So Much to Say (FGF & Valentine)

I broke my laptop - AGAIN! This should explain my lack of posting yesterday.
I had started a post when the whole thing went kaput. So, some of what I'm reporting today was intended for yesterday. Since I have a few things to report, let's do this in list form.

1. First, the tech at work is diligently trying to revive my laptop before I have a serious case of withdrawal over the the weekend. (**edit - I was just informed that I will not get it back until Monday - GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!) Apparently, LOML instructed him to just wipe the whole thing clean and I can start over. This mean EVERYTHING has to be re-installed, but it also means that hopefully some of the little problems I'd been working around will be resolved. So, it's not too bad.

2. Since I don't have my laptop, I'm not able to upload any pictures I took with my camera. Please pardon the lack of pictures today.

3. I have officially opened an Etsy account. Don't get too excited, I've done nothing with it yet. I'm still a little nervous about it with a TON of questions. I need to read all the material, create a banner, figure out the money and shipping situation, take some pictures, list some items, and more - I guess. I'm not really sure until I read the material. However, the initial step has been taken. I'll post more about it when I get more done.

4. Doing the memory wire rings with the youngest niece was even harder than I thought. The older one didn't have any problems. I should have thought the idea through a bit more. I guess it's not a good idea for me to plan craft activities for children until I've had my coffee.

5. I'm ready to reveal what my V-Day project has been for LOML. It's fairly simple: each day I'm leaving him little 'love notes' stashed around the house. For me, these are just slips of paper with a heart drawn on them and a sappy sentence about my love for him (i.e. "I love you more than coffee", "You love makes my heart swell", "You are the bestest", etc.) I'm leaving the notes all over the house in places I think he'll find them - next to the coffee maker, on his pillow, on top of his laptop, on his office door, where ever. I'm leaving him one note per whatever number day it is (today is Feb. 6th - he'll get six notes today.) This will work up to Valentine's day. So far, he's seemed to like it. I know it's corney, but it is cute. You should see some of the really hokey notes I've written. PLUS, each note has a doodle of some sort on it that incorporates a heart or hearts. Sappy, sweet - I know - but, it's Valentine's Day. This idea can be taken in a variety of directions - write little poems, use quotes from love poems or songs, etc.

It's "Feel Good Friday". Unfortunately, after you've had to read all the above - I've only got a few links for you. Here they are though!!
Valentine links for today:
That's all for now. I hope you have a great weekend. Think about me while you are surfing the net as I will be without - you lucky dogs!!


  1. sorry to hear about your laptop!

    great Nina Simone song. I love her androgenous voice.

  2. You sappy romantic! Sorry to here the laptop crashed. Liberty's still sick. I'm congested, but no fever. Ugh!!!

  3. Susanna and Heather - Thanks for the well wishes about the laptop. I'm getting to use Pat's Macbook some instead and I think I like it too much. Heather - I hope you and Libby get to feeling better soon.


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