My Internet Rant (TRT and Valentine's Day)

OH DEAR GOD!! Do you have any idea how hard this has been on me?
You know the part about my laptop dying and me not getting it back until Monday. However, I didn't even get to come home straight away last night as there was a certain 8-year-old who needed help writing a book report on Sacagawea. (my spell check says that's the wrong spelling, but after staring at the word for three hours last night, I KNOW that is how it's spelled in the book.) Once I got home, it was entirely too late to deal with setting it up. I knew I was planning on working at home and I could take care of all of it today while I worked. WRONG! Mediacom was doing some work in our area and we had NO INTERNET. I repeat, NO INTERNET!! I got no work done, I got no laptop setup done, I WAITED! Finally, I am back online and wondering how I am going to cover all of what you've missed.

So, I think I'll do this post with all the links I want to share and then another post with some pictures of my lovely weekend and other stuff.

Can you handle it?
Oh well, here we go:

"Totally Random Tuesday" links

Some Valentine links as well. I'm trying to give these out as much as possible as time is closing in for the big V-Day.
Enjoy those and I'll start working on the next post. Pardon no pictures here. Check out the next one!!

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