Tin and Bead Bracelet DIY

As I flipped through some old jewelry magazines to decide if they needed to be kept or donated, I found so much inspiration in many of them still. The design idea for this bracelet arose from some of that flipping. And, I couldn't wait to try it out. As it is Mardi Gras Season in my area, it seemed the perfect color inspiration for the bracelet too. So, I ran with it. 

The actual design of the bracelet is easy enough: rectangles of tin are connected to one another by beads on eye pins. What takes the most time is the prepping of the tin. Each tin piece has to be cut, sanded, distressed, punched, flattened, and sealed before it can be joined with the beads to complete the bracelet. 

Of course, I recorded this whole process so you can watch it on YouTube.

And, if you have any questions at all, I'd be happy to answer them.  For now, here's a few more peeks at the finished bracelet. 

Though I went with a Mardi Gras design for this, I believe it can be worn inside out (reversible) for a completely different look.

And, I hope to make quite a few more of these. By using different tin, cutting alternative shapes, and incorporating other beads; I can create a variety of different bracelets with this one design idea. I hope it  inspires you too!


  1. That looks awesome. You can wear for halloween too

    1. You are so right! Thanks for the suggestion and your kind words!

  2. It's actually quite a difficult design - all equal components have to match perfectly! I love it!


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