Wild, Wild Web Wednesday

I guess it's time to get back on track and post another "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"
Sorry for the lack of posting. I know a few of you like to check out my links. I have been compiling the links I find interesting or just "wild" for posting but have lacked interest or time to actually put them up here. For those of you who have been waiting, here is some of the wildest of the web I have found over the past several weeks. Enjoy!
Unfortunately, they are currently sold out.
  • LOML* and I often watch medication commercials just to hear the strange side effects. Cracked was able to compile a list of the most unsettling medication side effects. Geez!!
  • Wow, to make a buck, you might have to perform some offbeat jobs in the 30s and 40s.
  • I had no idea you could turn vegetables into musical instruments. This guy is able to play "Angels We Have Heard on High" on broccoli.
  • I totally get the wanting to be individual and unique thing about goth individuals. However, being a human pet is taking the weirdness to a whole new level. I don't know what irked me more about this story: the girl willingly giving up herself as a pet, the prejudice of the bus driver, or these two individuals wanting to start a family while they are basically on welfare (no jobs or home of their own.)
  • A little more warm and fuzzy is this gallery of bears. Nevermind if they are inside out, they're really neat.
  • Boys, while out shopping for unique Valentine's presents for your special someone, remember that there is a difference between ugly and unique gifts. (BTW - I like all of the 'unique' ones.)
  • I've always wondered if anyone had every put together a fairly complete list of all the crazy state laws. I've only been able to read Alabama's, but they're pretty out-there.
Have a Wild Wednesday!

*LOML=Love of My Life

Working at Home

I've been able to work at home some lately, and it's been really nice. I have worked from home in the past and was concerned about how easy it was to get distracted. However, I'm finding that I am less distracted here than I am at the office. I'm not really sure what to make of that other than the possibility that I am consciously trying NOT to get distracted. My baby kitty, Asia, likes having me home. LOML* also works at home and we are able to take lunch together and all. Yet, we try to keep to our separate areas to ensure we get our work done during the rest of the day.

Of course, this is what I'd really like to be doing: napping in the sunshine!!

*LOML=Love of My LIfe

I'm A Crafty Maniac

I've actually focused some of my time and energy into crafting over the past several days. Hopefully, this explains my lack of posting.

I've kinda jumped around from one medium to another, but all projects have been jewelry-based.

Here's what I've gotten done:
On Saturday, I made a shrink plastic pendant involving my odd doodling style and some colored pencils.
On Sunday, I spent the morning meditating with my beads and was able to produce a necklace and some earrings for my mom's birthday. They include some polymer clay mokume gane beads that were made with her in mind a few months back. I hope she likes it. Her birthday is Friday. I was also able to pick back up a fall-themed free form peyote necklace and decided that it is screaming to be a bracelet instead. It is one of those MANY half-completed items on my craft table. It's still not done because after lunch and some shopping, I felt the need to solder. But first, I needed to create something to frame with the solder. Therefore, I began playing with a variety of scrapbooking papers and decorative edged scissors before leaving the house to have dinner with friends. After dinner, I did some decorating of the paper with foil tape, stencils, and stamp pads. Just before bed, I cut the page into pieces that would fit under the 1 1/2 inch slides.
While at work on Monday, I doodled onto and colored more shrink plastic. When I got home, I got to cut and shrink it!! Then, I started back on the decorated paper squares for soldering. I stamped, distressed, and stuck glitter letter stickers on them before heading to bed.
I worked from home on Tuesday and didn't craft until I was cooking dinner (waiting for rice.) I began cutting out metal embossing sheets, stamping them with words, and antiquing the words. I eventually was able to copper foil the edges of two of them before I got tired and was ready to JUST watch the movie with LOML*

I probably won't get to craft tonight since I will be helping my mom out with my nieces (as I try to do once a week or so as time and schedules permit.) But, I may try to take some shrink plastic over to her house just in case.

As you can tell, I've got a little bit of CADD (Craft Attention Deficit Disorder) and quickly jump from project to project as my attention and mood allows. This is why I have a table full of unfinished projects. As well, I've been crafting all over the place - the kitchen counter and the computer table in the living room have seen their share of craft action so far this week. Look at the condition of my work areas right now.....
My Craft Room Table

My Living Room Computer Table

My Kitchen Counter

I'm a crafty maniac! I need help, I need to clean up. Nah! I need to finish these projects first.

