Back to Normal after the Weekend (MMSM)

Thanks for the concern from several of you.
I figure this blog serves the purpose for venting from time to time. There's not much anyone can say to me to make me feel better (when I'm like that) anyway. But, sometimes it's best to just get it all out of my system - a cleansing of sorts, a verbal dump if you will.

Anyway. It has passed. LOML is back and I'm a 'happy Hope' again.

Other than having to pick up LOML so late on Friday night, I had a pretty decent weekend. There was no beach involved, but still decent. I had family in town from Florida and got to visit with them as we went to my favorite Mardi Gras parade. I took some pictures that I'll probably share tomorrow. On Sunday, I was able to get in the craft room to clean and start a new project. I haven't soldered in a while and really do enjoy it, so I figured it was time to start back on some of that. I'm anxious to get back in there today. We'll see - with grocery shopping, cooking, and my shows tonight; craft time may not happen. Maybe I'll work on my etsy shop instead since I CAN do that while in the living room.

With the lack of sleep I experienced while LOML was out of town and my basic inability to function when I first wake up I had a few really DUH moments this week that I want to share before I get into the Monday fun. Here's the three most recent.
-While the man was out of town, I was rushing to get into the house late one night and tried to open the house door with my car's key fob door unlock button. It didn't work!
-When I woke up yesterday, I passed an appliance that's not usually in the bedroom and wondered alound why the lawn mower was behind the bedroom door. It was the vacuum cleaner.
-This morning, when I was awakened by my alarm clock I tried to turn it off with the TV remote. The TV came on instead.
Yup, I'm a genius!

Moving on. . .here's some fun stuff on this "Made Me Smile Monday"
Sorry for offending any vegans or vegetarians with this one, it's just funny.

Well, that's all for now. I hope at least one of these funnies has brightened your Monday just a bit. So, for now, Crafty Hope OUT!!


  1. Thanks again for my lanyard! I got a lot of compliments on it today. I'm glad we got to see you guys yesterday. Love ya!

  2. H- I'm so glad to hear you like it. We're glad y'all stopped by too. We never have visitors and it was nice.


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