Thrifty Thursday Haul

 There's a new Thrifty Thursday haul video up on the YouTube now (I'll share it below.) Here are a few peeks at what I've hauled home over the last several weeks. 

First, Pat and I had a bit of a staycation day one Saturday and went down to the beach for lunch before driving over to Pensacola to do some thrifting and antiquing before enjoying another nice meal. I didn't find much, but there were a few scores.

I spent a total of $2.50. And, the tins are pretty and the hammerhead will probably end up in an assemblage. 

I'm always running into Dollar Tree for one thing or another. And, I can't help but poke around to see if there's anything new and interesting. On my latest trip, I came home with this little stash.

The fabric was in the Plus section for $5, but, y'all! These prints were just too cute to pass up.

Then, it was time for a local monthly estate sale. And, I was pretty happy with my treasures from there too. 

I found so many unusual and fun bits. You probably just need to watch the video to see it all!

So, have you found any thrifty treasures lately? I'd love to hear all about it. 

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