I'll try to post pictures of the actual projects soon.

*LOML=Love of My Life

Feel Good Friday

It's another "Feel Good Friday" . . .and gosh darn-it, thank goodness it is Friday.
For the first time in quite a few weeks, I have NO PLANS for this weekend - no parties, no meetings, no obligations at ALL- just me and LOML* doing what WE want to do. What a relief!!
Yet before I slide down that slippery slope of slothfulness, let's pep ourselves up with some selfless and kind acts.

First, I want to share with you an article about how one minister's simple, but seemingly crazy idea helped his congregation at Federation Chruch in Chagrin Falls, Ohio realize their individual talents, self-worth, and selflessness along with fostering a stronger sense of community. It is such a heart-warming story, I almost cried, really.

After reading that story, aren't YOU ready to give back? Here's a couple of things you can do.
1. I've mentioned here before the Breast Cancer awareness site where you just have to click a button to help donate free mammograms. Well, just this week, I was directed to the Animal Rescue Site that fills bowls of pet food every time you click. I realized that the Animal site looked uncannily like the Breast Cancer one and then noticed the tabs at the top of the page. These tabs are available so you can navigate through them to click to prevent hunger, increase literacy, help child health, and save the rain forests along with helping detect breast cancer and fill animal food bowls. As I mentioned when the breast cancer one was brought up, you can set up to have daily reminders sent to you via e-mail. It's just a click, no catch, no cost to you - just pure feel-good-giving.

2. Today, I was directed to a site called What Kind of World Do You Want. The site is inspired by a Five for Fighting song. It's a donation site for several different charities, including autism (my personal choice). Click on the button to 'watch the videos', watch a video for the charity you support, and a donation is made to that charity. It's that easy. If you want more information on the hows and whys, the site has several pages you can navigate through to get a better understanding.

Well now, don't we all feel better? I do now that I've shared with all of you! Happy Friday!

*LOML=Love of My Life

Whine Rant and the iPhone

CAUTION - Whining Ahead
I REALLY wanted to post yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling so well, left work early, and vegged on the couch until LOML* took me for sushi. That made me feel better - until the dang TiVo didn't change channels to record Project Runway, and I had to wait an additional hour before Bravo re-aired it. Right now, it's the only show I look forward to all week. Earl (My Name is Earl) has actually come back on from its hiatus and Lost will be back on by the end of the month. So, there is more life to TV. Of course, I believe that there is more to life than TV. With the end of the reruns, I guess we need to move the exercise equipment back into the living room (dangit) since we moved it out for the ladies to come over several weeks ago. The whole idea of having that stuff in the living room was to promote us using it while our shows air. Yet, after a while, we forgot it was there. Maybe bringing it back out will inspire us to start using the equipment again. We can hope.

Besides the ball this past weekend, I got really excited because LOML* got an iPhone. He communicates with his co-workers mainly through IMs and e-mails and the iPhone works well for those apparently. He did research for several weeks to find a phone that would meet all his needs for work. We hoped he would find one on our current cell provider, but they didn't really have a phone with all the options he wanted. Now, we have to switch providers so we don't have two bills. We thought the contract was up on our current plan but apparently it's only up on his. Mine should be up in a few weeks. AND, he says he'll get me an iPhone too!!! I am super excited about this because it will make blogging a little easier. I saw a blog post from another crafter yesterday and she used her iPhone to take a picture, place it in her blog, and then post the blog. With an iPhone, I can capture all the smaller crafty projects I undertake so much easier. I am a bit worried because I am hard on electronics, especially phones. The iPhone is super easy to break so we'll have to check if they have insurance for it and a good protective case before I can get one. I've gotten to play with LOML's* and I like the ease of use. My current phone is simply used as a phone even though it also has a camera and games on it. The pictures are blah and I have a PSP and a Game Boy, so I don't really use those functions. Anyway, if you have an opinion on the iPhone, lemmie know!!

