Whine Rant and the iPhone

CAUTION - Whining Ahead
I REALLY wanted to post yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling so well, left work early, and vegged on the couch until LOML* took me for sushi. That made me feel better - until the dang TiVo didn't change channels to record Project Runway, and I had to wait an additional hour before Bravo re-aired it. Right now, it's the only show I look forward to all week. Earl (My Name is Earl) has actually come back on from its hiatus and Lost will be back on by the end of the month. So, there is more life to TV. Of course, I believe that there is more to life than TV. With the end of the reruns, I guess we need to move the exercise equipment back into the living room (dangit) since we moved it out for the ladies to come over several weeks ago. The whole idea of having that stuff in the living room was to promote us using it while our shows air. Yet, after a while, we forgot it was there. Maybe bringing it back out will inspire us to start using the equipment again. We can hope.

Besides the ball this past weekend, I got really excited because LOML* got an iPhone. He communicates with his co-workers mainly through IMs and e-mails and the iPhone works well for those apparently. He did research for several weeks to find a phone that would meet all his needs for work. We hoped he would find one on our current cell provider, but they didn't really have a phone with all the options he wanted. Now, we have to switch providers so we don't have two bills. We thought the contract was up on our current plan but apparently it's only up on his. Mine should be up in a few weeks. AND, he says he'll get me an iPhone too!!! I am super excited about this because it will make blogging a little easier. I saw a blog post from another crafter yesterday and she used her iPhone to take a picture, place it in her blog, and then post the blog. With an iPhone, I can capture all the smaller crafty projects I undertake so much easier. I am a bit worried because I am hard on electronics, especially phones. The iPhone is super easy to break so we'll have to check if they have insurance for it and a good protective case before I can get one. I've gotten to play with LOML's* and I like the ease of use. My current phone is simply used as a phone even though it also has a camera and games on it. The pictures are blah and I have a PSP and a Game Boy, so I don't really use those functions. Anyway, if you have an opinion on the iPhone, lemmie know!!

*LOML = Love of My LIfe


  1. You are getting an iPhone? I am so jealous!! If I didn't hate Cingular (well AT&T now) so much I would too, I just hope they start making it available to other providers soon. Do you know anything about the possibility of that happening Ms. Techie??

  2. I MAY be getting an iPhone, we just have to make sure I won't break it immediately. As far as other providers - No it will not be available by other providers for the next 2-3 years at least (from what LOML and I have heard). Of course other providers are trying to come up with and offer their own versions of the iPhone. So keep an eye out for T-Mobile's own 'Smart Phone'


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