January Challenges and Inspiration

With the start of the new year comes a new slew of challenges. And, I don't mean the day-to-day challenges of just making it in the world. I mean, ART CHALLENGES! There always seems to be a plethora of them in January. I can't keep up with them all. So, to keep it simple, I'll share the ones that I'm either participating in or have shared about in the past. If you know of any others, I encourage you to leave information about them in the comments.

  • For my own sake, I should mention my #CraftyHopePrompts challenge in which I am building a prompt deck by pulling three prompts a week, altering a playing card with them, and later creating another project with those prompts. You can watch this week's Prompt Card or go through the whole playlist of videos to learn more. This week, the prompts are Red, Handwritten Letter, and Cheesecloth. 
  • Sarajo is back with a new inspirational photo from her husband, Eric. They call this jewelry challenge the Honey Do List. I think I may already have an idea for this month. But, the reveal isn't until Jan. 30th. And, the linky tool will be open for several weeks after that, if you need a bit more time!
  • Another jewelry challenge is the #PiratePrettiesJewelryChallenge from Angela. This year, it's a "Double Color" challenge in which we are to work with two colors in each design. You can learn more about the challenge in Angela's video. This month, the colors are red and pink, the metal choices are silver or rose gold, the project is a purse or bookbag charm, and the optional fun elements are charms or dangles. The reveal date is the 15th (SOON!) and can be done either in a video on YouTube or on the Pirate Pretties Jewelry Facebook Page
  • I completely missed that this next jewelry challenge was going on and am kicking myself for it. Allegory Gallery has a whole calendar of daily jewelry prompts for their Bead in the New Year 2023. They've done this MANY years before and it's a load of fun. The calendar is on their Facebook page and could be a great inspiration any time of the year. I might even take it on for a February project....we'll see!
  • My art journaling friend, Nina is doing a Clean Slate Journal Challenge this year that involves simply using a junk journal. I just put up my video for it this morning. It was a great incentive to jump into a journal and play.
  • Here's a quick reminder to begin thinking about The 100-Day Project. It's apparently going to begin sometime toward the end of February. Though, an exact date hasn't been announced. I've participated several times before with quite a few different projects and have found that it's a fabulous way to explore something that I'm interested in doing. Last year, it was assemblage art, and I have been loving it ever since. Remember that your project doesn't have to be huge. It can be something small - just a little something you can do every day to be a little creative. Think on it!

And, that's my list for now. Like I said, let me know in the comments if you know of any others. I'd love to at least see the results of the challenges. 

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