*LOML = Love of My LIfe

Some Tee-Hee's for Tuesday

So now that all I've talked about for a week has been the ball, I'm ready to get back on track with the blog. Officially, it is "Techie Tuesday," but I am WAY behind on my "Made Me Smile" material and that list is much longer than the techie one. So...here we go:
  • I was a fan of this song in high school and really haven't heard it since.
  • If a turtle is without a shell, is he homeless or naked?
  • I don't know why but this picture posted in a thrifting LiveJournal Community makes me crack up every time I look at it Nuns rollerskating, seriously funny!
  • The 10 Top Funny, Odd and/or Interesting photos of 2007. Well, the first picture did NOT make me smile at all, but the rest are pretty funny.
  • What do a hurricane, a tornado, and a redneck divorce have in common? Somebody's losing a trailer.
  • These top 'craptions' of 2007 sure made me chuckle.
  • J.K. Rowling may actually release another wizarding book for us Harry P fans.
  • News reporters are people too and can even make embarrassingly naughty bloopers
  • The same is true for young preachers during a sermon.
  • Bob Barker even had to endure Bloopers on The Price Is Right.
  • A sweatshirt for the Ball State Jays Wide Receiver that, because of an unfortunate graphic design read "all State B Jays Wide Receiver". . . .I tried to take a picture, but I think the person donning the shirt caught on before I could get the picture.
  • The 2007 Darwin Awards have been announced. I haven't had time to go through them, but they are usually fairly amusing.
  • We've all heard some pretty strange names. Here are the 20 Most Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names. I've got a few favorites, let me know what yours are.
  • There is some pretty funny graffiti out there. WARNING!! second page of that link has a topless woman (why? IDK).
  • You can't help but smile when you watch this kitten and two ferrets play with a paper bag. TOO CUTE!!
  • Lastly, I smiled all the way through my Mardi Gras Ball as I drank, danced, and had a fabulous time.
I hope some of this made you smile too.

While I'm here, I'll go ahead with my goal weigh in...
Crafting - Haven't done any since Friday night (what can I say, the Ball consumed my weekend)
Losing Weight - Had a good dinner last night and a good lunch today, danced at ball, but no real exercise since last 'weigh in'.
Organizing - Have re-started making meal plans and cleaned kitchen last night

A Blast of a Ball

I'm just checking in for a moment to say that the Ball was a BLAST!!
It's so hard to condense the fun of Saturday night into one blog post.
To my ball guests - I'm sorry I didn't get to spend a ton of time with you but it was soooooo good to see you. We def need to hang out soon. You made my night.
I was exhausted by the end of it and my feet were killing me. I slept almost all day Sunday. However, the laughter, music, and pure excitement of the evening are still ringing in my ears. Our leader (Queen) looked beautiful and I hope she had as good a time as I did. LOML* looked fantastic (as he always does) in his tails and I was able to keep the feathers on my head all night without much worry. It was a good, a very good, night.
It seems I am rambling now and need really to get some stuff done so I'll go now.
The work was worth it, I had a ball!!

*LOML=Love of My Life

We'll Have a Ball

I know my lack of blogging has been noticeable (for those few of you who actually read me regularly.) It is, at long last, the day before my Mardi Gras Ball, and it has been one hectic week. I had meetings, rehearsals, and parties all weekend and even twice this week. When not meeting, I have been frantically trying to get all my stuff ready. I'm still not packed and ready. I've already mentioned to LOML* that I may leave work early today go home and work on some of the half-done and not started tasks I need and want to have done for the Ball. I have been keeping up with my "Craft More" goal and made earrings for my mom and her best friend for the Ball. I just have not completed MY earrings, mask, or holder-chain-thing for my glasses. I'll try to take pictures this weekend. I also spray glittered my prop (can't say what it is here yet). Except for meeting nights, I've been pretty crafty every day. Unfortunately though, my other goals for the year - losing weight and getting organized - have fallen to the wayside while I prepare for tomorrow night. Hopefully, I can get into a better routine starting Sunday or Monday. Those of you who will be at the Ball with me, I can't wait to see you - we're going to have so much fun!!

*LOML= Love of My Life

Obession Complete

The practice with the ladies from my Mardi Gras Society went well last night. I over-prepared, as usual - more food, more drinks, and more whatnot than I needed. Of course, it's always better to have too many than not enough. I was absolutely shaking with anticipation before they came over. In all, nobody complained about funky smells or bad tasting food, at least not to my face. The wine was an odd color though, I need to try it to ensure I didn't offend the lady who drank it. No, I'm not looking for an excuse to drink some wine. But hey, some wine does sound good.

