Bead Box 16 - Reveal

It's been about FIVE MONTHS since I shared what I stocked in Bead Box 16 and probably seven months since I stocked it. I'm not even sure how that happened. But, I've finally finished all the designs and am ready to reveal how they came out. 

First, let me remind you that my Bead Box is a simple 17-compartment plastic organizer that I use to stash the elements for one design per compartment and take with me when I travel or just use it when I'm not inspired to come up with something new. I guess I just haven't traveled much and have been inspired by other projects. And, yes, there have been 15 other iterations of this box (I'll link all those below.) For now, let me get to it.

I mentioned in my stocked post that I had sketched out some of these designs - but I currently have no idea where that scrap of paper might even be. So, as I finished up some of these last pieces, I wasn't sure exactly what I originally had in mind. I just let myself be inspired anew by the materials in the compartments. And, it seemed to work out just fine.

This came together exactly as I had envisioned, I believe. I know I worked on this necklace back in JULY!! It's a great neutral piece. 

Simplicity was the key to this one. It was just about making the chain and hanging the shell dangle. Easy enough, and perfect for keeping my hands busy. 

I like that this one has a little more interest to it with the dangles. Oh, and if you have any idea what that stone is that I soldered, would you help a girl out and let me know?

Mismatched earrings aren't usually my jam. But, these worked out to the perfect length with the addition of the Czech glass bead on the earring with the shorter key. 

I have to admit that this bracelet turned out a bit small when it was finished. So I added a short length of chain when I attached the clasp (I do all the finishing touches to these boxes at one time.) I feel like the chain might need a small dangle from the end of it to give it some weight. What do you think?

You wouldn't know by looking at it, but the chain of this necklace is what held me up the longest with this box. I kept toying with the idea of making it a multi-strand chain or a layered-look necklace. Really, the problem was that I was trying to run the chain through the loop on the soldered piece. Once I cut that off and just added a jump ring, this came together easily. 

I'm going to admit to you now, that I'm not sure about ANY of the bracelets that I made from this box (well, the last one might be okay.) This one feels a bit...clunky. I LOVE the soldered heart but am not sure that this bracelet works for it. 

I simply gave up on this necklace. Once I pulled the pendant together, the whole thing just didn't feel like my style. So, I didn't go any further. And, that's okay. 

These feel more like me - sweet, simple, and romantic with gorgeous beads and salvaged elements. I like it. 

These could not have been more simple to put together. And, they almost make me regret putting them in the bead box and taking up a compartment. I think more busy-hands projects might meet my needs better when it comes to this box. I'll have to think about that. 

I am so tickled to have put that lucky duck pendant into a necklace. And, I think it's pretty perfect.

Even when I wrote about these in the stocked post, I wasn't sure how I had planned to assemble these earrings. I have to admit that that's a bit of a relief because I was befuddled by the elements in this compartment. At least they worked out into something pretty!

I did remember what I wanted to do with the black beads and pale blue sequins in this compartment. Those sequins have a LONG history in my stash. I thrifted them ages ago and every time I tried to purge my stash, I just couldn't part with them for some reason. I think it's that color. It's so subtle and lovely. These may look like pretty simple earrings, but I have to tell you - it was a booger to get all those sequins onto the wire. Thank goodness they worked out!

Here's that "last bracelet" that I mentioned before. It's no show-stopper. But, it's a perfectly sweet, great-for-stacking, simple piece. And, I can't argue with that. 

I just read what I wrote about these in the previous post. And, it all still holds true - the tin reminds me of crocodiles and the khaki seed beads remind me of a safari hat. I'll likely call these safari earrings. 

Oh, lawdy, I wasn't sure at all what I was supposed to do with these elements. But, I dove in and made my favorite pair of earrings in the whole box! Seriously.

I'm fairly sure I had intended to hang the little pink beads from the holes in the bottom of the tin. I had the same number of beads as holes. But, I didn't include any headpins in the compartment and was feeling awful lazy and just ready to be done. So, I couldn't be bothered to go find ten headpins. Instead, I just used some of the wire that was already on my desk to wrap the beads to the bottom of the tin. It's something new and adds some neat texture. It works, I suppose. 

And, there we have it - Bead Box 16. I'm not sure how long it will take me to pack up bead box 17, but I don't expect to forgo this practice anytime soon. It's nice having that box available whether I'm heading away from the house or just want something to do that doesn't involve rifling through my entire craft room first. 

If you're interested in seeing any of my previous boxes, here's the full list.

I know I had a few questions for you up there in the descriptions. But, I'd also like to know which of these are your favorites too. 

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  1. You may call some pieces simple but all your handmade components, soldered or wired, are pretty unique and so is the jewelry you make with them :)


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