We'll Have a Ball

I know my lack of blogging has been noticeable (for those few of you who actually read me regularly.) It is, at long last, the day before my Mardi Gras Ball, and it has been one hectic week. I had meetings, rehearsals, and parties all weekend and even twice this week. When not meeting, I have been frantically trying to get all my stuff ready. I'm still not packed and ready. I've already mentioned to LOML* that I may leave work early today go home and work on some of the half-done and not started tasks I need and want to have done for the Ball. I have been keeping up with my "Craft More" goal and made earrings for my mom and her best friend for the Ball. I just have not completed MY earrings, mask, or holder-chain-thing for my glasses. I'll try to take pictures this weekend. I also spray glittered my prop (can't say what it is here yet). Except for meeting nights, I've been pretty crafty every day. Unfortunately though, my other goals for the year - losing weight and getting organized - have fallen to the wayside while I prepare for tomorrow night. Hopefully, I can get into a better routine starting Sunday or Monday. Those of you who will be at the Ball with me, I can't wait to see you - we're going to have so much fun!!

*LOML= Love of My Life

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