So Frustrated (FGF)

On days like this, it's best if I not say too much.
Instead, here's my to do list for the day:
- try to make it through the work day
- avoid my co-workers
- deposit money in bank
- get an oil change
- avoid all persons who have children, especially those who have had the opportunity to bear children (double especially for those parents who complain about their kids)
- get my paycheck and get out of the office
- clean the house (OR wallow in self-pity - whatever)
- try to stomach some food
- pick up LOML from the airport (hurray)

Busy, busy me!!

Maybe I'll get to feeling better later. After all, it is "Feel Good Friday." It's not much, but it is what it is.
  • the hampster did it
If you are a parent or are expecting: (no hard feelings) but PLEASE don't talk to me today. My emotions are a bit fragile at the moment and I can't be responsible for my actions. Thanks so much! Enjoy your day.

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