The 100 Day Project 2023

This year marks 10 years since the inception of The 100-Day Project

And, it will be my Seventh year participating. 

The 2023 project begins in just over a week - on February 22nd. Now seems like the right time to reveal what I'll be doing for the project this year, reasons for participating, and tips for picking a project. 

Let's start with reasons I'm participating and why you might consider it too.

-Doing something repetitively, day after day will help you learn more about it and search for other ways to expand and grow with it. A hundred days lets you explore all the intricacies of a medium or practice. This is my MAIN reason for participating. It's what drives me to do the project each year - to get better at what I'm doing. 

-Building community - you can find others online who are also participating in the project and/or doing similar challenges as you.

-After 100 days you learn if you really enjoy doing something and if you want to pursue it.

-It really does increase your creativity.

-Gives you daily content for your social channels (great for those days when you're grasping at straws)

And, there are so many more reasons, these are just my main ones. 

Now, what about picking a project? Here are some things to consider. 

First, I encourage you to read over this post from @DoThe100DayProject on Instagram. She makes some really great points on ways to narrow down the focus of your project. 

I also want you to remember that

-Your project doesn’t have to be something huge that has to be finished every day. You only need to do one little thing to work toward your goal each day. 

-It doesn’t have to be physical art - maybe work on your yoga poses or clear out some of the physical clutter in your creative space or meditate each day.

-Think of something you know will be easy to fit into your days or will make your days easier. You can always make it last longer on the days you have more time.

-Don’t choose something that will add stress to your life. Will 100 completed pieces of art piled up in your space inspire you or weigh you down?

Here are the projects I've done for each of the last six years.

2017 - #Make100Earrings on Instagram and Make100Earrings here on the blog

2018 - #Altering100 on Instagram in which I altered a variety of materials for use in either jewelry or mixed media

2019 - #SilverloxFinds on Instagram. This is a tag I use to this day to reveal the wild and wonderful things I find here on our property. 

2020 - #MakeArtDontFakeArt on Instagram. This was a project in which I worked on using many of my supplies. It's actually something similar to my #CraftyHopePrompts.

2021 - #100DaysOfMakingJewelry on Instagram.

2022 - #Assemblage100 on Instagram.

And for year seven....I'm going to attempt TWO PROJECTS!!

(Yes, I might be a little crazy.)

First, #Making100Faces

I decided on this project over a month ago when the subject of the 100-day project came up. It was my first idea and one I can’t shake. Drawing faces as a project has been done by MANY people, MANY times. But, I know it’s something I enjoy, want to work on, can do with limited materials, and can pick  up and do quickly just about anywhere or take my time with it. However, this isn’t something I expect to see showing up in my art or becoming something more than a way to keep my hands busy. 

Second, #MiniAssemblage100

Reading that post from @DoThe100DayProject and seeing a few other people reveal their projects made me realize that while face drawing would be kinda fun and so very, very  easy, it doesn’t really help me grow much toward my vision as an artist. It doesn't make my heart beat a little faster (the way the assemblage project did last year.) What does make me excited (right now) is the idea of building small assemblages for both framing and for jewelry. But, I want to keep it small. So, by mini, I mean assemblages or collages that are smaller than a dollar bill (this size idea comes from @Ricki_Ticki_Tavy as she sorts her scraps in a similar fashion) I hope that by keeping these small, it can also make them quick and easy. But, we’ll see. 

So, are you in?

What are you going to do for 100 days?


  1. As always, I admire your persistence with this commitment. "After 100 days you will know if you enjoy it" made me laugh and I totally agree with choosing something that will not be stressful. Good luck and I am looking forward to your creations :)

  2. This sounds like a cool project to do. i will see what i can do.#100daysofmakingjewelry23

    1. Woot! I hope you enjoy it and remember that you don't have to complete a jewelry project every day - just work a little on something. Keeping it easy is the best way to ensure success for the whole 100 days. And, remember that even if you miss a day, you can pick it up again as soon as you can. No one is holding you accountable but you! Have fun with it!!


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