A Webby New Year

Has your New Year been Happy so far? I sincerely hope so!
Today is another version of "Wild Wild Web Wednesday".Are you ready for it? It is quite a long list today as I have been just adding and adding to my list without posting. Now, I'll be able to clear something else off my TO DO list. Since the list is so long, I have broken it down into categories (see how organized I can be?)

  • Want to know the news on a particular day, who shares your birthday, important deaths by the day of a year? All this can be found at Brainy History.
  • Looking to do some drinking and movie watching? How about some drinking games for 2007's movies.
  • If you are just that lazy or just that much of a perfectionist, here's a tool to make perfect snowballs. Hopefully, this will never be a tool I need.
  • For those who need a little kick to their morning routine, there's the jet engine toaster. But, I ask you, WHY? WHY?
  • For those individuals (like my husband) who prefer to eat hot pizza with a fork, rest at ease - the Pizza Fork has arrived.
  • Ladies, thinking of getting bigger breasts? Well, for the reasonable cost of one dollar, fake breasts can be yours.
  • Pancakes and waffles have never been easier than with batter blaster. Apparently, you just spray it out and cook it up. It is supposedly organic and tastes good too.
That's all for this Wednesday.

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