I don't know why I obsessed about my house in preparation for the practice. We (LOML* and I) decorated, painted a bathroom, steam cleaned the carpet, and so much more to make the house "presentable". There was really nothing wrong with it to begin with, but these were things we had wanted to do in the first place. Things that we had been talking about doing. Things that we could have lived without. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining they got done. I just think we could have enjoyed the holidays a bit more if we weren't so nervous about our house. We just don't have house guests often enough to set a limit on how much preparation is enough. Now that everything is in its place, it won't be as hard next time. At least, oh dear God, I hope not.

As is typical, Asia (my kitty) FLED as soon as the doorbell rang. She did not emerge from behind the couch for almost an hour after the ladies departed. She's getting more and more scared of people and more and more adventurous about trying to get outside. She did to enjoy hearing us dance from her poor viewpoint. I was hoping she would at least pop her head out or run frantically toward the bedroom, limbs flailing about, as an explanation for the gazillion kitty toys laying about the house. That was one of the few things I let go. KITTY TOYS However, there was NO kitty. At least no one asked. I would've had to plead, "No, I really DO have a cat. She just doesn't like people. Well, she does like people, she just doesn't like OTHER people. She's just weird. But, I promise, she does exist." At least I didn't have to go through that. Alright, I've vented enough. I just wanted to say that I am proud of myself, I had people, real people over to my house and it wasn't a disaster. Ahhhh, I can breath a bit better now.

*LOML=Love of My Life

Goal Weigh-In

It's the third day of January. How is everyone doing on their resolutions and goals for 2008? I'm doing alright. In order to help me stay on track with my goals for the year, I will be making my progress public. Hopefully, on a weekly basis. So....
  • I 've crafted everyday - Yay! On Tuesday (following a fantastic New Year's meal of fried pork chops, gravy, rice, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, and broccoli - Thanks Mama!), I painted and decoupaged some beads. Yesterday, I began to work on a few cards I was asked to make (by my mom) for a party on Saturday. I hope to work on them some more tonight, but I'm having some ladies from my Mardi Gras Society over to my house to work on their dance for the Ball's tableau.
  • Since I am having people over, I have stayed fairly organized. Yet, have not accomplished GETTING organized.
  • Sadly, though, I have not been working on losing weight as much as I should. I had a nice light lunch of Sushi, edamamme, and Miso soup yesterday. YUM! However, last night I took the easy way out and did a Stouffer's casserole for dinner. You already know what I had for New Year's lunch (bad, bad, bad) and we did pizza for dinner (worse, worse, worse.) Does that day have to count? I haven't really done any exercise since I've been cleaning, crafting, and watching Project Runway (last night.)
Dang, I gotta get on top of these goals. That's part of the getting organized. One day at a time, right?

A Webby New Year

Has your New Year been Happy so far? I sincerely hope so!
Today is another version of "Wild Wild Web Wednesday".Are you ready for it? It is quite a long list today as I have been just adding and adding to my list without posting. Now, I'll be able to clear something else off my TO DO list. Since the list is so long, I have broken it down into categories (see how organized I can be?)

  • Want to know the news on a particular day, who shares your birthday, important deaths by the day of a year? All this can be found at Brainy History.
  • Looking to do some drinking and movie watching? How about some drinking games for 2007's movies.
  • If you are just that lazy or just that much of a perfectionist, here's a tool to make perfect snowballs. Hopefully, this will never be a tool I need.
  • For those who need a little kick to their morning routine, there's the jet engine toaster. But, I ask you, WHY? WHY?
  • For those individuals (like my husband) who prefer to eat hot pizza with a fork, rest at ease - the Pizza Fork has arrived.
  • Ladies, thinking of getting bigger breasts? Well, for the reasonable cost of one dollar, fake breasts can be yours.
  • Pancakes and waffles have never been easier than with batter blaster. Apparently, you just spray it out and cook it up. It is supposedly organic and tastes good too.
That's all for this Wednesday.

Winding down the 100DayProject

I awoke the other day with many thoughts about the 100 Day project and decided to jot them down here to share with you. Some of the bits I g...