Mixed Media Art Videos from January

 It's time for my monthly round-up of mixed media and art journaling videos that you may have missed. 

The bulk of these are my #CraftyHopePrompts contributions. So, let's get to those first. 

Card 14: Circles, Doily, Texture

Project 14: Wall Hanging

Card 15: Red, Handwritten letter, Cheesecloth

Project 15: Junk Journal Spread

Card 16: Photo, Art crayon, Drywall tape

Project 16: Printed Drywall Tape and Art Tag

Card 17: Metallic paint, Border stamp, Botanical

Project 17: Art Journal Page

In addition to the above videos, there were two others. One was a flip-though of my Mixed Media Menagerie Journal for last year. There's no picture of it, so you'll just have to go to the link if you're interested in seeing this 11-spread journal. And, here's the last of the videos for January.

Junk Journal Page for #CleanSlateJournal January 2023

I'm kinda glad that I'm doing this roundup as I had forgotten about the Clean Slate Journal and need to remember to do another page or a spread for this month as well. That should be exciting. Also, Seek Gather Create will be starting on Sunday, and that should have me making something else every week also. Looks like February is bound to be busy!

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