Pictures of My Week and Weekend

Basically, this post is to share some of my pictures from over the past week.

First, check out my niece making her rings, and then her finished work.I also want to share with you how bitterly cold it got here last week. This was just a freak occurrence because a neighborhood left the sprinklers on, but still - icicles.Following the bitter cold, it was warmer over the weekend. Warm enough for us to enjoy both days at the beach. We weren't the only ones either. There was a swarm of surfers there as well. LOML even got out in the water on his stand-up paddleboard while I crafted and enjoyed the weather.Afterward, we enjoyed some of the best beer we know.And watched a beautiful sunset before heading home.We're planning to do it all over again this weekend as I just made reservations for a condo for our three-day Valentine's weekend. Oh, and head over to my Fairy Creative site within the next few days to see what I've been working on. Hopefully, I'll have that post up before bedtime.


  1. You and Pat should really come visit me in Austin. There is a restaurant by my office that has its own brewery. You know I am not a beer drinker and I even like the stuff they make. Seriously good beer!

  2. Sounds great!! If I could only get him to go to Austin. I've been begging ever since Kerry moved there forever ago. He likes it, but out vacations tend to be beach/ gulf-related.


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