too!!

Totally Distracted (TRT & V-Day)

Just a quickie for y'all today (tonight rather). I got distracted earlier today and couldn't quite focus on much of anything. Plus, the internet was being wonky again. Gah!!

What distracted me? Embroidery, blogs, work, twitter, tv, the cat, my valentine's project. Let's just say - pretty much everything within site was pulling my attention in a different direction. So, here I am at eight o'clock at night putting up a blog post.

It's "Totally Random Tuesday." Here we go:
Don't forget I'm sharing some Valentine links too:
Well, that's all for now. I'll get back to the many other projects in my line of site.

It Was a Blast, I Mean a Ball (MMSM and Valentines)

What a weekend!!
Margarita Friday - check
Mardi Gras Ball Prep all day Saturday - check
Party Like a Rockstar Saturday Night - check
CRASH at the hotel- check
Breakfast - check
Relax on Sunday - check

I'm still so exhausted.
I would share some pics with you of the ball and all the excitement, but I was so busy drinkin' and dancin' and socializin' that I completely left out picture takin'.
I hope you understand.

So, February has begun and that means it's time to start thinking about the big V-Day (Valentines). As such, I'm going to start leaving a few links at the end of each post with either some Valentine craft links or just some neat Valentine links. Check it out.

For now, It's "Made Me Smile Monday."Alright, here's my first installment of Valentine links:
I'm working on something for LOML and I'll let you in on it in a few days or so.
Happy Groundhog Day.

Bead Box 18 - Reveal

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