This One's a Long One (WWWW)

So, I'm suffering.
I'm suffering from beach withdrawal
from lack of sleep
from missing my hubby

We had a very nice time at the beach. It was cold. It was overcast. But, it was the beach. The condo was AWESOME. It was an end unit, so there were tons of windows that other condos don't usually have. Since it was overcast most of the weekend, the extra windows really helped get some light in there. As well, there were tons of books and movies and CDs to enjoy. Of course, I have to have something to complain about - the balcony. Instead of a metal railing that you can see through (to see the beach from the couch), it was a four foot high concrete wall with a railing. So, it was hard to just chill on the couch with the door open, because I couldn't actually SEE the water from the couch. See, I HAVE to complain about something.

LOML and I had Valentines dinner at our favorite restaurant, Ginny Lane's. They had a set menu for the occassion. Basically, there were 3 appitizers, 5 soups/salads, 5 entrees, and 4 desserts from which to choose. It was a really great menu. I was especially excited about dessert (because Valentine's is all about the sweets with your sweetie.) I ordered the blueberry creme brulee only to find out that they were out of it already. Instead, I opted for the only other item I could bear to imagine eating: the chocolate cobbler. The crabcake was alright, the salad really good, and the filet mignon topped with lump crab meat was awesome. As our server cleared the entree plates, she informed me that they were out of the chocolate cobbler. My Valentine's Day was ruined JUST LIKE THAT. Since I expressed my distaste for the other options, I was offered basic vanilla ice cream (really!) Instead, I relented and settled for the white chocolate bread pudding. It was fine, I'm just not a fan of bread pudding.

I also was a bit disappointed in LOML (PLEASE don't mention this to him- he's otherwise perfect) as he did not even get me a card. Yes, he paid for the condo I reserved and for the dinner I picked out. But, after two weeks of me leaving little notes around the house to let him know how much I love and appreciate him, he didn't even bother to go to wal-mart and get me a lousy card? It was just a little bit of a let down.

And, now he's off in Connecticut meeting with some people from NASDAQ (is that spelled right?) I'm sooooo proud of him for getting jobs like this but miss him terribly while he's gone. What's worse is we both hate talking on the phone, so while it's great to hear his voice; we're both straining to complete the conversation. We're much better in person. We had to be up at 3:30 AM to get him to the airport for his flight yesterday and while I took two naps yesterday and slept through the night - I'm still tired.

WOW, can you tell I've been all alone today with no one to talk to but the cat? Here's some "Wild Wild Web Wednesday" links as a peace offering for all the jabber.
I apologize for going on and on, but I had to explain myself for the lack of posting, make up for it, and catch you up on the boring shit in my life.

Well, I'm home all alone - it's just about time to order the chicken wings for dinner and pick out some chick flicks. Before long, the man will be home and I won't get to watch the cheezy, poorly performed movies I love.

Ta Ta!!


  1. All I can say is I know the all alone and no one to talk to thing except for the pets....glad to know I'm not the only one bored to death when my other half is out of town....k phx

  2. K!! I got your message. I was in bed watching my girlie movies and must not have heard the phone ring. I'll try to give you a call this week before he gets back!!


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